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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

HOME SWEET HOME! haha.okay.i just came back from melaka.i bet like hardly anyone knows that.cos i cant even be bothered to tell.*no offence*.only some ppl know.oh well, i'm back in one piece and that matters most i guess! :) went there on sun morning.dad drove.reached around afternoon lunch time.went to the opposite shopping mall to eat.my favourite---chicken rice! hahas.i can eat that for breakfast,lunch and dinner for as long as i like and i wun get sick of it.lol.after that went back to apartment in the hotel,cos we bought apartments there.clean up the place a bit.damn bloody dusty cos we go there only every 6 months.after that watch a bit of show then went for swimming.we brought along our BIG FLOAT.an artificial life size soda machine float! haha.then we played in the pool.got kinda bored then we suggested this challedge.to get the four of us(2 cousins,my sis and i)onto the float together.sounds damn easy rite! but it's damn hard la.it's like impossible loh! but we kept trying.ppl looking at us like we're crazy.lol.everytime like the second or third person get on top, it will tilt and we will over turn.one person fall,the rest will fall one.then ppl laugh when we fall cos it's like damn funny.and we tried all sort of method.FINALLY! like after 40 mins, we did it! when we all got on top,we scream and cheered for our self and every body look--giving the "okay-they-are-crazy" look.haha.after that ate dinner.
woke up earliest among everybody.listern to music and read my book.then my dad woke up.a few of us went to buy breakfast.and i watched some movie while waiting for the rest to wake up.after that we stayed at the hotel in the whole morning.playing card games and stuff.played gambling games.until lunch.wa lao.food was spicy so ate mee goreng.then afternoon went to the shopping mall to shop.one and half hrs only finish the first floor.but was kinda late liao.so went back and they decided to buy dinner back.had satay.was damn nice.malaysia satay is fab!then we went down to play carrem and jenga until the rental shop closed then we went back.stayed up late to watch a movie.then slept
woke up second.dinn go out to buy breakfast cos i wanted to eat campbelli soup and toast bread.it's nice!then morning went back to the shopping mall to shop the other level of the shopping mall. after lunch went to play carrem and saidina.it's like a kinda monopoly la.lol.then went to "TESCO" gigantic shopping mall.bought lots of things.oh ya.and cos two family was in the 5 sitter car,my cousin and me sat in the back boof! but it was damn nice la.it's the kind of boof that is like connect to the whole car and the air ventilation is the same cos it's the open boof.ya.then was so funny when ppl look at us and stared like it's was so unbelievable! some even amuse themselves.hahaha.the ride to TESCO was damn nice cos the expressway is like very high.like going rollar coaster type.and it's like damn nice when we go up and down.lil scary too.after that evening went back.cousin and me went to play table tennis when we got back to the apartment.while waiting for dinner.ate mee goreng,honey chicken or another name for it.and black pepper chicken.damn nice.jolly shandy rocks! it's real beer with lemonade.it's damn nice.u drink it and it's like WOW! hahaha. watched home run on tv.then went to sleep
BACK! :) reach back ard 3 plus.bro bought my creative.haha.watching tv now.stupid joyce dun wanna reply me on msn.so i think going off now.cya!

fading away.
4:43 PM

Saturday, November 26, 2005

happy! haha. just went to expo to see the gadget stuffs. saw isabel there.was just surprised to see her.haha. walked around then i decided not to buy ipod nano.i prefer creative.cheaper and more memory. then walked around. lots of things and wa lao.prices all damn cheep la.it's just WOW! haha. i decided to buy creative zen micro photo. it's like 8GB and 400 plus only la! but if we trade in with any mp3.any brand any price, can get it at 300 plus.so 2ml, my bro will go there to help me geddit.2ml i'm going malaysia so my bro getting it for me.he doesn't follow us.cos he sian.haha. so he's getting it for me.i can only get it when i'm back.but it's okay.i'm fine and okay with it.i can live for the next 4 days without it.haha..ok.gtg liao. battery of laptop flat!.cya

fading away.
4:06 PM

okays.so this is prefects training on fri:
training was funfunfun! haha.went to sch at like 7 plus cos mum woke me up at 6.40 when i'm suppose to wake up at 7! god. so very early reach sch liao. was so damn cold la.raining a but also. then met hui ling, adlin and others at the swimming pool. waited for others to come.then we got our new grps.i'm in grp 4 named "untitled".grp members are : jolena,yong cai, claire,erin,xiao qi, amanda, mattea, mathilda, shin ling,janna. sec 1s in my grp were like so much more nicer than i thought they will be.haha.so we started of with breakfast.but was kinda full.so dinn eat. but wa lao.food was nice.CREAM PUFFS were fab! haha.then put our bags in 2/7 and went to drama rm. at first we thought of other names like "annonymous,document4,supercallifragiexpalliedoshess"(or however u spell it) hha.then had to prepare like presentation on duties.then had ice breakers.was damn fun. haha.played double wacko among the WHOLE new prefectorial board.after that i went to cca for like 15 mins. now i'm assistand SL.which totally suck balls!!!! steph's happy la.wa lao.stupid senior! lol. then went back and listern to talks.was funny.haha.after that we had our match! 5 ppl were blind-fonded and there were like chair and tables all any-oh-how put at the festival court.like vandelism la.haha.then we had to guide our team mates across.then continued.was fun but so fast already 4.30 so i had to go for tuition.left my team and went to collect my other books frm bk shop.then went tuition. A maths is giving me headache.or maybe i just no mood to do ytd.haha.kk.going to see if got ipod nano later.cya ppl.

fading away.
9:19 AM

Friday, November 25, 2005

got lots to blogg so shall start without all the blahing! :)
'o's for all are finally over!! wipeee! haha.cos it means that i dun have to face a boring and stressful sis now.haha.morning woke up and watch tv.after that like 9 plus got ready to go out.going out with cousins to watch harry potter. :) then we thought we would be ready by 10 dinn noe like 10.30 then we finally were ready.haha.took 1hr to get ready to go out.went to cousins hse then went mrt.we already booked tickets at first.so ate lunch then watch.the show was like fab!!! wanna go watch again sometime. it's just NICE.haha.after watching,walk around orchard then went bugis.shop ard.took neoprints and wa lao.so fast 6 plus.decided to go hm.wasn't in mood to shop that day loh.so yah.just went hm. but the show was just great la.oh yah.in the mrt, it was packed then the opening of the door was at the other side.last time the only way i got thru with my friends was to shout "excuse me!!" haha.but my cousins insisted i better dun or they wun acknowledge me! some cousins and sis la!.but they did "abandoned" me a few times cos i went high.haha.okok
happy! BUT.thefeelingisback =// but still happy for wad he did.haha
YIPEE.got anne's letter..and i m blogging now.so at last.we'll back to being close together again.presently,she's still overseas and i'm rotting until cannot rot anymore.waiting for her to come back.so now we got rules!!! so excited! hahhaha..it's not sacastic la.hehe. i'm be overseas in 2 days. yes! a day to get out of singapore! still got other chances later in dec.but looking forward to just this for now.haha.todae got prefect training.always thought was a waste of time but it always turn out fine.haha.but i'm lazy to blog now.so shall blog 2ml.but will put it as i blogged todae.yupps.cya ppl.
loves :)

fading away.
9:14 PM

Monday, November 21, 2005

lalala..i did a good deed today. i helped anne with her bloggy! :) and it's major time u learn how to also hor.haha..2ml u goin philippines! then no one tok to me so early in the morning.as in early for u but late for me.coming online is like not so important also!!!! how la u.stupid gal.today just slacked la. wanted to do chinese pro then do like 15 mins, pens down.hahha..well, i did cca tee though :)..oh man, fri got prefects training. MISERABLE!!!!! and i have to go for cca THEN training.what is this world coming to man!! totally suck la. haiz. then after that got tuition!! argh! scream*. on wed,going to see harry potter with cous.karnt wait. could have gone to see with anne and shar la.cos anne cancelled on us so we cancel the whole thingy loh.then she dinn go in the end.u know. it's just almost sad *that 's even sadder than sad if u're wondering* yarrs.i guess just take a day at a time.but for now.i gotta run. got stuff to do. *anne: cya, gonna miss ya.have a safe trip ya.:) *

fading away.
6:58 PM

Sunday, November 20, 2005

yah. life sucks and my two closest friends gotta make it worse...thanks ppl! i appreciated it SO MUCH!!!...okok.to fill u ppl in. anne and glenda are fighting over the smallest thing u can ever imagine!! like hu said hu!!! it's just so farked up la. so much for united-ness hor.haiz.at first nicole and i find it so damn amusing la*no offence* and we were laughing so much about it la. but now i'ts just freaking annoying!!!! like my life is not bad enuf already..seeing my two friends scolding, insulting each other infront of my very own eyes and i karnt do a shit about it. it just makes me feel even more hopeless than i already feel!! cut me some slack la. shessh. but from todae, i give up okay. if u ppl karnt tok together properly, leave me alone. i just hate to see things happening again infront of my very own eyes and not being able to do anything. either do i want u ppl to hide it frm me la! but...AIYA! i give up i give up. i'm giving up on everything! if that makes u ppl happy.

fading away.
2:04 PM

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

ARHGH!!! i can just slap myself out!!!!! argh!!!! nicole, slap me..anne,slap me. wake me up frm this stupid nightmare!!!! feelings are shit!!! so screwed up!! i'm super screwed up!!! dun wanna see him again!!!!!!!! nicole, manipulate him whenever u can...okay..i'm saying like i'm asking nicole to kill him. lol..but if u actually do or plan to, i say thanks.=) haiz...stupid guy, make my life so freaking miserable OVER AGAIN!!! why do i always think wrong? and to think nicole, u know it and u dinn say it!!! lol...thanks alot! lol...wad can i do...oh ya! sit on my stupid sofa and cry my heart out.or just go on lamenting on my freaking life...i prefer NONE...life is not giving me much of a choice...so much for the freedom of life. shessh. i'm screwed.see me in one piece and count urself lucky.

fading away.
10:24 PM

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

okays...u ppl must be wondering why i still put a smiling face with the word pissed.lol.wellm guess that angela, poh yi and i changed the piss-y mood to a good mood.haha..todae gt guitar frm 9.30-5! stupid farking cca.haiz..suppose to meet shar at 9.20 but my dearest darling MS NO TIME MANAGEMENT*elf* :) she came late.well, to be exact, 20 mins late.haha.good time management u have shar! hhahahha....*winks* then i went up first.then went to rm.met poh yi..omg, angela was so damn freaking funny!! but i karnt blog here if not sorta betraying her.ya..haha.then very fast the time past liao.lunch.went to eat at coffeshop with ada, tiffy,steph, and mr choo.then ate and chat.and they said i attracted bees.wa lao.it's the drink la.lol.cos everywhere i go they say got bee!! wth. then walked back.toking bt acs schs..lol.spoilt kids :) haha.then went back to sch.slack abit.practice for stupid farking audition.then it was our turn.we were very reluctant.angela, pohyi and i.SLs auditioned liao.so yah.went to the rm.farked up la.so many ppl there.they say one to one.how many one to one definition do they have la.then no one wana go first.then mr choo was pissed.and told alto2 to go first.and alto 2 dinn wanna go cos we dinn go too.HA! so there. welcome to our bloody ensemble! then one by one a few section leaders came out.and said mr choo is very angry.i shouted he angry wad la.we'll suppose to be angry la.and when i went out of the rm, i slammed the whole freaking door, and the whole thing vibrated.heck la.this is the shit i'm giving them.and it's like we're pissed.they come telling us dun so pissed.and some SLs even came back frm audition pissed! wth la.SLs can get pissed we cannot arh? wad's their freaking prob?! then outside the door, we kept scolding and swearing.lol.and said dun perform dun perform la.also he wun benefit cos too little players.it's his prob.he want respect he gonna gain it for goodness sake.we were taught that in pri sch liao...then after that alto1 and 2 dinn wanna go.after some time we got kinda pissed with the SL nagging and just went it.gave each and everyone black face.well, i got thru the audition.but angela and poh yi dinn.they gotta redo.if they dun get thru i'm not going la. it's either us as one or u get none.and then we went back to the rm.karnt play cos of "o" level..then after that mr choo wanted to see the alto1, again nagging.and said that "dun u think that seniors should at least be better in their playing" when he said this, angela and me just shook our head in disagreement.oops* not the answer he wanted.but heck.then blah blah blah.saying seniors.words were to my favour but i karnt stand it when he kept toking bt senior-ity.wtf la.seniors are busy too.presidents are ppl.then he asked whether we got any qns, angela and i wanted to stood up for pohyi cos she just started practicing like 2 weeks ago.but din.then we started giggling there.on the chairs.we kept looking elsewhere then ourselves cos we know that if we look at each other we will burst out laughing.then when we were dismissed.pohyi opened the door, and before we even got out, we burstout laughing like mad la.and inside the rm can hear one.angela just kneeled down laughing like mad women.and we just kept laughing there.haha..after a while, we pulled angela up and went off.haa.wa lao.then he dismissed us at 5.45pm!!!!!!! fucker la.45 mins delay.he got cock eyes, cock ears,cock mouth, cock BRAIN! onlynose is ok.but onefine day i will slam the door in front of him and he will have a cock nose :) so that's me.a sonofabitch.get used to it!

fading away.
6:51 PM

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

like i said.nothing IS going right.my life just seems wasted over all this happenings.i guess it's just kinda stupid why i can just be upset over THINGS.seriously nothing is going right.well, anne and joyce can agree with me wholeheartedly.100%.maybe i'm just scared to face the things i fear.it's easier to walk away just like that.things u can do for love.oh god.dun remind me.lies and lies and lies are all i have ever heard off.can some one just tell me that things aint that bad.btw, thanks liwen.i'll rem ur $27.20.=) <---maybe the only smile i can make today.but thanks lots,for being there when i just able to break down. i give up on * . i just give up.i'm tired and just feel so farked up.sorry if i'm a sonofabitch.just get used to it.argh.okok.i can relle sound so pissed up here.sorry.not in a so-called good mood alrights.why is it so hard to love anw? i mean it's bullshit crap and i rest my case.i just needed * to understand!!! is it THAT hard?! is it too much to ask for? to anne and joyce: u guys can go do wadeva shit to * .scold,or wadeva, up to you.it's nothing to do with me anymore.i wash my hands off.maybe i'm just too scared to know the ending.it's haunting me.someone just wake me out of my senses.an image of * is all i'm left with to hold on to.tell me to let go, and i will.i need u (*) to do it.sad excuses and false hopes was all i got.i rest my case again.i don't need anything.i knew it all along. u're(*) just too predictable..they all wanna know wad's wrong with me.and i know wad it is and i'm gonna end this right now.

glenda: oh u want u can take from anne.but it's not something amusing.

fading away.
9:50 AM

Saturday, November 05, 2005

haiz..damn sick of this world..nothing is going right.yeah.that's it.just karnt wait for 17 th when i can go out with my mates again and just leave this bullshit crap somewhere to hide.something very silly happened.made me happy...dinn last long.okok..i kept dropping my fone during tuition..the last time i dropped it.i dropped it behind instead of infront which i always do.damn.when i turn around, it was infront of *&^%$# on the floor..i just turned away..kept saying" dun pick it up.dun pick it up" but i just had a feeling it was being picked up.then *&^%$# called my name. i turned around asked me a few qns.got me damn freaked out...&^%$# just asked infront of the whole class.and my teacher asked how *&^%$# got my fone..i said i dropped it and it went all the way back.stupid reason rite? but it's like a fact la. then i was like"shit.shit.shit" cos got things on my fone! cannot cannot cannot let *&^%$# see!!!! dunnoe how...damn scared cos *&^%$# also uses the same fone so he knows how to operate it.then i kept turning back and i see *&^%$# using a fone.*&^%$# saw me looking and *&^%$# said "oh oh..this is my fone" so funny la..hahah...paiseh*blush*then i said " urm..can pass me back my fone?" then *&^%$# passed back...PAISEH LA...i just kept laughing the whole time loh.i dunnoe why also.*P.S anne,will tell u in more details* then went home..was scared whether *&^%$# saw my wall paper nots..and when i talked to him again at home..i just dun wanna blog it here ok..dun wanna cry.dun wana be sad.just wanna forget it.LOVE is just bullshit crap!! i guess it doesn't mean anything now. forget it.forget it okay. dun wanna be in it anymore..cupid just keeps getting me.dun wanna think about you.dun wanna think me.dun wanna figure this out.i'm just a kid but my life is like world war 3.can someone tell me why?

fading away.
9:42 PM

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

okok..todae dinn have much time to relax..was in school practically the whole time ='( ..how pathetic it is loh..went to sch and waited for a while cos the classroom door are locked..then it was open so we took our own sweet time..haha..okok...skip all that part..then had sectionals then combine..then went for lunch..was damn funny..cos ada,annie and tiffy had a meeting with mr choo.then they walked together to the coffee shop..angela,steph and me already there..then we dun wanna sit with the conductor..so we quickly ask tiffany to sit then we spread around the table.lol.was damn funny la..and carryn,lisa,ada and annie kena sit with him! haha..was damn funny scene.=P then after that went back to practice.we started early loh.so guai la.=) after that had sectionals but alto got stay in the air-con rm.haha..then tiffy and i decided to go find melody and elite.called them out and they were like "what? yes? " then tiffy and i just said "hi!" haha..and they started beating us.hahha..after that so funny when they tried to sneak back in.went back to pfa old office.mr choo was there.oops.but he doesn't scold one.so we just played a bit then he went out then tiffy and i escaped out again.haha..tiffy wanted to go toilet and i wanted to give a form to ms kang.then we went toilet..open the door slowly cos the toilet door was closed and a bit sign pasted outside.then saw &^!$*) inside..and she was crying.so tiffy and i quickly just closed the door and walk away.lol.pai seh pai seh..haha..after that went back and we were playing in the rm.i decided to take the clock in the rm to 20 mins faster!! haha..then had combine.and mr choo dinn notice the time..until suddenly then he noticed.he saw liao but dinn notice only..and angela,tiffy,steph and i started laughing loudly.hhaa..when we were packing our things and ready to go home..angela said "stupid mike" cos mr choo placed this mike on the chair next to us to record our playing and when angela said that, mr choo pressed the stop recording button and she and me started laughing like mad women! ahahaha...mr choo said he thinks i shld go to woodbrigde hospital and i told him that i was already there and he thought i doing volunteery work but i said i was a patient there and he was shocked and i started laughing and he knew i was only joking..slow la.and he said he wasn't surprised! wth..like that also say!!!!

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