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Monday, September 26, 2005

wtf..i just blogged and it deleted off my post..damn la.fine i'll type again. fri was grad nite..had to assemble at sch at like 2.30pm so we went out of sch first.and we went to 7 eleven..on the way there my daughter was like so irritating..--maxine!!!! gosh..ya.i grounded her.we waited at the traffic light there then i wanted to tie max onto the lamp post so she karnt go anywhere.then green man..the rest walked and i held max there and started to walk and she pulled me back and we were doing this in the middle there..and the green man stopped so we were still stuck there.then we caught up with the rest.rushed all the wae back.then reached singapore poly and like 3pm..had lunch which was macs.yupps.went to toilet to take pics.ya.a weird place.hhaa.aft that rushed to our duty place.mii doing programme booklet and the sch so damn stingy la..dinn even print enuf..they print so damn little la..then went to eat dinner at ard 4.30pm..dinner was nice.but too early la.then ppl started coming in.yupps..crowd control was sort of out.hhaa..went to sort of usher and stuff...the parents are so hard to handle for pity sake.sheshh.anw...then watch a bit of the show then went to prepare to serve food for the parents l8t..meanwhile.........we took lots lots of pics..hhaa...so damn fun..saw *&&%^#$$# and i dinn recognised *&&%^#$$# and i like stared at her non-stop and while she was looking at me also..so paiseh..haha.anw.went in..food look so delicious la.ate some! haha.in the end it ended as self-service cos the queue was just too long..ya.took fotos of seniors..then took foto of this someone some one..and at that time i CLICK..her gown stripe drop la..haha..went home reach like 11.50 pm..ard there.and took lots of foto with sis..self obsession!! HAHA// pratically after that, life returned to the bad side..everything is in a mess again..and my friends are giving me all this shit..before exams..THANKS!

fading away.
7:51 PM

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

ARGHHH..WAD IS THIS WORLD COMING TO???i'm just gonna sae wad i wan cos that's wad a blog is for anywae..you think u can escape with ur stupid and foolish act? so wad's so bloody nice bt a music rm key? might as well go leminate it la..you and you itchy fingers..i mean if u relle took it. just apologise and gif it back la..but NO..the selfish side of u was out..u rather get 3 other ppl into bigger shit then u urself la..fine! and in the end all u get is bigger consequences..DAMN SMART I MUST SAY! so getting steph, lao gong and pao into trouble is ur kind of a joke?FYSI, NOT FUNNY!!!! u almost made steph have to confess on the PA system that she lost the key..which is not la..i mean her day is like bad enuf with her hp lost? hope she found it liao though.SO THERE! get the pic? yes.get out of our life if u wanna carry on with this shit attitude of urs.i mean luckily this friend (no name revealed) told us wad she saw..2 ppl in fact ,of ur stupid act.so no escaping..now u'll just get into deeper shit then if u confess at first.and getting my classmates to actually side u? they're blind though..yes..and u'll soon find out hu told the truth bt i mean she did the rite thing..if u all relle her thru friends u guys will understand..is not a matter of hu betray hu but she told the truth and help the culprit wad.if u look at it the way we are looking at it..she did this so at least the culprit noes that doing foolish things can lead to serious consequences? ya..i mean,u're never noe wad else she may do in future rite.so at least it's a lesson learnt wad.

kk..feel so much better after saying all that...but i rather tell it infront of ur face if i get the chance.

fading away.
8:31 PM

Thursday, September 08, 2005

just reach home..woah.had the time of muai lifbe la.today went to cca at 2pm then hang ard then went to av threatre to watch movie..heehee..by the time we started was 3 pm and we watched drumline.so damn cool the guy!! he is damn cool la.=)) then just in time we finish was at 5pm then mr choo organised this outing thingy and in the end out of the whole ensemble, only annie,ada, stephanie,tiffany,mii and caryn.haha. then we sat in mr choo's van? ya.van.red one.haha..then we sabo tiffany kena sit infront while the other 5 sit in the back..the ride was damn fun cos we blast the simple plan music and we always fall to the right and left then we tok bt lots of things..laughing the whole entire way to heerens.haha.then one time we all burst out laughing and mr choo was like"okay..i'm going deaf with you girls laughing" then we laugh even more.haha..on the way we waved to motobikes and cars and we even pretend to ask for help like we were kidnapped? haha. sit inside like sit in the police van when u get arrested..lol*// we reached heerens soon la.then we acted like tourist ppl? haha..then as pri school kids! stand two by two.haha..was relle funny.we were so damn noisy. then we were into the building.at first sort of paiseh ok.cos ya.like so awkward like that then we decided to go into HMV.walked ard we spent like quite some time there. was so funny cos steph watch the shows mr choo got watch.but tiff and mi neva watch.shows that tiff and i watch.mr choo and steph never watch.haha. then we saw this cartoon vcd of some train toy? and tiff and i took one each and shouted like" steph! ur favourite!! that time u told me!!!" and we started burst out laughing?!?! was damn loud..couldn't stop..down there non-stop..then security came! dunnoe to check wad's happening or wad la.he walked pass, look as us then he walk away talking on his walkie talkie.lol.we went thru the whole place. then decided to go eat..was so hungry.we took damn long to decide then we decided to eat at marche. then we said our budget was $10. annie said.haha..bt we all agreed then ate there cos mr choo said we just pay $10 if it exceeds he will pay..but confirm exceed marh.so we just went in loh.dunnoe where else to eat anyway.then we chose one corner cos we noe we sure damn noisy la. then we walk ard and order our food..mr choo dinn allow us to drink vodka or wine! that's was sad la.haiz.bt dun wanna get into trouble too so yups.listerned to him.then tiff and i shared a pizza and a milkshake.then other ordered different stuff and finally!! time to eat! haha.hungry wadd..then we i predicted that he will surely tok bt guitar stuff while we were eating..we dinn though..then he was like at his last few bites and said" u all eat so fast!" and we just stared at each other.cos we still had like lots of food on our plate and he ate finish and said we eat very fast.then we started laughing.aft dinner we sat there for like god-knows how long and chatt lots! damn noisy us..once we laughed too loudly that the opposite table said"shh!!!" then we laughed more bt of course we giggled instead? ya..then we tok bt some guitar stuff and ghost..tok bt the toilets in our school.the one at the music rm relle scared mr choo out.cos we thinking of having a camp or chalet la. just for fun.playplay.then he ask be staying in school and we were all like no way no way.then we started telling ghost stories bt our school.freaked him out.haha..then aft talking so much..annie,ada,caryn,tiff,steph all realised that they still had to go home by themselves and all that talking relle freaked them out.especially caryn.mr choo needed to use the toilet so i said" be careful.." and he was blur at first then he got wad i was thinking.bt ghost stuff and he like quickly walk bk to his sit.HAHA..then he still went in the end la.and when he came bk he made his hair? like er...haha. we started laughing.and asked him he go make his hair like upp like that..and he was like flattening it.haha.then he told us wad happened in the toilet.he thought the man in there went out la then he wash his hands then suddenly the man appeared behind him and he gt a shock..we started laughing.haha.and aft that we started whispering like very funny jokes bt him and all and i was the one starting most of them and he asked mee if i was like sth wrong with me and i said ya ate too much medicine.haha.he said he wanted to sit next to mi next time so he will know wad i laughing at..all the jokes.haha.then lots of jokes was passing ard.but in the end we had to say cos we trade for one of his jokes.that time i started laughing in the music rm non-stop with caryn cos she said can give one of the portraits to mr choo as teachers' day present.and i was giggling then i saw one EXACTLY look like him one and i started laughing damn loud like suddenly and almost fell out of my chair! and caryn knew why i was laughing and she laughed too! and to think mr choo thought i was laughing at his socks gt hole! and we started bursting out laughing in the restaurant and ppl started looking at us..haha..so we tone down.bt scary la.is like there is one pic look lots like mr shi..our old instructor then now one that looks like mr choo..lol..in the end we went out of the place like 8.30pm and the total was $77 pplus. mr choo decided to treat us bt we dinn allow that so he just asked us to pay $5 each...he rocks la.haha.damn funny also he.=D then he sent annie,ada, tiff, caryn home cos they all so scared to go alone.steph followed mii and my bro wanted to drive but my dad decided to instead cos my bro may not know the route to steoph's hse..i dropped her at bedok.her parents not home yet so i sms her and kept her company..she's back now..so tired..*yawns* great..just got a sms frm mr choo.gtg..

fading away.
10:43 PM

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

``__;trippin' overr myselff,goingg no where
+" you're all i wantedd all i needed
--\\'euu mayy thinkk datt i donn look 'bt deep insidex i'm attachedd tto u' *//i'm weakk i know 'cos i'im afraidd tto knoww the answer
~`!"ddu euu waon mii?.>
+ ;myy heartt keeps fallingg faster
``__;i'm scaredd to know dii ending;duu you see mii?/>
~`!"duu euu evenn know uii mett mii?.>
``__;i go crazyy when u're outsidex ofB my world
+" i feel 40 kindds ofB saddness when u're outsidex ofB myy world
*//i know datt u're justt aroundd the corner but it's nort enuff
~'!" i donn know whyy it's nort enuff; i miss euu all derhh time
+ ;andd i know you kinda like itt
\>. you wanted somethingg more thann this
+ ; fell down ferr someone else's kiss
--/" times like tis i'im so gladd u karnt read myy mind
``__;please don't walk away
*// i'm only drifting cause u look so great tonight
/>.<\i karnt sleep;karnt think;can hardly dream ~` >lifbe's crazy how some things never workk outt
``__;but i'm hopingg that this time goes rightt
[[*//'cos i've tried so hardd]]

fading away.
11:24 AM

Friday, September 02, 2005

tcher's day celebration today..very chaotic la the whole school..crowd control failure.didn't work.couldn't like control the whole school =(..then is like on the wings of the hall is suppose to be 4/7 and 4/8 then in the end my class(2/7) went upp so it's like many prefects telling them to come down so we went upp to tell them and in the end the teachers change the thingy and the prefects were not inform and my classmates were like scolding us" prefect give false info! so wad la!!" and i couldn't stand it although clare was explaing wad happened all i did was shouted " can u're just SHUT UP! and go up?!?!" then there was silence and i just walk away..found out that senior saw and she got a shock..i dun give a shit to it..so damn that! everything is also prefects (especially juniors) faults so just get used to it..then after everything we played with the trolly and all..damn fun and scary la..like can fall off the side any min if not carefull..knock lots of pots down..haha
went to library with elite and ya had a hard time help steph decide wad she should wear but is like for wad? she wear anything will also still be as nice to u noe..lol.=P did our project unlike steph just dun give a shit to it.haha.done it then decided to go bugis..wanted to meet gl and steph there but they decided to go candy empire first so we go eat.then went to candy empire..at citylink met mr lian there and he started waving to me like a mad dog..and i was like hu is that? then i look and it was him..haha..i thought tchers are suppose to avoid students.lol.then we were like rushing and steph and gl kept hurrying us la..sweat like anything! then we went there bought our stuff and saw steph then met them..nth to sae to each other..see each other damn paiseh.very awkward loh.then we follow them ard and we walk behind them..they so "into" their world and we are like so extra-ed there.lol.we walk away they will also not realise then i said that then gl turn..*oops*.=P haha..we like lamp post there la..so we decided to go off cos relle gotta meet clement..i had to meet him alone..long story la.haha..so we went to macs and sat there and tok.bt 1 hr then i gtg so he and elite brought me back to my mum's office and man i just made a fool out of myself la..geog fail.he hardly go there and he knows the direction..i go there like so many times i still can be so blur..ya.very tired..2ml elite going bangkok.

fading away.
9:34 PM


`14 going on 15
`3/7 '06


`get done and over with sec3
`step down
`grow taller!(:
`getting rid of my trademarks.
`a simple life
`dont drift apart from ROUTE187
`change my sub chers!
`officially start studying.
`stop worrying too much!
`stop getting into trouble



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