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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

haizz...2nd dae of school holiday and i'm still thinking that holiday will be here soon..wadd am i doing?? i got to work harder! but i just kant...too distracted over other stuff...oh yah..qy, if ya reading mua blog now? just dun cos i'm never gonna blog anything bt you! NEVER! haha..anw, yesterdae ar..first dae of school..gt to reach skool at 6.30 am can..cos gt meeting...wa liao larh..then so paiseh cos i thout maybe i only one that is late then aft tat saw jeanette then we go together..so paiseh cann everyone waiting for us..haizz..ya..then we change of tchers..some only..=) yupps..very busy larh..first dae of school..then we change our time table like 4 times cann..so freaking irritating larh..poor steph..heehee...i dinn bring anything to school on the first dae..kant believe myself too cos i mean..even the very naughty ppl got bring their books larh...but is relle no need cos will change tt marh..ya..2nd dae ar..okayy loh..got to school by 7 am..then did the usual stuff.got standard test but i dinn study a shit for it.doesn't matter..maths marh..haha..paper damn easy larh..>.< got chinese and all the boring subs larh..especially history! mann..mr lim made me stand up cos i wasn't paying attention..i mean..his lesson so damn freaking boring larh..not only me..max,huang chi, liting, mel also gt punished cann..so sickening..thinking other stuff also cannot..like his mind is thinking of ONE thing only..anw..will try to pay more attention la.=) our class now got 42 ppl cann..then worse still!!! chinese we got 47 ppl..for god sick..cramped up like sadines like that..well, just an expression larh..fri got guitar practice again..haizz..sian larh..then got tuition loh..aft skool when to elite's hse..then go ate lunch there and then go buy ice-cream..then we were like rushing back cos we were late for IT programme thingy! haha..we went back to our classrm first to take our bags then the bell rang when were like shit shit shit..we just grab our stuff and rush all the wae to 3 rd level com lab..we made an excuse to go toilet but we went to the canteen to get a drink..damn thirsty la..then aft that had to edit our filming video and we had a GREAT laugh can at how crapping our acting were! lol...then aft that we tou tou go use the com to go friendster and stuff..it was so funny when i saw this person's foto..trust me when i sae funny! haha...ya..then had to follow steph to sent dee on the bus home..then met *toot*..haizz...then aft that rushed back to IT course..wells, actually is 2 hrs bt those need to go back can just leave..then went back slack at the com..now, at home..haven do hw..sian larh..

fading away.
7:36 PM

Sunday, June 26, 2005

kk look qy, i dun noe hu gave u my fucking blog add..but can pls dun read this blog anymore if not i'm like gonna change add!!! tell me hu leh??? pls larh..i wun do anything!!! i promise??? just trust me this once! u reading mua blog was the last thing i thougt you would ever do!!!! i'm serious!!! wa liao..dun read aft this entry kk..anw i'm not gonna write anymore things that will do with you so no point reading my blog!!!! how can i convince you??? heyy...if the person hu gave qy my blog add is reading this now..i have only 2 words for you '' FUCK OFF'' kk..am damn pissed at you??? why did u do that to me? i dun remember having enemies larh...and if you are my friend, just do some soul-searching on how u just ruin my life..thanks alot! i was in such a happy mood larh...last day of holidays and u have to go give me this crap! make my life miserable..once again, thanks alot!..anw..before this when i was in the oh-so-happy mood, i wanted to blog this..now no mood but still blogging larh..
todae is the last dae of hols? yupps...haizz..so many things happen cann...my friendship with glenda and nicole was put to the test? yupps..that incident really freaked me out larh! i thout i was gonna lose 2 friends just like that! hmm...many things happen too..really had great time going out shopping, going to K box and all..how i wish that we will have i dunnoe just another week of holidays that's all i'm asking for but it's a bit too much i guess..haizz...yupp, had really great time during the hols larh...so relaxing and slack..yupps..gtg prepare for skool liao..although no need to bring anything but ya..nicole says she is gonna sleep at 0830 tonite..she gotta be kidding me larh....

fading away.
6:52 PM

Friday, June 24, 2005

urm yeahh..cos of the entry i wrote b4 this rite? glenda and nicole was sort of angry with me? i dunnoe y either..haha..anw it was just a misunderstanding cos glenda and nicole mistook wad i wrote..yeahh..haizz..tsk tsk la.=) urm yeahh..and nicole wasn't even really angry! haha..call her last nite that time, she was like still so happy and i asked her if she was still pissed with me and y and she was like '' i also dunnoe y i am pissed leh..not angry liao larh'' haha..yeahh..but when call glenda ar..wa liao..world war 3 broke out man..but that was b4 we called nicole..ya.glenda was so pissed at wad? actually nth to be exact and nicole is just worse..she doesn't even noe y she was pissed!! haha..lol...i really wonder if she was really pissed at first? haha..cos i dinn put their name glenda was angry? i'm was like blur then larh..i dinn really understand..haizz..anw just glad that it is over larh..1 more dae..i have to see qy in 1 more dae time..haizz..i think i shld just avoid and ignore him? i dunnoe wad i shld do larh..i just need ting2 to sit on my left larh...if not i am really so busted liao loh..qy still doesn't wanna ask any gurl for no. cos he sae all the gals not chio so he gave me a dare and said that if a chio gal comes in the next 3 weeks, i will have to ask a guy for his no. shit larh..then instead of me fanning qy when he faints, he will be the one fanning me instead when i faint..yeahh..then he said he will wake up and give me his handphone and then faint again!! haha..he lame larh..i mean i got my own hp wad for i wan his!! haha..urm..yeahh...glenn is my history already..i just wan melissa to jia you ya...u go gurl!haha..i not like nicole lar..bully juniors! tsk..haha..jkjk only..nicole is kind? haha..

fading away.
1:18 PM

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

haha..it's just damn funny lar..actually got nothing to blog one then i remembered that i HAD to blog this dream of mine that i dreamt last nite..damn funny...okay..this was wad happened......
One day, we had a field trip around singapore ( dunnoe y..) then sharron was angry with me, denise and anne ( i also don't know y) so we ignored each other..then suddenly it came to a scene at a swimming pool complex..then we were separated frm each other into different grps..i landed up with glenda on my left and michelle ( my tuition frien) on my right..we all were told to put our legs in the water and sit on the edge..so glenda and i were toking bt glenn and i was introducing michelle to glenda when suddenly miss foo appeared on glenda's left and asked the 3 of us if we knew who gladys chia is then michelle started saying ''duh!who doesn't know her loh'' then glenda and i just look at each other and admit we knew her..then miss foo ask '' do you know anyone here that likes gladys chia?'' then glenda and i just shut up..michelle said she don't know..then she asked'' anyone know where is she?'' then we just shoke out heads innocently..then suddenly she just disappeared..then our coach said that we have a 10 mins break that anne suddenly run towards glenda and me and denise said she wanted to go have a hot drink..so anne was liike'' what was miss foo asking you all abt?'' then suddenly gladys appeared behind us and i don't know wad she was thinking bt she was like posing in her new swinsuit! then she made many different types of pose and glenda anne and mie couldn't stop laughing lorh..just kept laughing and laughing..then miss foo came and said '' okay, nvm..i think i found her'' then suddenly change scene then anne, denise and mie were walking into bugis building then suddenly we were laughing at sth then anne when to hit denise hand damn hard then denise was like ''ouch!!!!'' then denise hand was dislocated! then i hit her hand again damn hard then okay already! then my mum woke mie up..okay..the dream ended really weird and denise hand was damn funny..gtg....=) oh yeahh!! her swimsuit was full of bright yellow sunflowers!! i'm not joking!! i dunnoe y i dreamt of that loh...lol=)

fading away.
10:13 PM

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

okay..today damn bored la..nth to do mar..still have not finish my holiday homework but heck la..will finish in time one..heehee..yahh..today afternoon go toa payoh to get rabbit food and sis's stationary..i whether why rabbits need to eat so much food..although they damn big la but i mean normally their food don't get fully digested so they will eat their own shit as food again..gross man!!! poor thing la..haha..anw when to toa payoh and bought clips and stuff then went in to cd shop..was looking jesse mccartney cd and mtv asia aid cd that is just came out but went there then say jesse mccartney cd and ryan cabrera cd!!! was like so damn happy then bought one more chinese cd la..haha then had to go back liao..then ate egg tarts and continue doing maths homework la..=) yeah..this time short entry la...

fading away.
9:06 PM

Monday, June 13, 2005

whee..long time no blog cos nth interesting happen la..=)..yupps..yesterday was like..nth happen! haha...really nth to blog so i'm like typing rubbish..evening when to layer my hair and i look so much better! haha.. then when to sushi tel to eat..so damn nice the food..then went home and had to wash my hair again that day..haha..kant stop looking at myself in the mirror to see if i look bad..haha..oh..glenn figured out hu i am already..i was like shat loh..he's not suppose to noe who i am!!..today nicole and gang i mean the pupils came back from china!! really miss her..nicole saw this guy she really like and he frm acs br so nicole is practically forcing mit to ask glenn for the year book..i think i shld just ask glenn for that guy's contacts...haha.must ask nicole first b4 she kills mie..sharron sounded pissed off today..dunnoe y..she must be having pms ar? then she suddenly just go offline..hmmph=)..anw..yah..nicole is thinking of mie smsing glenn..sheesh...will do her the favour since i owe her BIG for glenn..haha>.< stupid mdm chen..i sms her to welcum her then she sae she had to go back to the airport n she very ji zhang..ask her y then she dinn reply...

fading away.
1:48 PM

Friday, June 10, 2005

yesterdae was sis's birthdae so we decided to go out..so we stayed at home..at ard 8am, woke sis up. then i prepared breakfast cos no one was at home..except my sis and bro bt he still sleeping larh..yah..then i prepared like 1/8 pizza for mie. ate already then decided wad to wear.wa liao. took so long to decide! haha..then then went to use the steamer to make my clothes straight..aft that quickly bathe then rush to pack my stuff..and went out to lydia's hse to meet her..then went to ang mo kio mrt to meet benedine. then went to parkway..we dinn noe that janet was on the same bus as us all along..lol..then she went to meet the rest while we go ard window shopping..then met seh ting, shellen, vanessa at the coffee shop in parkway.so there were like 8 ppl!! ate fried rice..was so damn the nice can..haha..then aft we eat, seh ting,vanessa and lydia quickly went to collect the cake that sis dinn noe we ordered.then no candles larh..bt nvm..then we wait until the table was cleared then aft that we promised to sis loudly the birthdae song but sis dinn wan us to but we still did..we sing until like no one business like that..when we sing, everyone started to look at us loh until we sing finish then they turn away..haha.then they cleaner say must buy 4-d..haha then aft that we shop ard then we seperated then ben, lydia sis and mie when to bugis then lydia went off to the mrt station and ben and us continue to shop ard..when to buy sis a pencil box first..then to take neoprint..then bought somethings then went off to THIS fashion to see clothes..wa liao spent like $109.80 haha..in total for sis and mie then we went to bugis village to buy cds and i bought sis like 5 cds for her birthdae..the cds there very cheap one loh..real cd and latest one rite..only like $7 only..so cheap..ya..then decided that we shld just go up to mum's office to put our stuff in the car first..while we were at the lift, there was a lift that was closing then sis went to ask is this lift going up then it was so we went in..while we were inside, i remember that there was no lift going down one! i started laughing damn the loudly can..kant stop then i went out and told sis y!lolz..then met mum at 4th storey then put stuff in car..then went up to her office got nth to buy liao..aft that got quite bored then went to bras basah to buy picks for guitar..aft that i wanted to buy a bag so we went back to the bugis village then i bought a bag then sis wanted to buy bt no $ so i buy as her pressie again.haha..we bargain the price until like save more than $10..cos can bargain the prices one..=) then went back to mum's office and waited for her in her rm. then went to shelaton hotel to eat..oh bro bough sis this crumpler thingy lar..haha..then we ordered food..i dinn dare to eat the snails but dad still ordered..but the sauce was damn nice..very cheesy..but i still dinn eat the snail..so disgusting mah..went home aft that and just watched tv until i fell asleep..=_)

fading away.
10:01 AM

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

*dead tired* man..yesterdae was so tired so dinn blog loh. yah..stayed at home instead of going back to my gp's hse cos in the afternoon going K box with sum friends.start to get ready at ard 11.30am..bathe and everything then went out to macs to eat but wasn't that hungry so just had fries and drink.then went to the bus-stop and we miss the bus 73 going to Ang Mo Kio MRT station...shit loh..cos that bus must wait every long one..then we met this crazy man hu just started blahing bt teenagers. he was pratically shouting! and my sis told mie that last time when she and lydia when out to the coffee- shop to eat..only the 2 of them then suddenly there was this crazy man who was carrying this chair and told my sis to let her ' frien' sit. then she look and lydia and lydia look at her(both lydia and my sis was already sitting eating)..then lydia just said''oh.okay'' that means that that guy saw this ghost that was standing behind my sis and her frien..the ghost was standing..but there were alot of chairs surrounding the table..*spooky* yah..then caught the bus and when to the mrt station. met lydia and her sis(jas) there..when to somerset to wait for the others..sharon(5/2) came first then waited like so long for ben(5/2) to come..then went to buy sum snacks at cheers to sneak into the K box rm..aft that went to K box and got a room..was like so cold in there..haha..each person can haf 2 drinks so we ordered our drinks first then we choose our songs..then the man came..aft he came, we quickly open the 2 BIG bags of chips..and eat like anything! lols..we chose songs to sing and we saw '' old macdonald had a farm'' so ben was like lame enuf to choose that..haha..then we sang a chinese song first..the oh-so-popular tong hua..then we started singing..haha..then we sang and everything..ate until the table was so messy loh..normally, we will hide the chips when the waiters come in first...then, one waiter was walking pass aft he walk pass, he came back to look into the rm and i think he was looking at the big packet of chips we were pigging on..but we just act normal la.then while we were going to the toilet rite..we saw this rm inside got like a few boys and they were so cute..so we made and plan to suddenly go into their rm..acting normal then say''oops..wrong rm'' haha..lame enuf rite? so we dinn do it of course..then we saw ''ren wo hao yo'' the song and started to play it..damn nice then jas started to stand on the chair and lydia too..then mie then my sis..so we just danced to the music..hopping and singing damn loud to the music lar..instead of swimming like the show we watched in singapore..it was basketball! but still good la..then we had like so much fun jumping on the chairs with out shoe on..ben n sharon was jumping on the floor..almost at the end i spotted this ''trolley'' that the waiter was pushing and i quickly shouted..''waiter!'' then we quickly sat down on the chairs and laugh a bit..song still on so we continue to sing..aft song end, we just kept cheering for it..screaming..then the waiter came in..with the bill..`phew..ben sae wait he think we saw insects that's y we scream! haha..had like a lot of fun..then it was almost 7 liao so we quickly went through songs that we already pick..can go l8t then 7 la.but we dun wan go off so late...heard other toro songs..think he damn cool la..then aft that went home..wa liao..dead tired man!

fading away.
9:11 AM

Saturday, June 04, 2005

*yawn* woke up at like wad..8am.yah..then was talking to mdm chen and she was like telling mie that i sld get more sleep and i thought that 8 hrs was enuf..dun wanna waste my time sleeping like a pig!! * no offence* to sum..haha.replied glenn's msg.then was chatting with sharron and i kant believe that she dare not call her SA can..well, i suggested calling him for her but her instant reply was a straight ''NO!!!'' i mean, WITHOUT HESITATION! for pity sake gurl..where's the crazy side of u that always go bongus?? :) oh not to mention always bongus at the wrong time! haha..it's a fact..A FACT!really wanna like call him for her..oh..at last! sharron's thinking bt normal things like guys and not farmers! haha..well, i think thinking bt guys are like way way WAY beta than thinking bt farmers, mistress etc..haha..i think that her fever has got into her head!sharron, dun forget to read ur taggies ar...haha..read my sacastic taggies..it's hilarous. waiting for glenn to cum online...but yah..i noe wad time he will be online so just playing ard with my blog.

[fairy tales are beyond stories][they are written dreams][but fairytales do happen][when u least expects them to]* * i solemly swear that i am up to no good* *

fading away.
9:40 PM

yesterdae was like the best day of my life..well, not really cos GLENDA HAD TO LEAVE MIE TALKING TO GLENN ALL BY MYSELF AND NICOLE IS GROUNDED FRM THE COM..other than that, things were okay i guess...the whole of yesterdae afternoon and morning was playing ard with the com and and doing some hw..waiting for glenn to reply mie..but haf a feeling that he will be online only at nite so i just waited then chat lots with glenda...thanks glenda for all the help u haf given mie yah..really helped mie alot man..but was quite stunned when i realised that she had a 1am flight that day and she told mie to add glenn on msn..how am i suppose to survive him without making a fool of myself???? then glenda had to go at ard 10-ish to meet her tour at 11pm..so ya..went to watch a bit of shows cos glenn was still not online..then show ended like 11.30 so i quickly make a last trip to the com and not only sharron was online but even GLENN!!! i was like a bit hestated whether to sae hi anot..so i just did..and u noe wad? i broke my record!! i dinn make a fool of myself..:):) but i kant show the conversation here. can only show it in BFF FACTOR..--see sharron, i got update leh.it's u hu neva update--yahs..only my best gurlfriens can read it..haha..then aft that chat until like 11.50 cos he had to go liao..so i went to sleep but kant sleep loh..i think ard 12.30 then i fell asleep..kept thinking wad's gonna happen but i dun think until the way sharron does!! it's hilarous every single time she tells mie wad she thinking..i really think that she is possessed!! watch out sharron, i gonna use a pair of chopsticks to squeese ur finger..*which finger ar?* lar..i noe i'm lame..hahas

fading away.
9:05 AM

Thursday, June 02, 2005

i'm so high now!!! this morning chat with nicole online and we were talking *cough* and she suddenly ask mie wad is *cough*'s surname so i was like thinking..if his surname in chinese in lin then in eng is lim lar..and nicole was like '' U'R KIDDING!'' and i was like '' do i look like i am kidding'' and i was like so high liao loh..then nicole went to find his friendster account and sent mie his photos!!! and it was him!! i was like screaming and screaming...okay, at first, i told nicole his description and it fitted but i thought it had only a 20% chance it's him. AND IT'S HIM!!! trying to get his hp no. now..hahas..i noe i am like damn slow lar but ya..got progress!! he look so cute in one of the pics..haha..:)many ppl helping mie to get his hp no. so most probably can get it soon!!! went to chinese tuition but dinn see him...got bila bong pencil box frm lao shi!!whee

fading away.
8:25 PM

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

todae stayed at home..dinn go to grandparents hse in the morning...cos l8t going swimming with lydia and jas (her sis).did my movie review in the morning then had to prepare to change to swimming costume..changed and everything then went to the club. sat there to eat lunch then while waiting for lydia and her sis, went swimming with my sis first...until bt 3 then lydia came.played a lot..was like so damn fun..swim until like bt 4 plus then it started to have thunderstorm can..so dao mei loh. so lydia ordered drinks and food and ate while waiting for the rain to stop..until bt 4.45 then it stopped then we continue swimming..the water was so warm then. played at the water playground and to make the water like shoot out frm various parts must on the switch then aft that i tou tou go off and lydia n jas still dunnoe loh..hahas..then continued swimming and playing..suddenly, we heard 2 people crying ''help'' we thought was sumone playing drowning then we were like down there..looking n then it was REAL!!!! one ang-moh when to jump down and saved one and another man went to save the other one..i think that they got cramps..heard them saying that they drank too much of the water...after that continued playing in the water..had races and stuff then like 6 plus we went to bathe..out hp was ringing while we were bathing so dinn care..then aft that i sort of heard my aunt calling us so i was like urm...who the hell is that man?? then it was really my aunt cos she went to the gym..aft that drop lydia and jas at chomp chomp then went bk to my grandparents' place...having sun-burnt now...crap lar

fading away.
8:49 PM

whee..i'm the birthdae gurl...well, yesterdae i was.hahas..woke up at 7.15 am to go to my grandparents hse. ate breakfast and slack the whole entire morning..dun wanna study so ya. recieved like 12 smses wishing mie happy birthdae liao.then afternoon my aunt came back and my cousins too. then i prepared to go out...meeting sis at Bugis. went out to bugis with my cousin and aunt first. went to my mother's office which was at Raffles Hospital to gif her a surprise!!! then aft that went to shop at Bugis.walk ard bt dinn find anything nice so dinn buy anything. then went to macs to eat ice-cream. hahas..then my sis went to lao shi there to ask lao shi to mark her chinese 'o' level paper and she did like so good can..quite a number of sections she gt all correct leh..so proud of her loh.feel happy for her.. then aft that she still haf not cum yet so we went back to mum's office and my hp no battery so i was afraid that she couldn't contact mie..then my mum told us to go to the 11th level and sit on the sofa while waiting for her. then i came out of the lift and was like wondering where is the sofa! that was hilarous bt now i sae not funny at all.*diao* then aft that met sis and we decided to take neoprints. then we walk ard that area and sis wanted mie to look out for stuff that i like cos she dunnno wad to gif mie..then aft that she spotted this life- size doll ( boy) which was like damn cute can..--sharron, will show u if u cum to my hse-- then haf to bring that doll thing everywhere i went..oh ya..while cuming to Bugis met sharron on the MRT and was so damn the freaking happy when she told mie that her results can be changed and she passed!!!! i was like so damn the happy can!!!mdm chen, u r so damn the blur can...l8t i sms mdm chen to 'scold' her for u sharron..hahas.urm..ya..then went to Bugis village..there they make until got lots of things loh..next time will go there again..hahas. sure buy lots one.then went home liao. aft that watch a bit of show then had to change to go for dinner with my cousins, siblings and parents!! decided to go to hard rock cafe. thought of going to 'Forbidden City' at raffles place there..but decided not to..remembered last time went to this restaurant and we spent like $300++ on this dinner..i thought it was like so ex but my parents thought it was reasonable but ya..anywae used to it liao cos everytime we also spent like that so ya..then went back to mum's office cos she haf to go pick up her car in the carpark then bro wanted to drive us back and i was '' my life is at risk'' haha..ya, so my bro drove us back home..he drunk a bit at dinner so my mum told him to drive carefully..haha..came back quite late then watch tv until 11 plus and fell asleep cos no nice shows liao..whee..i got like $640 for my birthdae present!!! well not including the $150 which i got for my good results lar.heehee...

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10:56 AM


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