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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

happy birthday stooph!! sorry couldn't accompany you today.i owe you one.big time. (: i'll make it up to ya yea.
alrights.school ended early.i regretted not doing sth.haiz.stupid me!! i guess it's too late now.oh wells.there's still another chance.i'll grab it.i swear.
because of anons.im paranoid about the people im blogging now.gosh.i shall not care lah.i'll just blog about my friends the way i like it.i mean.if u blog.u gotta blog about sth that happen which includes someone right.isnt that what a blog is for anyway?? ohwells.some people just misuse it.
thanks anne, glenda and darl!! you guys just rock my blog!! haha!! i mean.this are called friends i can hold on to.lol.anons on my blog and they come standing up for me without me asking them to.im just so happy i got you guys there for me!! and u guys were like " whoa!" for my tags.love you guys lots.those really mean a lot to me!! ((:
baby,thanks! you're the best.darl u know me too well! and it's not fair! cos i ought to know u just as well!!! you're using it against me!!! lol.

fading away.
3:00 PM

Monday, February 27, 2006

sorry poh yi.i cannot act sad.really.today really plan close already!! lol.have you seen.at least he didnt ask what really happen.if not ah.he's might even give me a lecture on having steads! and getting into relationships!! my god.pohyi.by then i'll just turn my back on him!! ((:
okok.nicole! dun get ur funny ideas about ur lost parentage.if u want to acknowlegde her.for god knows why.go ahead.leave me out of it.and he got so blur when u ask him if he was ur "dad"!!! lol.seriously.i had long time explaining.leave me out of it already please.
my darl got into some trouble ytd.got me worried for a moment.now it's all clear.im glad you're find x)
anons arh..haiz.people.what is wrong with you.find trouble.dun find me yeah.cos i'll play along.i hardly get so pissed over such stuff yeahh. (: give name leh.no use using anon.so low statues.dont u think?

fading away.
7:33 PM

Saturday, February 25, 2006

busy busy busy since tuesday.so haven been updating.
the night before.i discovered a whole stupid thing.that i brought home bird's history essay that so had to be handed in to mdm chan by 2.30pm.GOSH.when i look through my file and say that piece of work.all i said was fuck.i just stared at it for minutes la.so i seriously dinn know how to tell mdm chan or explain.called clare.her hp drop and all the pieces fell apart.so i called anne.then HA! why did i agree to listern to her advice for calling that person.omg.that person laughed after hearing what happen.of course she dinn know i was like there.and she gets opinions from her lil bros!that convo was funny.so in the end.anne convinced me to tell bird that night.instead of the next day.in the end.it took me 2 whole hours to wend that 6 smses.HAH! thanks anne! i was so glad i listerned to her. she was rushing me type that 6 smses.cos she thought it was 11.45.reality, it was 10.45pm.so i rush for nothing.oh wells.just relle gotta thanks anne.got reply from bird.she was really cool about it.which made me actually manage to sleep.so that was one thing settled.next thing it's like living in hell from fear of mdm chan and i was damn scared she wun grade bird's essay.so i was thinking what reasons are there to grade bird's paper.i was ready to say forget about grading mine.just grade hers.but that was like the most despo reason.ive realised..seriously.just this one thing got me so worried.i dinn study for physics or bio tests.which i really wanted to pass so badly.there goes physics.poof! bio, hell im not pinning any hopes on this.***

apart of her.i wanna thank you.yeah you.don't know if u're be reading this entry.but thanks for being there when i really needed you.your words really made me confident of myself.thinking everything would turn out fine. thanks dude. (:
so for wed morning i explained to mdm chan.clare was there for me.thanks!she reminded me to say elizabeth and not bird.that was CLOSE! in my head was the explaination but with bird as bird.last min change all to elizabeth if not it's so gonna get mdm chan into her bad mood..lucky for me,she was in her better mood.she said things was complicating so she'll speak to bird later.that got us worried until the last period-history.torture la.i rather it first period.done and over with.anw.so i cleared things out.one thing accomplised-I DEFINITELY GOT BIRD'S PAPER GRADED! another thing.my own grade is at stake.all cos of my SHEER STUPIDITY! i mean .our work is kinda the same.cos the lazy us.just copy the whole chunk of passage from our textbook.so let's just hope she doesn't think it's the same.pray!! sa's work is at stake too cos she was looking at bird's paper too.that day was hell.thank god i lived.
rehearsals.oh you dont want to know what happen.but i got good info.now i know why he likes my name. "ERR...."
this day came so fast.performance kinda sucks.and i was so pissed.poh yi and i had it out with mr choo like we gave our opinions and all.my god.u shld have seen it.it dinn relle turn out to be an opinion on our performance anymore.but the way he doesn things with us.DON'T YOU EVER GEDDIT! i know you dont want to spoil the happy mood.but the way you do things.it's not going to work! poh yi and i just so pissed.so we said our seniors's opnions.gave it to you.do you remember what you said about that.like all the never just judge one person's opnions.or a group or sth.they are not just friends or people.they are our seniors of our cca! they are the ones that know what's our real standard.so what.this is the worse performance ever.you chose to take opnions like " you people did great." is that all? i don't mean you shld pin point everyone who made a mistake.but can you make it better.will there ever be a day when you really slam the table at us and wake the whole ensemble up to their senses.and there's this other YOU! such a two face okay.if you karnt take in bad opnions how the hell will we improve.and at one time.u were agreeing.the next thing i know.you're such a stuck up.i couldn't cry cos of my mascara.until i heard what you said you two face bitch! and then the tears row down.mascara all just wash down.i dinn give a damn anymore.the old nic.with lots of opnions.good and bad.to make us improve.all she said was one line to poh yi.guitar has been low profile.i know the seniors have expectations on us.instead of thinking it as a goal for us to strive.you think it as they are they.us are us.what's this! i want nic back.when she's back.everything will go back just fine.annie and ada, it's relle up to the two of you now. you know why we are the only two in the ensemble to think we relle did bad, cos we were the only ones who relle cared how we fare.never in my life had i seen an ensemble so happy after a performance like that.i prefer the old times when we relle reflected on our perfomance and make a difference to it.look at the ensemble.it's either they think they did good or they dun give a shit about it anymore.i relle peh fu my EX-seniors.they made that change.and now.their effort cannot go down the drain just like that la.angela has no power cos of some people.so if you adults or even some of you people think she doesn't do anything.one question " did you give her a chance?" poh yi.senior most senior.she doesn't get the respect she shld get.her opinions you return as nags.she has the most experience.but you people dont give her that respect. our perfomance was okay.can be improve.but one thing.that makes everything.is the X factor.i guess that was thrown down the drain already.dont' you know X factor makes a whole lot of difference.that's how it works.it's the first i heard from cca seniors or even from tiffany.that we were not nervous on stage at all.first time.i treat it as we were well-prepared.but every perfomance has this lil nervousness for us to carry.we had none.and yes.if you say that when u teach them and even for months they dont geddit.what? that's it?!teach till they geddit.even if it takes one more week.one more month.taht's one good point of mr shi that i relle miss..heard mr gasper was still the best.i dinn had him so i dont relle know.but from what i heard.all the seniors just love him.he makes them geddit.he was always there for them.just by smiling during a performance, he could make every single one of the ensemble not just a simple fake smile.but a true smile and laughter which they manage to hold back.that was the X factor.

fading away.
11:37 AM

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

ha.today got busted by mdm chan..dun guess.it's partly my hair.most imptly.i dinn do her freaking essay! and stupid me dinn bother to go change in PE shirt.oh wells.she knows me already becos of my "messy" hair.it is messy la.but not like the way she says it.she thinks i want to attract lesbians!i karnt believe she said that kn.i was sort of laughing la.but control.and she scolded bird for "laughing" when bird was so not laughing.then when she went to the board to write sth.i yawn.HELLO! history is freaking boring.especially when a teacher just scold u and u're like trying to keep fully awake cos she's always looking.yeah.so i yawn.SUE ME! she turn and saw.then she was like asking me what we were talking about for that lesson so i said world war.then she ask world war wad..i so happily dinn see the big title " the second world war" haha.until bird told me then i told mdm chan "2nd world war".so sue me again! she must be meno-pausing or sth.speaking of which.we still have GY project long long over-due.oh wells! so in the end we gotta hand in the history essay by like 2.30pm.and lessons ended at 12.15 so nick when ask mdm chan for extra day like maybe JUST maybe we could hand in by 2ml first thing in the morning.and nick said bird had a match.guess what mdm chan said in a way way way loud and sacastic tone " IM SORRY BABY! THAT'S TOO BAD!!" haha! omg.how bitchy can she get.such a sonofabitch MOST of the time.tsk tsk.so we sa and me did history during rapiah's lesson.got caught by her but she was like " aiya.must at least ask permission right!" omg.she's nice know.but her teaching kinda suck balls!relle.just in time to hand in history.right on the dot!! 2.30pm.i just copy the whole freaking 3 paras in the text book.so much for solid work lahh.haha.tomorrow still got bio and physics test.die die MUST pass!

fading away.
5:39 PM

Thursday, February 16, 2006

today was great! maybe even the best day of the week or even MONTH! lolx.alrights.first had morning runs.skip it.accompany bird to go classroom for duty.asked her why she cannot run.she dun want to tell me.then when i saw the way she sat on the chair, i was like " bird! u fall down again arh?!" and she gave me that smile.okay.that was when i started laughing damn loud.then she explained to me HOW she fell.i burst out laughing!! omg.mrs tay is SO right."such a silly way of injuring youself!" haha.but cannot say explaination here! haha.get permission from bird.and u can laugh like mad! haha.kk.so skip morning runs.skip PE.then my converse bag kena used to be carried by my classmate's leg.THANKS ARH CHER! but nvm la.just go and wash it.kk.then amaths.SLEEPY! -as usual.recess, stayed in class to do hw with bird.dinn eat.damn hungry.emaths okay la.finish all the 10 qns in 20 mins.HA! one less hw.after emaths was SS.then suay suay kena those who dinn wear specs to hand in journal.my content page haven update! lolx.after ss was eng.then the gal said this " 3/7, mrs lopez ask you all to go down and bring foolscap,eng text,PC wksht and pencil case." and she left.guess wad i asked after she left." where the hell did she say we're suppose to go? down right.down where?" haha.so we had an excuse for being late.went toilet first..then went library.after that had to do some research thing.so did with bird.got a com outside.then pretended to go do some work.then tiffy ask me about something which i was suppose to tell her.then i was like " huh? tell you already! oh oh.that day one arh?" then bird asked me who it was i was referring to.and then somehow.she said her name )(*&6%$ so spot on.but ti's not her la.just that there were rumous about it last year.but she still dinn get it.then after that we were doing a bit of the research.then bird and me talk thru a paper.damn funny.so it the end, conclusion.bird is a BITCH and im a BASTARD! haha.weird ending.then after we were laughing and kena caught by lopez,i wanted to pretend we were doing.then mouse not working.then we were wasting time.and saying whether bird accidentally pulled the mouse wire out.then we were saying wait got electric shock larh.then i said. anw.if lopez check and got electric shock, she'll only feel ticklish.haha.then i kept saying the wrong word like " cos my birth cert says SOs." haha.and a lot of other example.like i told bird i had " parkistein disease." but i pronouce as "parkistan disease" then she dinn noe.so she went to ask ard.and even asked lopez.and lopez was like saying how it's pronouce wrongly and all.i was laughing there like mad.i told bird.i have parkistan disease.which means laughing without sound! haha.she wrong that on the piece of paper, besides "caroline-bastard" lol. in the end bird told lopez.but lopez totally biange her.so i wanted to say then couldn't stop laughing.so bird was like " u go ask her.and dun laugh" .i called mrs lopez.then i started laughing.bird did the talking i show her the mouse.haha.so we did nothing but talk there.guess wad tiff and kimbo was doing? they were going yahoo and msn.then in the "search" type in ur name and search the images.it's damn funny wad the web can give u for ur name.lopez's pic does look like her.elizabeth is name, tsk tsk.porn pics.haha!!! alot la.then went in again.was screaming ONCE cos linette put alot of force on my tighs and that is liek the worse place to press.then while i was rubbing, bird happily go try putting force on my other leg.then i screamed AGAIN! then that was went lopez said " no wander the com can spoil.haha.caroline i want you to sit infront.right under my nose." haha.so bored infront.then i totally fell asleep after that.heard bird call my name but turn and couldn't find her.haha.so after school, rush to class to go physics.then anne came with the pizza.and bird was talking to mrs tay, so shaf,shar, me anne went to eat in the canteen.ate our share then i brought up all the way to 4th level, bird's share.she was like so surprised.first time , a person rush up to bring her food.pizza somemore.lol.just thought.since she and jessie couldn't go to the pizza, i'll bring the pizza to them.but jessie dunnoe disappear go where.and btw, anne got busted cos she got caught for ordering pizza to school.it's relle cool know! we planned it ytd nite.yahh.just left the pizza on her table.when i walked out of the toilet, this little piece of tissue got stuck on the shoe.PAI SAY! u shld have heard how bird was laughing.haha.tutorial,boring.made a deal.if bird do bio hw.i'll return her the $4 for pizza and it's a treat.but if she doesn't do.she doesn't lose anything.haha.but im confident.haha.had cca.die la.one piece still haven learn! gosh.and only 4 of us playing.one word-die. kk...so poh yi and i had our usual " fight" haha. listern to this.
p: see la.everytime see you.always chase me for some reason
c: why i chase you? because you made my water bottle in a worse condition
p:but if you never want to spray me with water, i wun press ur water bottle until like that.
c:but if u never laugh at me, i wun spray you with water
p: but if u never forget to fill it , i wun laugh
c: but if you never make me walk to your class, i wun forget.and in the end u never take ur wallet like u intended
p: and who anyhow bring me to canteen say want to buy drink then never?
c: and WHO helped u to get rid of that 2 chocs? and who gave pheobe the chocs to help u arh?
p but i always got my friend to help eat.and pheobe is my friend too.
c: but who asked pheobe one arh?
p:so??she's still my frien wad.
c: WHO ask one arh?
p: so?? your friend dun dare to eat wad.(bird.-she thinks i was going to do sth to her!) so give pheobe loh
c: and why she dun dare eat arh? who hide behind me to make it look suspicious arh?!
p: no loh
c: yes loh
NO.YES.NO.YES.ARGHH!!! cold war! separate.
HAHAHA!!!!!!!!! that was our " fight" haha.obviously we were laughing like mad while "fighting." haha.damn funny.tiffany was like "POH YI! CAROLINE! STOP!" hahahahaha...nice one.sadly, dinn work.LOL!

fading away.
6:17 PM

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

oh man.im like getting into deep shit again.i repeat.AGAIN! so sad know!! seriously.i'll be sacked before u know it.i dun think the points are worth it now.it's really damn fucking irritating about chers la.stereotyping and all.and what is this? not trusting prefects arh.fine la.some cher! try living in the world.not just sac.and see if u'll survive..wa lao.so dao la cher! p.s name : ms nur! yesyes.what a name already.but seriously, bird made the super SUPER wrong move.saying mdm sim gave us permission go toilet.what's chers and their freaking prob.go toilet also need to investigate until like that!! bloody hell. anw.if ms nur relle go check with mdm sim.byebye people.see me in RTC kk.but of course, dun go breaking rule just to see me there. god.then joseph will be "blah blah blah.prefect this prefect that.blah blah blah" .at least they keep to their spoilt radio reputation.shessh.and THEN gy.i bet you bird mitch tiff and me.all forgot to see ms chua about our project!! haah..u guess what will be on our report card? a big letter "F".oh wells.i still dun see how will this affect me.maybe in end year results.but does it affect my "o"s results? no right.i relle dun mind the "F" u know.cos i can spent more time in doing other stuff.if i rem maybe i'll attempt to do it.ha! that's what i said weeks ago.oh wells.it's a positive attitude.

fading away.
7:09 PM

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

performance: SUCKY! thank you very much.EVERYTHING WENT WRONG! yes.it's no kidding.everything.totally.and pls tiffany.tell me u're kidding when u said there is another performance next week for SEC 3s!! PLEASE tell me u're joking.anyone but sec 3s la.f**king arrangement.
i tried my best not to say the f word on v day! lol! so far can lahh.

(: got lots of gifts! thanks all! <3 u guys lots. X)

*chel, find me! or your v day thing is going to rot! lolx*

fading away.
5:56 PM

Monday, February 13, 2006

alrights.our class is officially record breaking. (:
the best class (3/7 '05)
1.being the noisiest class in the whole level
2.having the most complains so far by all chers
3.having a lot of discplinery faults
4.having to do the worst EVER for pure chem
p.s they haven looked into pure bio or physics YET!
5.having joseph visiting us at such an early stage of the year
6.nagged by VP at such an early stage of the year
7.always getting scolded
8.grades are all "heck care"
8.attitude sucks
9.very rude
10.it's not just one who did all the above.IT'S ALL 41 of us
p.s *30 are leaders*

okay..i guess the top 10 reasons are seriously good enough.hahaz.
anw.today had half way.still got bloody cca.until 1pm.but alrights la.2 hrs only.damn slack today.only got EM.then recess then sch end.so everyone just left during recess.and bird and me.stayed back to do maths.and i was framed for making her stay back.WHO WAS THE ONE WHO WANTED TO STAY?! haha..i shall not say.many will be SHOCKED.

fading away.
3:02 PM

Sunday, February 12, 2006

english tuition can really be a place i got to relieve stress know.haha! break time.cher forgot to bring money and she wanted hot milo.so i said i'll pay first.then she said " okay.next week pay you back.with interest." so i said"okay.$10 per hour.one day 24 hours.you do the calculations kk." haha.so i got her milo and then she was saying about the interest. and i told her " i did the calculations.u owe me $1681 bucks next weeks." LOL! she's nice.in class.u have only 3 directions to look.front,right or left.so look front, look at cher.sometimes boring.look right is my friend.i dun stare at her unless im crook then i'll get high.look left is another guy.so i rotate la.then everytime i turn left.i start laughing.okay.i feel super mean but seriously.he look like a bung from the front. i love his hair though.he can style relle good.but his face like got put powder cann.LOTS! i told my friend then we were laughing.giving reasons for his face.then my friend said she likes his eyes.seriously.he looks blind.HAHA! no seriously.it does.then we were laughing like mad.cher ask us why we laugh, which typically resulted in MAJOR LAUGHTER.LOUD LAUGHTER.
lesson learnt : never ask "what's so funny" to a person hu is laughing.
just before tuition ended.when everyone was leaving the room,one guy asked " urm.how do you get to taka?" ok.so far that is the funniest question i have ever heard!!! come on.a sec 3 guy.asking how to go to taka.my friend beside me was laughing like MAD!!!
okay.so tuition ended and i was in the lift with my friend.we got on the same lift.was kinda cramp.then in the lift from 5th floor to first floor.everyone single one was using the hp.sms-ing.then my friend started laughing.then when she laughed.the guy(p.s cute! XD) standing behind,facing her back started to laugh a bit also.then i look at him and when he saw me looking.i started laughing. and he started laughing.but u know wad? i think we were laughing at 3 different thing.HAAH! guess wad my friend was laughing at? THE HP KEYPAD SOUND! god!why he laugh? hell do i not know.
a lil something for lopez and sim(teen-wanna-be):
There you go
you're always so right
it's all a big show
it's all about you
you think you know
what everyone needs
you always take time
to criticize me
it seems like everyday
i make mistakes
i just cant get it right
it's like im the one
you love to hate
but not today
so shut up shut up shut up
dont want to hear it
get out get out get out
get out of my way
step up step up step up
you'll never stop me
nothing you say today
is gnna bring me down
there you go
you never ask why
it's all a big lie
whatever you do
you think u're special
but i know and i know and i know
and we know
that you're not
you're always there to point out my mistakes
and shove them in my face
it's like im the one you love to hate
but not today
don't tell me who i should be
and dont try to tell me what's right for me
dont tell me what i should do
i dont wanna waste my time
i'll watch you fade away!
there.feeling so much better.

fading away.
7:17 PM

Saturday, February 11, 2006

yesterday was like a damn nervous day for many of us.siblings,cousins, friends who were graduating and taking their Os results...anyway,the day was kinda terrible and ok-ish la.
my day:
first had physics.first period..THEN i realised i forgot to do my hw.so i was walking towards the class i was going to check then my junior said she helped me to check already.haha.then i went back classroom.whole lot of friends crowding ard bird and my table.then i realised.PHYSICS HW..shit shit shit.so quickly go copy also.got foolscape paper.then during anthem,plegde and pray.we were just copying.i was like looking out a bit as i copy.look out like 5 times.coast clear.then i look out one more time.FUCK! `cher there.told bird and quickly hide paper.kena caught.HA! was a gave a warning.one more time.i'll be complain-ed.lol.i tell u arh.the next thing u know.i'll be sacked!! LOL! it's okay for me.really.then sorry.kena tiff and dawn scolded also.wanted to stand up for them.but at that point do u seriously think cher will buy my explaination? NO! duh.come on la.tiff and dawn at the back cannot see properly wad.fucking bitch la she.whole time we were calling her that.I HATE SITTING THERE! it's so shit can.ONE MORE MONTH I'M MOVING!better be somewhere further from chers la.but with my partner PLEASE! (:kk.then rush to pysics lab.darn! forgot 30cm ruler.then wanted to paste bird's and my ruler together to from 30 cm ruler.then in the end we couldnt sit together.haiz..sad!! we did SPA.then cut into our recess but then recess will still be 30 mins..shared chicken rice with bird.cos wasn't that hungry..estimated cher will take like 15 mis to walk 2 levels! haha.but she was like 25 mins late.then joseph came.talk about our class complains.then ask the leaders to stand.so prefects stand la.then after that she said" those who hold any position stand also." then chairman and vice stand.then joseph said " i meant ALL THOSE WHO HOLD ANY FORM OF LEADERSHIP." ha! u shld have seen.75% of the class stood up.so out of 41 students in our class.30 are leaders.HAHA! a bit shocking la.lolx. oh wells.then had some shit talk thing.then PC OVER! wtf la.waste time.so much for "we do PC next lesson kk" shessh!anw.then had chem.it was okay i guess.got away with test cos some ppl were not there for previous lesson.then had bio.before that went toilet with kimbo...got back and then she wass with her greeting crap thing.after taht bird,nick, sylvie and me were laughing our head off.sylvie was becoming a bird wanna-be!! and bird wanted a dimper when she smile so she was like forcing it with a pencil.entertainig our-selves.then suddenly while i was like stoning abit.cher beat my hand.3 fucking times.i was like wtf!! i take pic she kena sacked can! it was getting painful la.the whole class heard the 3 beatings can.like wtf.then she said " this two has been laughing the whole time since i got here" HELLO! when she got there i wasn't even there.when she beat me, I WAS STONING!! who laughs when they stone can!! then she was like asking wad is my name. i cannot be bothered to entertain her.just let her look herself.keep asking me wad's my name and i just point to her my nametag.then she ask bird wad is her name. then bird did the same.so she was saying"elizabeth wad arh" then bird dinn say anything.just point our her nametag also.and cher COULDNT PRONOUCE IT!ha.sucker la.so she was like saying dun make things difficult for her.then bird was like " hendricks!" jesh.and she's like asking if i wanted attention.and i just raised my eyebrows at her.god.she relle suck.and then she's like if u want i can ignore u.i just nodded my head.and she is like telling the class how she will ignore me.HELLO! wad's ur defn of ignore? if u know wad's ignore.YOU SURE HAVE A SUCKY WAY OF SHOWING IT! jesh!! then she is like going to ignore us.wadeva! suck a way of showing it when she keeps saying how she'll ignore us.then suddenly she was talking to some ppl.and she was like " SHUT UP LA!" HELLO! such a teen-wanna-be! go look at mirror first.HAAH!! im mean i know.but it's a fact.the class was shocked when she said that also...anw.then had mt.went toilet with bird ! haha.4th level cannot.almost got caught my mdm chan for not having a pass.so i said " oh.after bio we having chi.so before we go chi, we coming to the toilet first then go for chi." it doesn't make sense at all.but she bought it.haha.then we quickly went back take pass.went to 4th level,cannot.go 3rd level cannot.then go 2nd level.haha.delayed a lot.chi class arh..pissed chel la.chi cher unreasonable anyway...then school over.mon declare halfday!still got cca anw.some shit la..rushed to hall.saw sis.waitied thru the long talk.then getting results.i go eat first.anw.sis is index no.35 wad.got back..still in time.went ard.then went to sis.sat there with her.annie was there too.then her turn.damn nervous.i dunno why. then i was like siting near her when she got her result.then she got it.argh.she was like screaming.and hugging me like mad.haha! everyone is staring.i was just happy she's happy! she's happy with it.im happy with it.i amost hug her until my shoe came out la! haa.then annie hug her.and then tiff.lolx.then rush to cca.tiff was rushing me.so i left when sis left..cousin arh...damn good la he's result..then had a lot of commotion about stuff and all..at nite then could ask about some other friends result.sorry if i appear slow.haha...

fading away.
10:22 AM

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

today was okay i guess..i have super slow human reaction!! argh!! i shall not explain any further.however im already overcoming it! HAHA!i was so hyper and i was like screaming when i actually got the ruler when bird dropped it.then everyone was like quiet.and then i realised..oops.so i put down the ruler and just smiled and bird was laughing like shit.TYPICAL!!
then i went to tuition.sth damn funny happen.and it made my day! was super high and happy.wouldn't say why here.anne, get letter from me.inside info there.shar, start the letter rolling.ARGH! im still so high!! man.how does he do that!!LOL!

fading away.
8:10 PM

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

oh man.sore throat okay liao.then now it's flu.but im better now..= just not getting enough sleep.lol!sounds like someone.piggy chel.HA! okay okay.today was so so.
PE-i've learnt a few things
1.NEVER play tennis with half a tennis court.P.S 35 people!
2.never play facing the sun.always miss the ball and karnt see where it's going
3.never play doubles
4.never play with everyone standing just 1m away from each other side by side.you'll be a good target
5.3/7 peeps suck at targeting to their players
6.look out at the surrounding more than u look out for your ball.chances are that you'll get ur player's ball.and a few other player's ball will come to you
7.never play with nicole.(she screams like hell) but that kinda brings the fun into it.haha.
8.never stand near dawn.too violent. LOL!
9.never hit other people's ball even when it's coming to you.you'll never know where it will end!
10.careful ur head.AND MY LEG! kinda hitted by balls flying everywhere!
most important lesson.NEVER PLAY TENNIS DURING PE.but NO! im stuck at it for at least a month!
recess-send tiffy home.she busted herself out of school can! cos she her eyes was bleeding.to be exact, the blood vessel in her eyes broke.so it was like bleeding inside her eyeballs.but it wasn't even pain.she just wanted to pon a bit ..of course! who doesn't typical.
hs-slept awhile..mdm chan forgot abt us.got info to go library.one period gone already.watched a video and did a quiz halfway. quiz didn't have enuf time.so i shld have took an extra copy from bird and then bring home to check for answers! im so stupid!!

chem;bird went off.importanat tournament sia..so sa sat with me all the way..wa lao.laughed like mad.about cher la..ha.toilet spell as toliet! haha..3/7 arh..tsk.oh yah.for chem test.40%passed! haha...okok..mdm rapiah lesson was like funny.cos chin did this stupid way of doing then she saw mine and she said my solution also damn funny so i was like snatching my book away.and SA WASN'T HELPING ME! she was on rapiah's side.god.look at the state ofmy maths book sia.and mdm rapiah kept saying i was laughing?? HELLO! i was doing the work she was giving la...sa's fault.

you:okay.im getting confused and frustrated.what do you want from me?

fading away.
4:02 PM

Monday, February 06, 2006

im semi pissed.argh + lol.haha!
(lol*)piss-y part:bird has to tell me the freaking bad news.and i was telling tiff not to show me the freaking list.even when she got it.so i can pon lesson.THEN went im off halfway, bird was like "caroline caroline caroline! the list!!" and THEN i ran.like hell.until i stop and she was running with the freaking list.and i was like hitting her like mad.cos like that i cannot pon.like hu din see bird showing me the list! so i was hitting her the whole time sia.i was like screaming like hell!!and all she did was laugh! gosh.and then tiffy came.and she rub it in.ARGH! i said the f word dunno how many times liao..everytime i saw bird.here comes my WHACKING!she's like telling me not to be so peh ceh.how can i NOT! lol...and that lesson.we did a test.A TEST! and it's like "wtf?"seriously.the words to cheem sia.i dinn understand a freaking thing.no one did!! that's the point.on second thoughts.maybe i relle ought to be sitting there doing the lesson.
happy-y part: cca.was sicko.spent a lot of time.running around chasing my senior...then we came up with a dirty joke.his wife, divorce liao.got 2 more mistress.and it's relle dirty.seriously.we're the only one laughing there when we're suppose to act sad cos tiffy giving a bit of a scolding.and then went to put guitar, i saw tiffy.and we were like."bye.mr **'s mistress!!!" and guess wad was tiffy's reply "bye!!" omg.she admitted it.im not mean la.so maybe she dinn relle hear that part.although i was saying it damn loud infront of her face.haha.a bit not convincing right..lol..
argh..having sore throat now.if only i can pon school 2ml...i'll be lonely for quite a number of periods.bird got a match to go...no one to talk and laugh to to pass time.i'll gtg plan wad to do..lol

fading away.
7:03 PM

Sunday, February 05, 2006

yes! fri was a bit of hell and nervousness.about the sitting arrangement thing.i have been bugging tiffy for the previous day.and she was like saying "not confirm not confirm".so it's like damn nervous.and then fri came.and tiffy was doing the sitting arrangement thing in class.i wanted to take from dawn but she took it first.but i still got it.so bird and i were looking and looking.where the hell are we.and THEN i spotted! "bird-caroline"OMG! we were screaming and jumping for joy sia.i was screaming"tiffy i love u!!!"haha! and i gave her a hug.so did bird.lol.and then `cher's period.and we act guai sia.bird brought out her eng textbk and put them on her table.i was laughing away.and then she came.normally when the whole class stand, we'll be the last few or last to stand.and then bird quickly stood up and then i stood up.while the whole class were STILL sitting! haha.and trust me,tiffy was lauhing like MAD!!! oh wells.this is call ACT GUAI! lol..then they showed `cher the sitting arrangement thingy.and we were like crossing our fingers.and YES! we got thru! but sadly, we were infront.all the way.oh wells.we get to sit together.it's all that matters.and it's kinda good-according to bird, we'll get to concentrate.haha!but mitch,tiff,sa and us are separated!!like one row in between.sa is in the middle, mitch is at the back.and tiff is inbetween.hard to talk though..but this separation is a must cos that was `cher's intention.during bio.gosh.sa asked mdm sim A QUESTION! all of us damn shock sia.turn back and look at her.tiff was shock too.BUT she had a motive.to waste time.cos mdm sim will go on explaining..blah blah blah.mt,we swomp shoes.HA! bird's shoes are big.i can put my whole hand in even when my feet is in.she could wear mine too.but a bit tight.and we made our way thru chinese like tat.lol...chi time totally not listerning one la.talking to chel all the way.and at first, tiff, chel and me spotted sth that made us laugh damn loud.cher forgot to button the button behind her blouse.want to tell her then decided NOT to.haha.and then more ppl saw and more laughed...and her explaination is.---TOO HOT! my god.

fading away.
8:50 AM

Thursday, February 02, 2006

i so hate my form teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg.fark her la...ARGH!
i hate her i hate her i hate her.she is such a bitch!!!
i mean like we're just starting to adapt to our new classrooms without the lockers thingy.and NOW she wants to change seats.as usual.too noisy,too talkative.AND I HATE IT WHEN SHE STEREOTYPES ME!!! wad's her farking problem.it's like we're pissed.and kept dissing her until cannot diss anymore la.bird was like saying how everyone can change seats but she and me are going to be there.but of course.no one is going to buy that.haiz...and tiffany and dawn got so irritated by bird's and my suggestions to how we shld seat, everytime we talk to them about it, they just turn away.im serious.like totally dun care us! and i dun care if im sitting infront.just with bird.and it's like bird even told them.she dun mind sitting infront.EVEN infront of the teacher's table, just to sit with me.and that is like a is like a big sacrifice for her!and OF COURSE OUR TEACHER WUN BUY THAT LA! her motive is to separate bird and me!! omg.she's so bitch.i dunn care la.by hook or by crook,we'll sit together.currently, she has counted.we can have 5 periods together only.out of the WHOLE week.god! and currently, she is with chrystal.no seriously, this sucks.if they dun change chrystal.cos i doubt she will put 2 prefects near each other.so i'll be like quite far away. =/ we're going to talk to her.set already.im just going to argue until i get it la.haiz...ss.had some fun la.making the best out of it cos it's like the last day.amaths tutorial-BORING!

fading away.
4:13 PM

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

today was ok-ay i guess. (: there's never a perfect day!and pls.i am not as miserable as you think i am.yes im talking to you.i may have my downs.but since then.i learnt to appreciate life better..partly thanks to you! (: anw.so we had CNY celebration TODAY! a bit late right..shessh! and at first.im like thinking.not bad.can waste time..and THEN the sun came up.and it's like scorching hot.but we're like running everywhere to avoid it.haha!! typical 15 year olds.clare and me.HA! but i dun mind the sun really.and then elizabeth went to canteen buy food.say so loud somemore.and all the prefects sitting ard her class.SMART! and then omg.u shld see the amount of food she put in her pocket! burger,snacks.ALL KINDS! haha...and then the sun came.so clare and i moved back.and she was like sitting infront of me.and clare and i were laughing cause i SWEAR they were eating like there was no tomorrow.so we were laughing and shaking our heads.then one girl saw and told the rest..they just laughed! haha.and she still ask me "YOU WANT?!" say so loud how to take food from her la.haha.but not that im going to.ahha...ahems.u people shld know why right.cant relle say.i may even be sacked.haha.and im aware of this particular teacher to goes blog hopping.and so suai.im in the links of the person that teacher goes to.haha.yupyups.funniest lesson.BIO! omg.i haven had such fun in like months.bio.3 periods.so went to lab.and i was sitting behind.and bird had to sit infront.then for like the last one period i was sleeping.and after that we had to do experiments.and bird walked over to me.and she was like " i hate u caroline! i hate you!" then i was like still sleeping.but a bit awake.and then i heard bird asked val:she relle sleeping arh!" haha! so i asked rachel to sit infront and bird sit on her sit.haha.look at how happy she was okay.rachel likes to sit infront anw.so im not mean.then swop place with val.just that one is in and one is out..then she and me decided to do pictionary.so val gave me a movie"chicken little" omg.u shld have seen the chicken! bird gave like " angel.devil.you.jail person" haha.at last on my 3rd attempt.she got it.then her turn..hers i got it FAST! it was "cheapen by a dozen 2" she drew circles in a bag!! gosh.haha.then we gave val one.and we were drawing her face.she knew it was her but she wasn't so sure so she asked us to continue.then we drew the mole on the face and she was like "me." HAHA! i know now i say it's damn not funnny.but typical, bird and me dropped down laughing.hahhah..and val was taking it out on me la.cos i was in the middle!! her tickles are painful.haha.but it's damn cute when she said "me." haha.then bird as usual.drew me and her.then we decided to draw more ppl.so we drew our bio teacher.and wrote "she's fater in real life" then we drew our eng teacher!! it was damn funny.especially when bird drew one hand and i drew the next.im so going to scan it and put it here.soon.when i get back the paper from bird.it's damm funny.we dinn noe it was so funny.but when we drew finish and look at it in whole.omg.we just laughed damn loud.everyone was looking and then we laugh until we sat on the floor.haha..the class was over.so cher dinn care.hha.and we were like laughing all the way up to class.history was great! the funnist history class EVER! mdm chan came for like 10 mins.and she gave us some notes.and when she had to go off.she was telling the hisotry rep "flash to the class what they want to see" haha..bird was laughing the loudest.and then mdm chan realised.haha..then she quickly go say the paper.and was like laughing with us la.haha.anw.i have a new name.it's for u ppl to find out yourself...haha.have fun guessing who the hell is it.

fading away.
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`14 going on 15
`3/7 '06


`get done and over with sec3
`step down
`grow taller!(:
`getting rid of my trademarks.
`a simple life
`dont drift apart from ROUTE187
`change my sub chers!
`officially start studying.
`stop worrying too much!
`stop getting into trouble



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