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Saturday, December 31, 2005

hey peeps. so in a few hours time it's a new year. well, many things happened this year.good and bad. happy and sad. there's just one thing i'll miss the most.my class 2/7.rocks! =) yeah.that class is filled with everything. sugar and spices. we went thru a lot together. laughter and cries, we pulled thru the year together.in the beginning we were 42 people with 42 diff voices.now we're 42 people with one voice. im so happy everyone tried their very best to not cry on that last day.until we went off and some did.oh wells.that's life.yeah.kinda sucks if u think about it. like anne said.i gained more friends and lost friends..wadeva it is.life still carries on the way it is.i seriously wonder how we pulled thru. june hols changed alot.friends change.i saw your true colours.those hu i lost, i dun hate you. i just dun want you faking around me. simple XD.

our dirty lil secret=chel =) chocs.i still owe you! BEST SITTING PARTHERS.always getting into trouble with her.mr john lim and mr lian's class! ha! laugh too much.

the clique-mel,steph, dee, channy.

the bung crazy peeps-names are censored-*

the anime freaks-amanda,siong wei sherri etc..

the clique i used to have.but slipped off my hands-vivien,yy and yj(the twins)

the back classroom gals, li ting,hc,chel,me
always getting trouble together too.too noisy.getting punish during mr john lim's class!

the spining pen gang-those hu tried and got it+those hu failed.CARRY ON!

the class committee*

the corrupted prefects of 2/7*

the guai peeps*

the bitchy gals*

the ohana family-2/7ers '05

the bhb gals - laurel, qian ru, becks MOST! and a few others

the retardes ppl-qian ru, channy!

my personal family-becks,maxine and me.
becks's mistresses- paula and elite! XD steal my 'guy'!

did i leave anyone out???

good friends dun drift apart. so i got a new god-sis.of course elite. man,u wouldn't believe me when i said at the beginning of the year, we kinda dun really like each other. then june hols came and changed everything. so we were like the twosome and all.so going to miss that.she was always there for me and all. im so gona miss all of that.

exams ended.hols started.a new year's coming.hols ending.within, i found the clique i losted more than a year ago.anne,shar and dee.S.A forever.sad to say!! we all got into diff classes.3.5,3.6,3.7 and 3.8. which kinda sucks also. i mean how sad can it be la.pathetic*but i really hope we dun just drift apart like that. =(
anne: always happy over...NOTHING=)
dee: the mature one.*dun always think of it as the bad side!
yet.i still love them.the best combo.

meanwhile. i just cant forget these grp of *.hu made me high over NOTHING if u think about it.and the next thing they can actually make me as pathetic as anything.cupid keeps getting me!which im gonna say, sucks! serious.
one is just so happy go lucky, one is just so serious, one is just so sweet,and yet another is like whoa. these people blew me off! i lost friends because of them..im still questioning myself whether it was worth it. i love them and still karnt find the reason to. oh well, that's the trouble of it.

and there's just one more person which im so lucky to have. always there for me and all. happy and sad.things may not work out the way i want it to be but u just always seem there.i think u know hu u are.dun have to mention name.thanks a lot. cheering me up when u're not much better yourself.i appreciate it SO MUCH. huggs.


fading away.
9:52 PM

Thursday, December 29, 2005

alrights.im back to my happy self.today wasnt so bad. yah...it was okay.im doing the overseas trip with some other members.planning and all.yay! haha..after that was okay.was the first 2 to learn new songs in my grp.personal teaching from mr choo.okay-er than i thought. after lunch, angela,tiffy and steph got meeting among themselves and alto 1 and 2 played this memory game.was so funny! it's like "i went to the market to buy 28 lumps of shit" and the next person must repeat and add on.so on..carryn,lisa,denise,angela and some other ppl played.was so funny.super ugly shoes became super smelly shoes.fish becamefish balls.haha! smelly beans became smelly socks.omg.was hilarious.we laughed too loud and when one of my senior went to take guitar from other room.our instructor was saying he could hear us.so we tried to soften down.i swear.dinn help.haha..so we were laughing all the way.until like 45 mins my instructor came to tell me i was wanted to help play in a small grp for quien sera of however u spell the song. then he asked us wad we doing.haha!we just kept quiet.played...later was called to play carmen.with drums and all...wow..got totally lost.and i was the only guitarist there.so he ask me go call the base players and i sabo angela to play too.lol.she killed me for that.then after that was asked to call whole ensemble? fingers going to have blisters.but still okay.tiffany's hands are like OMG.all blisters loh..saddist..lol.first day get to miss periods.haha.cos got performance..scolded sec ones for not putting the guitar in correct places. those unpresent and left are so gonna get it when sch reopens...yupps.gtg now...

fading away.
6:02 PM

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

im so damn fucking pissed.the prob IS YOU NOT US..okay..today is just not my day.today, i brought the wrong fone.not charged.cant sms to help me pull thru the 9 hrs of cca. then..like at a ensmeble, our instructor called us out.us including my guitar clique-angela,pohyi, and me. then after that we knew something was wrong.cos if he wanted to call out our grp, it will include some other ppl.my clique is those that very dun like him one.not like SOME stuck up ppl.stucking up to ppl don bring u anywhere..then after that he made us sat down.then he asked us if we knew why we were there and of course NO la.like we dun do mind-reading.then after that he asked angela and poh yi about the chalet thingy that they were not responsible.so im like wth am i here la.then he was scolding my seniors when it's so not their fault! like everyone just went off and left the chalet like there. all the valuables were there so angela and poh yi stayed for like2 hrs.to wait for those ppl hu just went off without saying anything.and he blamed them for going off after waiting for 2 hrs.like it's their prob.not my seniors.so after that we fought back and talk back and he was kinda pissed.alright.then after that he asked both of them to go first cos he wanted to talk to me alone.fine.then after that he was like blaming me for actually "joining" this clique and on and on about how i was influence and change.ppl change! for the worse and better.u dun stick to the same boring you!!and when the seniors are out for o level, tiffany and me will be in charge.like if his not happy with me, just strip me off my post. I DUN CARE! then he said some ass crap about leaving a good impression about myself for others in future when im out of sch.like i said I DUN CARE.im out of sch man. I LEFT SCH so it's nt my prob.only ppl him like to gossip wad! he keeps hinting im with bad company.no one is bad in nature.he just couldn't see the good part of it!!!!!! argh..i was so pissed. and he went to talk about like he in army and started swearing cos of influence. is it my prob?! NO!...so why is he blaming me? and he is actually putting the blame on me that my grp is not together if my grp is not together..MY FAULT ARH? what happen to the other ppl's fault.and my senior scolded him saying misunderstanding happens.and both party is at fault.not us. and he just shut up.then he said yah..and i was gonna say " then why are you like putting all the blame on us?!?!" but i just shut up..he scolded my clique seniors cos he just have no one else to blame for his own actions so wad if poh yi is the senior most.and angela is the president and me is A.S.L? dun like then strip our post la. doesn't mean everything is for us to blame! everyone is responsible rite so im thinking of having another talk with him
i wanna see wad he got to say for himself.it was a chalet.i dinn go ....overseas.then had many ppl.then quite late already, all rushed to go home and those hu were not blame went to bowling...BOWLING! shesh! and cos there were so many valuables left unattended, angela and poh yi stayed to lo after! they waited for 2 hrs and no one.then they passed the chalet key to someone at the chalet.then went off.cos angela's parents were scolding her....and she got scolded for that.she even cleared most of the mess and our instructor clear a bit and he wants to claim credit for it he wants too much to himself..when his fun, his relle fun..when he is unreasonable.he is relle good at that.like today we played alot of games..instead of playing guitar..was fun...but he got that other side of him going on-two faced la..argh! so pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..and he blames me for clique-ing with them..and when we have ensemble, some times my clique laugh cos we got something funny.AND HE SCOLDED US FOR THT! i mean.if he want to scold us, scold us infornt of the ensemble and see wad ppl thinks about it la.go oout then scold us! WTF...he thinks i got bad influences with them.we got scolded for laughing..WOW!!so it's an offence to laugh..yah...and cos the first time i was laughing,(with other seniors) i was laughing at something he said and did.and now...he think whenever i laugh, it's about him! man, i gt better things to do.i got my own life to live man!!..i was about to shout and him " THE WHOLE DOESN"T REVOLVE AROUND YOU!",god i shld have done that..i mean.i got scolded for laughing, scolded for being with more ppl ard me.next thing i know, im scolded for breathing his air!his always like pointing me out..whenever i laugh.he notice..whenever ppl laughs.he doesn't care.it's just SO UNFAIR!i was so tempted to kick his balls at caption ball playing todae.and the ball actually did hit his nuts! haha!yah..and cos playing makes my fingers bruise, i wrap the thin bandage ard my fingers..that's wad we all do during SYF...and he just notice me..when ppl sitting ard me. all got it too..he just pointing it out on the first day it already hurts..and when i was like frowning and saying my hand damn pain, he took over my role for playing part..cos im playing a solo part in the whole ensemble.so he took over and helped me play for awhile so my hand can rest...then today he ask me "so serious arh?" i was about to say yah.u try playing for 8 hrs st8 after not playing for a month and tell me if it hurts....he was saying it in the joking way.and im fine with that..but it's still so unfair...i just summarised wad happen..u dun noe how pissed my guitar clique was okay we were like so pissed.and storming our way pass them.and when i left the toking and went back into the classroom, there were basketballs ard for later games..i just started kicking them so hard and screaming my head off.my seniors did the same too..oh ya..today sth funny happened....cos one of the games was like captain balls rite.then he was so enthu.then one of my seniors ask him " u never play captain balls before arh" then he was like " yah.once or twice" then my senior ask " then why u so enthu for wad?"that was embarrassing for him..talk about deprieved childhood..

fading away.
6:37 PM

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

yay! i lasted 1/3 of the guitar practices...it was fine i guess.very funny.it's always funny when my seniors and tiffany is there.haha.that's all the drama there.yupps. one part angela and i were rotting away.so we just smsed. so thank god, i lasted it. glad! . then later got ensemble then i was smsing during break.mr choo caught me but i din care then i just continue then he ask me why must hide.then i was like nobody sms with their fone infront of their face directly.then he ask me if i was smsing then i was like " nonono.im meditating!" lol...cos steph la.will catch.to think im so corrupted.lolz. yupps. shall stop now.gtg..

fading away.
5:54 PM

Monday, December 26, 2005

just finished watching EXORCISM of emily rose.it's a nice show.not scaring but the story line is fab! to think that it's from the true story, kinda freaks me out. yah. sad la. okay.im FINALLY settling myself to do homework.the sad thing, i karnt find my maths paper 1 and 2. and to top it all up, 2ml i have cca from 8.30-5pm! that's like so fucking unfair okay!!! just because we got concert..so so unfair. yeah.and im stuck in this fucked up sch la. dun remind me why! okay.just talked to someone.and i got so freaked out.

p.s anne: tell me it's not wad it means!!

fading away.
12:43 PM

Saturday, December 24, 2005

haiz.so im back here again..trying to figure what life is..christmas just becomes less significant as life pass. it's 11.56pm now.anne's waiting for the webcam and im toking to shar about beer and vodka.i guess that's life. oh well, i'll try living it my way.haiz.so many things to say to you yet dunnoe how to.my fault.i made it so complicated for us. if anything goes wrong in future.im sorry .i will try to be as flawless like u see. :) i say i'll try and i promise i will. love ya just dunno how to say..`

fading away.
11:48 PM

heyy ppl.i know this song is OLD.haha.but i just love it so much.i just wanna say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.i love all of you out there.each and everyone like no other.peace out!

caroline =)

fading away.
10:57 PM

Thursday, December 15, 2005

yea.okay.went out with DEE,SHAR,ANNE! all my love babes! hahaha..really old pals.from pri4! haha.well, things really dinn happen the way i wanted it( the sec 1 incident*) but we just dun bear grudges.that's what friends are for.i guess friendsip is just better than some stupid misunderstanding! im glad we put that back behind.today we were so like last time.just regretted not spending more time with them.and i drifted so far apart with them.i want you guys back in my life.u guys are just TOO important to miss out. :) alrights.today,anne and shar AND DEE were all fashionably late.and to think i wanted to be late! jessh! LOL.okay.met anne and shar first.then dee said she will be late. like 12pm then after that we just walk ard.look at stuff.kinda bored.then decided to wait at macs.then ate large fries and drank coke! *i have got to exercise of that fats man!!* then dee called.she was late until like 1pm.lol.so made her treat lunch.pay $5 for each person! haha.and when i tok to dee.anne and shar said i look like i toking to my bf!it's like er..it's dee.dinn u guys hear me toking?!?! hahhaa..*dee, BEWARE! be VERY AWARE!* LOL!then walk ard.wanted to go to the ladies to comb hair and on the way, we ended up stopping at pratically every shop that sells clothes! haha...then combed dee hair and she dinn wear glasses.wore contacts! OMG.she looks so much pretty! not that she ugly.she's pretty but it just made her prettier! it's like WOW.and like so mature? haha..the most mature out of us la.haha.then decide to look ard to eat lunch.wanted to eat at seoul garden (*or however u spell that*) but crowded so we just put down our names.then after that, we went to eat at SWENSENS.haha.oh wells, then ate LOTS OF FOOD=LOTS OF FATS! i need excercise!.anne just stared when i said this.haha.then we walked around.took neoprints.saw yvonne tan from pri.wa lao.at first she dinn recognise me la..she must be thinking hu the hell are those ppl waving to me man?! hahaha...then we rem.but she forgot dee! hahahha.then yea.went to bugis street to shop.the place is getting better? or maybe the people im with? i dunno.it's just diff.i karnt relle say wad's diff! i mean i have went there more times then going to my relatives hse!! but it's just diff.and wow! u get opinion on EVERYTHING! which is totally cool.i love going with people that buys lots of stuff and see lots of things.it's like WOW! haha.i make myself sound damn bloody pathetic.i am.then went to city link to shop..bought stuff there.and bought anne's chris pressie! i need money! frm u guys.haha..i wanna buy billabong baggie.haha.yea.then went back ALONE hor.cos dee went with her mum isit? or sth.but was glad they sent me onto the mrt first.hahaha! elite sent be BACK,ALL THE WAY! hahahha..okay.it's difficult to compare when it's like diff ppl.haha.im glad im still smiling.it's no use telling me to smile everyday man. i know u're trying to help.but it doesn't change anything..ANYTHING AT ALL! im sorry. im just used to it. nth is gonna change that..okay.

went hm.talking to elite.
heyy! i really hope u're telling me the whole truth.when is the right time? when is it EVER the right time? im not trying to add to ur burden or stress u up when u're already so fcuking stress k.i just thought we had it all. i dun wan it to just drift apart.the thing we had. can we still keep it in years to come?at least 2 i hope. im sorry if im letting it out now.it's the wrong time.it just doesn't seem right .im sorry.im really am.letting things dift apart is my trademark. im taking the risk of it happening now. whenever we start talking about that.it's either u or me that needs to go. im sorry it seems like i hate talking on the fone.cos i so dun. i dunnoe wad's happening these days. nth's just going right i guess. hols gone.and i just felt we drifted apart.like just that.like two leaves floating ard in running water. maybe it's just me. i really need to talk it out someday. and about stuff i keep from you. just tell me. i promise it wun make us drift apart even more. im just there to catch you when u fall.told u this from the very beginning....

i hate my life.
why does things gotta be so complicated
making it simple doesnt work
maybe i just think too much

* i just fall apart- it's my trademark*
im sorry...<3

fading away.
9:21 PM

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

yay! at last.i real outing i can appreciate! haha...oh okay.a bit too aggressive.going out with my old pals! great pals! haha.karnt wait.AND...I SO DUN WANNA BE A AVRIL-WANNA-BE!! like so crap la! anyway.it is like the first time im truely 100% having a gal talk, u know those girly talks.like wad to wear..and even the smallest things matter here. haha.like lipgross, nail varnish and all..oh man! it's so cool.so it's make-up now.make up make up make up.all girls' stuff.haha..mascara and all.so are we still taking the risk?!?!LOL. im thinking black nail polish already..dun think i need to put mascara.a bit too off rite? haha.BUT we can still try it! haha! talking about hair now.oh man! i love this ppl!! haha..shar must get better! 2ml still going out one leh!!! haha..okayokay.im going off now.better get more sleep! but i just karnt wait!

things are finally coming around!*ahem*
anne, wish me lucks on u know. (:*secrets arh*

fading away.
10:36 PM

Friday, December 09, 2005


rules of the game:

1.post 5 weird/random things about yourself.
2.at the end, list the names of 5 people who you want next to do this and leave a comment " YOU ARE TAGGED" in their blogs and tell them to read your blog for rules.

1.im proud to be short :)
2.i hate my school
3.i love 2/7 more than 1/6 (2004)
4.i have tuition for like all main subs
5.i laugh at everything and nothing XD

so im passing it to anne, nicole, glenda, dee,elite

*not passing to shar cos dun want to sabo her! haha.she already got it.haha

fading away.
11:41 AM

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

ytd was FAB! went out with elite. :) -my god-sis`.suppose to meet her at aljunid like 12.30pm. i kinda expected her to be late.haha.*no offence!*then i thought i left late.THEN she called to say she will be late.oh my oh my..typical elite! lol..nvm.waited for her for 20 mins.then went to ps.on the way there.ELITE GOT CRAZY! hahha..she kept laughing at EVERTHING i said? yeah.even like "are you okay?" WOW.i dinn noe that 3 words got so much effect.yay me! XD ..so i was doing the "i dun noe you" attitude to her.haha.ppl were not looking.they were STARING! gosh..at last.reach ps.then we went to the cinema and bought 2 tix to see chicken little! then we wanted go KFC eat.too crowded so we walk around.then elite bought me the little green turtle.SO CUTE!!! <3 it. then we walked around and around.then went back KFC.found a seat.ordered food then ate..was laughing at how nerd ppl can be! then went back to cinema.about time.chrystal was watching the 3.05pm one.so no chance to meet her.then we went in.we smuggled popcorn chicken inside.and were eating bubblegum.haha.alrights.then we took our seats.and were laughing a little. infront of me was a girl and on the left was another girl then on her left was this guy.he turn back and stared at me.relle looked at me.and i just gave him the blank stare.then elite and i were toking on the fone with chrystal.then he turn to look at me again.and i thought he look kinda familiar.but cannot be la.so i dinn care.then after that he turn back and look at me again.he did it more than 5 times.and do it very obvious.like he will look at his friend ( the girl on his right) then after that he will look back again. i told elite that.then we were laughing very softly..then we were toking to chrystal again or sth..then he turn back but this time i dinn see.and elite told me.then after the show,they move out.then elite wanted to go toilet.i just went in with her.then when i came out.he was outside standing there.i just walk pass him and he was looking again.it was so damn kuku la.stupid person..but i must say his kinda cute.haha.then after that we went to candy empire! and elite bought me jelly beans.and it's like wow.cos my container got lots of marsmellows one.which is like damn unique..then walk to mrt station.then we were sorta laughing crazyly again.haha.and now it's me with elite.haa.then we were like coming down the escalator then this guy look at us.then he asked the guys hu were with him to look? so it was kinda scary..i think elite dinn notice so i dinn care also.just continued.then after that went to bugis.and shop at this fashion.then went to eat ice-cream.mac flurry.damn full..then the stupid modelling agency called me..AM I SUPPOSE TO REJECT THEM OR GO WITH THE FLOW?!?! it's the very safe type of modelling though..but i dun have time to entertain them either! jessh...leave me alone..

fading away.
9:42 AM

Monday, December 05, 2005

so damn farking gone
flew away
never coming back
lost memories
end of story
buh bye

just fark off!
i just karnt hate you okay
so im letting go
right? or wrong?
i dun give a farking shit to it anymore
this is wad i hope u wanted!!!!

fading away.
7:02 PM

Friday, December 02, 2005

okays.ytd was a bit chaotic.at 3 plus then i sorta remembered i was suppose to go to sch to go to a concert.(p.s this is how forgetful i can be) then arrange with elite to meet her at 5.30pm for the so called dinner! lol..was relle excited to meet her.haha.one month liao loh.sigh...anw.met her outside sch.fone batt was kinda flat.stupid me.went to meet chrystal and hc at coffee shop.eating bubble gum too.so dinn eat anything.then was suppose to meet lao gong.as usual she very blur one la.oh yah.cock eyed too! hahaha..hc and chrystal sit there also cannot see!!! LOL! that's my lao gong for u. :) later went back to sch.sorry chrystal, we just have no sense of urgency.thank you very much.haha.then one by one.all came.was pointing out how some one stole jesus.at the stable.haha.retarded.then reached there was early so slowly walk. took lots of fotos! haha.self-obession! haha.then clement called elite's fone.and we asked becks to say this"i'm sorry the owner is unavailable now.pls try again later." so fake! haha.and becks hang up the fone.LOL.then walk ard..at last.time to go in..YES! haha.must give the tix first before can go in rite.but NO.some 2/8ers(forgot hu)..in fact 3 2/8ers blur blur just walk thru.lol.and the guy dinn see at all.god.okays.the inside of national library concert hall so look like explanade or wadeva.just a mini size of it.haha.got seated.and we were eating during the show.haha.a bit too noisy.interval time hc,jo,elite, and me went to the 7 th level toilet.cos the 5th and 3th all busted with ppl.then we all rushed to the cubicle.hc saw this door not closed then she pushed it in and THERE WAS SOMEONE IN IT! LOL!!!!!! and that person was like "whoa"! LOL!.was super funny.hu ask her la.never close the door properly.stupid! hahaha.i'm still laughing at it.haha.the show was just FABULOUS! i dun mind watching again.it was just so perfect and comical la.just glad i dinn miss it! it ended like 10.30pm.then on the way back so sad got to say bye.lol.meetin elite soon.hehe.

fading away.
11:19 AM


`14 going on 15
`3/7 '06


`get done and over with sec3
`step down
`grow taller!(:
`getting rid of my trademarks.
`a simple life
`dont drift apart from ROUTE187
`change my sub chers!
`officially start studying.
`stop worrying too much!
`stop getting into trouble



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