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Monday, October 31, 2005

todae's like first new week of the hols.saw my cca shedule and i have to go back to sch for 51 hrs of cca la...wth.hols also dun wanna let us off cca.haizz...i guess that's life la.pathetic it is..last week of sch was the busiest, funnest ( if there is such a word.lol) and saddest week la..got a lot of programmes on.had p6 publicity, p6 mission,in-line skating, rehearsals for achiever's day,cca,prefects patrolling and other stuffs.for p6 publicity, worked with kimberly,faria(is that how u spell her name?) , and claire.had great time.drama was great.we sneak into the PA system rm thingy and played card games but wasn't long before we were caught by mr ng.so went back to join the games.i was taking fengshan pri sch.30 students that's why got 4 "tour guides"..p6 mission went to ccps early in the morning.and the talk was about sex and bgr..like o-k-a-y...in-line skating was fun la.i think i already blogged bt it.yupps.then the last day of sch.and the end, we got our reports bks.went into 3/7 with chrystal hu got pushed up frm 3/6..becks and peiwen..maxine got stuck at 3/6!!! sad loh.if not it will be one happy family the dad(becks) , mum(me) and our daughter..max.haix.at last got with tiffany.the only gal and me that is in GE.sad rite.now have to choose subs..hard decision loh.dun noe wad to choose loh...now just recovered frm sore throat..sort of.but much better frm ytd.later still got cca at 2pm until 5 pm! other days got 6 hrs loh.wtf...gtg watch tv! =)

fading away.
8:14 AM

Monday, October 24, 2005

todae was like tiring la.but quite fun also.lol.i'm just contradicting myself.haha..todae in the morning we had assembly in the music rm.getting results.and all so bad la.like Bs and Cs.wtf..spoil the holiday mood only loh.but it dinn relle affect mii although it's eng,lit and history la.yupps.then after that went bk to class.and had patrolling with max and becks and we started with level 4..then we were doing our duties bt end up catching a gurl playing with hp.so we send her to RTC...then after taht went ard again and caught another one but this time she was sort of the naughty types and wa lao.wasting everybody's time loh.in the end we just sent a RTC teacher.went into our recess time only loh.like wth.irritating.and her classmates arh.one of them damn bloody fucking wad la.she smokes in the toilet so i dun care bt saying it here..one day i'll just catch her la..she just better watch out.i mean if u ppl use handphones and see prefects and start to hide it at least u ppl got guitly consicence.but those hu use in front of prefects like as those we dun dare to catch then u just wait la.we show u we dare to catch!i'm not a betrayer either.so ya.dun get the wrong idea...anw.heck care bt them.after that had recess and still had to see her friends..and the gal hu smokes in the toilet still dare to stare..stare la stare la.my eyes still bigger..haha..i just gave the stare back...she wants respect frm us she gonna give us the respect first and she gotta earn it. then we had in-line skating.put on our stuff then those hu know how to skate go one side..so i went with chrystal.i know la.but i just forgot how to brake properly.lol..then just went along...we learnt how to brake properly and it was fun la..tiffany fell at the brake part! so funny..cos she was like trying to be melody.hahha...damn nice...got stupid tan la..i like being tanned..but the thing is our tan is light,dark,light,dark,light...not much differences frm a zebra.yesyes..after that we went back to class then max and i went to the toilet to wash our hair..then saw li ting and jia lin and we all washed our hair..so funn la.haha..then we went back to class and everybody thought we were crazy.lol..but i feel so much refreasher..but we wanted to wash a bit more so we went level 3 toilet and continue although history lesson start liao..dun care la.then when we finish we were a bit frightened la.but were ready to be sent to RTC...somemore with our wet hair..then went in and can hear giggles and all loh..frm 2/8 and our class...lucky mr lim spare us.haha..then we just went to our seats.had boring lessons then went to CIP at canossian home..haha...on the bus was funny..kkarnt say here..then reach liao.then cyn, yy,yj,christabel, me and elite were in one grp and in charge of clothes.then we were playing.haha...and it was so funny la..the clothes!!! some designs like cut frm table cloth loh.hahhaha..then cyn took out a BRA!! and we burst out laughin!!!! hahah..she went to see the size somemore.hahha..then we saw a lot of other bras..damn funny la.i mean come on loh..when ppl donate clothes it doesn't mean bras!!!!! that's underwear la!! lol...then it was quite funny with all the diff styles! haha...after all the hard work, mr lim treated us to maggie marsh potato.damn nice of him.haha.it was nice..then after that i just went hm st8 cos it's just across the road..yupps..doing elite's friendster..hand aching..body aching like anything la..shall stop typing liao...ciao!

fading away.
9:02 PM

Saturday, October 22, 2005

yups...guessed that he wil come and he did.i dunnoe la..i gave up on him too..my friend there also..tuition had been chanced frm a eng class to a science BIO class...yesyes..the gross thingy are all coming back.hahha...especially the two crazy ppl next to me..horny like siao la.hahha..and we always just start laughing.lol...then we went for break la.then i was like the person pressing the button one.then we went into the lift and started toking then one friend asked"how com the lift like not moving one" then she looked and i haven even press the level that i wanted to go so we were like stuck at level 5! they laughed like siao okay!!!!!!!!!! man.evil la.went to macs.was crowded bt too paiseh to ask him to help us buy so we just left.then went to 7 eleven.and they were like making fun of me the whole time.like the auto matic escalator..they say wait i stand there and although it is moving i forgot to move my legs.like wth.!!! after that i dinn dare to pree the button so my frien did..we went in and tok a bit then i felt it wasn't moving and i looked and my friend just came in and forgot to press the level also.and we started laughing..damn loud.the whole level 5 could hear us.haha..then before we left the lift.we press all the no.s and one tcher was about to go in so we quickly dashed back into the classrm.lol..yupps

,,`when i needed you the most..u were with her."""

fading away.
9:58 PM

haha..so long liao then i blog bt thurs.anw.met elite at bugis mrt station at bugis.then i waiting inside.dinn noe elite went up.then it's like i waited there and missed.lol.then we went ard bugis.and later heard tiffy could go out with us!!! was so happy.haha..cos we wanted to take the neoprint with her.and must 3 ppl then nicer.haha..then met her and saw shi jie, elite and clique..then saw sofia,priscilla(is this how u spell her name?) and afew others..then we were going up to take neoprints and there was this two gurls hu were sitting like a distance frm the escalator and i was going up by that escalator..i dinn relle tok any notice of them la.then suddenly tiffy heard them call my name except the pronouncing is a bit wrong..then they kept calling.then when i reach up i turn to look down and they were like tilting their head to look at me..and i was like shit la.hu the bloody hell are they..cos it'll be like so paiseh when some one recognise u and u are like"hu the bloody hell are you?" lol..so i avoided them.after that we went to ps.then went to macs. ate a bit and drank..and tok..then after that sent tiffy off and elite and me left to orchard...on the way there.there was like this gal hu's skirt was so damn short la..as in relle..as the same length as her butt.then it was blinking green man so we just stayed there while the gurl and her bf walked then elite said" walk la walk la.wait later kena knock down and die arh" then i was like" omg.her skirt so short la"then when they were in the center of the road.her bf turned to look ard and he looked like he was looking for us.hahha..we just pretend we dinn know.haha..then after that had to go back to ps to meet a frien..then after that elite and friend walked me back to bugis and they left..was died tired.

fading away.
9:49 PM

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

yupps..ytd.exams over at like 8.45am.exactly.but dun noe why like i not very excited or happy bt it..well.i guess it's one burden gone..but there's still the bigger burden.the results!! oh man..and there's a lot in my mind.i give up on love la.too much to think abt liao..ok.so ytd.went to elite's hse after exam..she has like a dog and 2 adult cats and 3 kittens..so cute!! haha..saw her sis there.then sat there and watch 'live' show.haha..u dun wanna know wad.=)) *dun think dirty either.lol* then like one hr later tiff came.and i started making elite's blog..then after awhile elite cooked finish..our lunch..dun worry i'll put the foto here for u ppl to see..haha..i have nth much to say bt the cooking! haha..tiff's the first one and hers tasted like plastic! seriously.it did.haha..then mine was much better..elite refused to put salt la..argh.then we had lunch and took some fotos then we went out.we went to bugis first..walk ard.nth to do so walk to bugis village.then it started raining like shit la! u know wad i mean.lol.then we were stuck at the building.we saw lots of ppl with weird hairstyles la! damn weird..u'll die laughing but of course i dinn take fotos of it la.hahaha..i'm not THAT mean.*winks* at last we just decided to walk in the rain.then we got across..took neoprints and left for orchard to make ring la.ya..spent some time there.walk until like leg pain.not mine bt tiff and elite.haha..then we went back to collect it cos we got make words on it.yupps.then after that we went to meet a friend of ours at ps.watch corpse bride..let me think again why did i do that..oh ya.GO ASK ELITE! *grins* things were so embarrassing la.at the movie i sitting in the middle of elite and tiff then they watch already but they watch again cos of that frien.so they keep whispering to each other in front of me and every SINGLE time!! he'll look at me and i look at him and pretend i dunoe wad they toking bt! secrets are hard to keep gal and in the end u told him u watch liao! smart! smart!*claps* then tiff left.then they sent me back to bugis and i left...btw elite..i repeating myself everywhere..I GIVE UP! lol.love is just too much to handle.u gotta agree with me gal.it's the fact!

fading away.
6:06 PM

Monday, October 17, 2005

well actually only like 40% la..haha..2ml dnt and then it's over..haha..so excited..once again..thanks elite for being there for me ya.u're such a sweet person and am so lucky to have ya.2ml elite is cooking for me!! karnt wait..*winks* for the pass 2 weeks..lots of things happen..let's see..almost lost nicole..and got her back..i guess it's not worth it to lose her for a guy..long story ,too saddening to type..yupps.now i'm working in a company call CrappinWithU International with a frien of mine..( elite's good good frien!*winks* dun kill me kk..hahah) and we're making our website for publishing..and more customers.so welcome kk.we'll be starting after the 'o's.ya.let's see..exam=deep shit..result=can die.to see caroline in one peice after the results is a good sign i gues..haha..just talking rubbish.=))kk..that's all for todae..2ml got sure lots to blog liao..

fading away.
7:41 PM

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

okay..i think the title tells it all =))) yupps..i'm just gonna skip like the first few boring parts of life..ms nunis lesson rocks now.haha..she let us do wadeva we want then she play songs thru the speaker la..feels like exam finish lorh..haha..then ok..lit..FUNNY..haha..at the last 15 min of the lesson then ms chen sort of wanted us to go thru the book again..so she decided to start one event and each person say one event each la..then blah blah blah..until it was dee and she was done then it wad mel's turn and she was sleeping la..very soudly..then it's like everyone ard her bang on her table to wake her up and when she woke..she said"class stand" LOL..and the whole class burst out laughing la..wth..and she still was so blur!!!!!!! omgosh..just so cute..then ms chen was a little pissed cos she was like suppose to say an event but she said class stand!! haha..ok then she was sent out of the class..then after a while it was my turn la..ms chen was taking the homerm time..so there was my turn..then i saw sth that happen and i said it which was like" they met mr nathan"(hu was this refugee lawyer la but i dinn noe) then ms chen said "carol, hu's that?" then i was like shit..looking thru the book then MELANIE..frrm the window said to me"the president" and my mind was so blank i actually said the president!!!!!!!!!! wth..then the class laughed so loud la..wth..and mel was like laughing like dunnoewad outside..am i like suppose to know? my mind was blank!! sheessshhh....grr..well..mr nathan is the president..IN SINGAPORE but not in the novel so it was like funnier..and ms chen did the in the name of the father,son and holy spirit thingy..haha...i did kill mel for it.=)) haizz..back to reality...history is next mon..hope i survive!

fading away.
7:23 PM


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