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Monday, May 30, 2005

todae is nicole.T and geogina's ( is that how to spell ur name?) birthdae..so happy for them, well, mine's tomorrow!!! whee..hahas..happy birthdae gurlfriends ya. todae is actually the official first dae of our holidays so ya..trying to finsh hw by this week lar. then aft that will start on my revision of school work liao. dun wanna slack that much cos the last two weeks haf been slacking.yesterdae went to 16B to clean up again and this time, we finish the 3rd storey which leaves us to the 1st storey..crap lar..hahas.then yesterdae, the cooler like a refrigerator, came and was really cool when we put all the wine bottles in it. ya..nth much happen lar..slack alot..watch tv most of the time i was awake cn.:) todae sis having the REAL 'o' level chinese!!! really wish her good luck loh..hope she does really well..*praying hard*

fading away.
9:31 AM

Saturday, May 28, 2005

i am so happy for you gurlfriend!!! haha...my begging to mdm chen has finally paid off...hahas..so happy that u haf a high chance of passing ur eng!!! whee...so high now..mdm chen owes mie birthdae pressie!!! hahas, well she promised mie so ya. anywae, sharron dear, u must work hard okie dun let my beggings and effort go down the drain..oh..u owe mie a LONG LONG LONG testi..lalala

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10:01 PM

yesterdae had to go to skool at 1.30pm for my prefects afternoon shift. when to skool and met many other ppl. claire so smart gt first in class and FIRST in level..to tell the truth i think she could haf gone to a beta skool can..not saying anything bt sacss but ya..then urm waited a little while for the other prefects. i had to do level one urshering with amirah frm 2/8..then we had to start immediately. first we were told to start at corners to show parents the way if they are lost or sth then aft that mrs lim wanted mie to help her to look aft her things while she go to take a drink..she took so long but it was fine..mr peh and ms tan came in. then aft that mrs lim came bk and i went out. stand at the same place again.then aft that amirah call mie to help her to pluck the fans frm the classrm 4 the parents.adlin gave us this job now. so we went ard carrying wires n was so funny cos we had to sit on the edge of the window n try to pluck the thingy in 4 e fans. was so fun..amirah made mie kant stop laughing..then had to take more wires etc..then aft that went to do duty..walking ard the skool. then 5.30pm, mum came and suki's parents were still toking..so long loh her parents tok. then waited for bt 10 mins. then went in and gt my report bk..mum ask y my lit was not too good and i tld her it was the tcher.hahas..ms wendy laughed too. then ya..my class rank is 1/40 and level is 11/161..my gurlfrien sick todae..so sad...l8t went for SSO while mum went bk. met with the twins and vivien..yah.when we got dere, we had to seat so high up and was really cool..kant explain y. was high bt can still see the performancers so clearly. then after every song, everyone will clap then cough and cough..as in like they ren until the end then all start to cough. it ws damn funny to mie. then after the songs the conductor will bow then go in and the audience kept clapping then the conductor cum out, bow n went in again...he did the same for almost 5 TIMES!!! for god sake. bt the wae he was doing it made us laugh..haha but kant hear our laughter cos the ppl still clapping. went home ard 10.45pm..

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11:00 AM

Friday, May 27, 2005

ya..was so angry yesterdae that i just published the entry without contining with wad happen yesterdae. i'm not gonna think of the bad things that happened. so yar.we had to clean up the classroom but it was not as fun cos this time rd it's only dry cleaning!! sob..hahas..last yr could play with the water.so fun can..miss the daes..anywae, we played monopoly too. which was okie loh but i think the time given was too short so we might as well not play then went to tell ghost stories and dirty jokes.got prefect meeting but was in a beta mood alreadi..we got our shifts then i had to do gate duty. then go for CCA..sharron dinn cum..she ar..hahas. then i dinn bring my song sheet so had nothing to do so play games with Joleynlyn..did i spell her name rite? anywae then i gt info that our new instructor was Mr Choo. i really miss Mr Shi u noe..i like his teaching. he was so funny also. i remembered how he made us laugh when we were so stressed out by the practices..l8t, the juniors had nth to do so we printed sum songs for them to play then tiffy had to teach sum gurls part 3 while angela taught part 2 and i had to teach part 1. so now i having 3 juniors to teach finish the song first..2 r really fast at learning while one was good but her speed is slower so i give most of my attention to her after coaching the 2. then we had were told that we can b let off at 4.30pm which was so good.hahas..got birthdae presents and many still owe mie pressies too..:)

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9:19 AM

Thursday, May 26, 2005

wa liao..todae slack like hell man!! hahas...cos todae is last dae of skool bt i hav shift 2ml lar..pity myself sumtimes..hahas..ya.todae assembly was in the hall and they had a praye service and suppose to catch those talking n 'threatens' that if they dun stop talking, they will haf to sit next to us,prefects. then after that got CCA updates and while that was happening, we had a short meeting. the prefects meeting.wad else! and as usual they lecture us and tell us that we are not doing our job and etc!! well, i dun care anymore!!i kant stand the seniors keep pushing the blame on us PIT..i know they know wad it feels like cos they were once a pit but it was so long ago, they might haf fogot how it feels like..isit alwaes our fault??? haf they ever think bt themselves? they are perfect too!! did they ever think that our behaviour shows the wae they reflect on us??i almost cried when they kept pushing the blame on us PIT can...i decided that it wasn't worth my tears.if i really haf to step down to earn back my loss freedom, i'm willing to..i sum how tink that i m not really ready for this.i wanted to shout at them bt i thout of the consequences.i'm so sick and tired of this can.u mean that being a prefect we can hide the fact that god given us a mouth to talk and speak? Every single time mr lim will tell us to shut our mouths when we are discussing where to put chairs.for god sake!ya...we really sacrisfy lots liao loh..and i mean they kant expect us to make the change of nt being a PIT and the next thing we noe, we are one..kant they gif us sum extra time.i noe that we must gain respect but not in such a short time unless they wanna break the records
then if we tell friends then they don't do what you want us to do!? is not like oh you not wearing name tag i can't be your friend!..they think we are joking with them n we haf to threaten them b4 they do that...i think i rather check the seniors then check my own friens..i'm not ready to b even more unpopular can...I"M NOT READy!!!it's written all over my face.i'm not ready 4 this..i'm gonna break down any minute now!
-BOy(kant sae name) where r u when i needed u most-

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8:46 PM

Monday, May 23, 2005

yesterdae nth exciting happen so dinn blog loh although i really wanted to...yesterdae no tuition cos of vesak dae..it's that how it is spelled? anywae, slacking lots..yesterdae went to suntec to go shopping. yah..kant wait for the holidaes!! cos i am free to go Junction 8 and spent the $100 vouncher on anything...ANYTHING!!! omg..kant wait!! hahas..ya, now afternoon. wanted to go swimming in the evening but sis wanna study for her chinese 'o' level exam in like soon so she dinn wanna go n it wasn't fun for mie to go on my own lar, so dinn go too..she promised after her 'o' level chinese, she will follow mie!! hahas..june holidaes haf sum planning to go overseas!! we not going HAWAII again!! * sob* cos of my bro lar..he wants to go but he is still like u noe the army crap..then my sis haf 'o' level and my cousin too so we not going during the june..instead, we are going 2 places in melaka..A-famosa which is gonna b damn fun cos it has the biggest water park in the whole MALAYSIA!! kant wait then we will also go to MAKOTA cos we bought the condo there in melaka so ya..go there no need to pay mar and the place is damn fun lar..kant get enuf of it..then we also going HONG KONG then after that we will go to SHANGHAI!! hahas..oh..talking bt shanghai, my mum got pissed off cos i dinn wanna go on the china trip so i dinn tell her and one dae i accidentally blured it out and she was like nagging at wad a good opportunity it was and i missed it...blah blah blah..hahas...i really dinn wanna go lar..so ya..this morning when to the semi-detached house that my grandparents hav..well, they haf a bungalow, and 2 semi-detached houses then we went to clean up the one that we wanna rent out u see..was really dirty so we had to put in lots of work!! we are like doing our own renovation!! every one helped and we had fun cleaning up the place..I'M SERIOUS!!we were like joking, telling jokes and discussing how to make the place a bit more lively.we dinn finish the whole house lar.it's like 3 stories high so ya...then went home and had like chicken for lunch..ya..i ate half a chicken! and bro ate 1/4 chicken..well, i was hungry and i did lots of work so wad do u expect? i ate honey roasted chicken while my bro had black pepper..my sis went to lao shi there fo tuition then went to her friens house to do work.mum going office for a short while and dad still had to go bk to work..hahas..then watch CONSTATINE..it was damn nice can!! i promise i will lend u that sharron..hahas..:):) feel like watching ' hide and seek' but no one watch wif mie so nah...wait till at nite then more scaring..then can make popcorns and all sit in the living rm watching!! hahas..oh shit! 2ml haf drama filming!!!

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2:44 PM

Saturday, May 21, 2005

it was hilarous ( is that how to spell?) nvm..it was so embarrassing and funny last nite can..sorrie nicole for sending the wrong sms to u..i typed'' hey deary, are u free next sat?'' and i thout i send to the correct guy dinn noe i send it to nicole and when she reply me''lol..y?'' i was like omg did i send her that msg? haha...nicole u dun haf to noe too much bt him and mie..just think that he is my good frien and keep it that wae..haha..sorrie nicole..haha...i sounded like a crook bt of course i'm nt and u noe y so shhh bt it kk..oh..nicole was watching star wars yesterdae and she was like telling mie how cute hayden was..hahas..u r..

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9:13 AM

yesterdae so many things happen until i dunnoe wad to write liao..hahas..ya.yesterdae we took back sum of our results and they all suck like anything can! well, to mie it suck bad lar...sigh..but i think i shall not tell my parents yet..just let them noe next fri cos that time, they will haf the overall marks..n we were quite happy cos in our class no one failed the overall that means no one failed english ~phew..ya n ms wendy said that 2/8 were not showing wad is expected of them and they all quite disappointed lar..then the principal said that 2/7 was showing excellent results which made us all damn the happy can.2/7 overall no failers but 2/8 overall gt sum ppl fail..Jolene in my class top level in geog and jolena top level in science..i wander who top the rest..haha..shld b frm 2/8 lar cos 2/7 other subjects all so urm..not so good lar..ya.english was the first paper and we still haf not got it bk...stupid can. anywae, i dun look forward to that paper so it doesn't matter if i forever dun get it back..hahas...then we had IT thingy and mr chuck ( how to spell?) was not in so ms chia had to take over..it's another ms chia. ms chia no.2..haha. then next week we had to go filming our drama..so fun kant wait BUT that means that i haf to wear a gown walking around the skool..shit! that sucks man

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8:13 AM

Friday, May 20, 2005

hey beckham..cheer up kks...i was like so blur.in the morning came to skool n was toking to Rach then becks came in and jolene told her that she was top ( tat was wad i heard ) then i thout her reaction will b like '' really?!?!'' but her reaction was not! she really wanted to be the top gurl.ya.. then after that i gt news that she was not the top so i was like a bit blur at wad was happening..we recieved back our science paper and for M.C.Q i got 13/15 and section B i got 30/35 so i had 43/50..haha..i think it's top but i dinn really wanted that 'fame' cos 43 wasn't that good u c but ya..i kant believe that so many ppl i knew failed..was shocked! we had the maths thrill thing and i was grouped with elite, qian ru n jolene...was really fun n we were like guessing hw many ppl could fit into one classroom and we came up with 867 i think ya the we had to guess like how many could live in 3 blks of HDB flats ya..etc..then we had cca and we changed groups and roles..now i m in auto grp. and my role was wardrope mistress..hahas...taking care of customes..haha..been reclently smsing lots to Rod..:):)

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10:01 AM

Thursday, May 19, 2005

oh yeah..there was this science competition and i m officially a failure in making paper aeroplanes!! help...i used to make them in school last time but too long dinn make so very rusty u c..then in the end we just make do wif wad we make and paula threw the plane..it was quite badly thrown as compared to wad we threw during practices..hahass..anywae, wad's done is done so ya...anywae, we did our best so ya...thanks paula for having the courage to throw that so call ''plane''hahas and Maxine was helping lots too...:) it was really fun!!! and abu was like '' wad stupid paper aeroplane competition is this?'' hahas..

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7:08 AM

yar..thanks 2/7..luv u all...:)-.-'' haha..kk then we also had this popcorn thing and many performances which were really great especially the temasek jc idol. he rock man..so cool lorh..hahas...then there was this band with 3 rappers and i recognise one of them who appears on tv.haha..ya then they made the whole skool stand so like we can move as they perform lar..then they started rapping and they whole skool was like''yucks''..haha. the whole skool dinn not haf at least 5% enthu in it except for my darling senior prefects who were jumping and moving to the music. then they performed 3 rap songs which i thout was okay..just imagine u were on stage and ur audience is giving the attiditude like '' wad the *toot* u playing''..if i were them i wuld haf cried backstage..well..there was a saying that they DID cried when most were gone..feeling sorrie for them..just put urself in their shoes n u will noe how it feels like!

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6:52 AM

well, todae school was usual except that it was beta than yesterdae lar...like duh.todae so much more activities lorh...morning assembly was the same lar then went back to class and had heart to heart talk with ms wendy! oh our class got complain by sister jo cos no one handed in their consent forms, cos no one wanted to go u c...:) then after that chrystal was so enthu in asking for results P.S '' will u alwaes b like that after every exam?hahas'' yar den she was like saying ''i think caroline got the highest in the level'' it was so embarrassing can..hahas..i hate attention like that in class..hahas..anywae i thout that i wun b highest cos i made 2 stupid careless mistake lorh..was so pissed off by myself!then ms wendy wanted them to guess a few others and they still guess mie! wdh>.< hey dun get mie wrong kks..i just dun like this type of attention lar..den it came to geog and suki guessed mie but i had enuf and i was like'' it's not mie!!i suck at geog!!!'' den she kept quiet..hahas...but we are only left wif one clue..she's frm index no. 1-20..

fading away.
6:18 AM

hey ppl..thanks for visiting my blog n sorrie cos the tagboard is missing..still trying to solve the ''mystery'' why the bloody f**king tagboard wun show!!! i hav been like trying to get it work for 2 daes and sth's wrong! well, the other blogskin was worst! nth would appear in the blog and i mean nth like no entries,profile etc and i got so fed up! almost wanted to throw the com onto the floor but of course i dinn or the com wun b working todae..well,i got 3 other computers and 1 laptop but aiya..this com is my fav mar..yupp

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6:18 AM

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

i held on to you and i wun forget the way you loved me.....but now it's just different...............wad's happening? wad happened? at least give me a clue! i'm loss,i'm confused and i dun wanna hate you!!u were always dere for mie when i'm down and i was too. we were so meant to be together..things dun alwaes work out the wae u and mie want it to..so i really hope that things will work out this time for us

fading away.
4:24 AM

todae is like crap can..go all the wae to sch for 3 hrs until 10.30am only lorh..i mean that's good but make us go all the wae dere..might as well dun go to skool larh.anywae,todae had 1hr of dance n no one brought t-shirts cos we got the wrong info tat we got drama..hahas.During dance bored like anything lorh,first we sit on the floor and chat for 15 min while the tcher play her music.lame rite? den we learnt new dance steps which is damn shitty cos got so confused n we were seperated into 2 groups. the first group do until so nice den our group all dunnoe anything.hahas but lucky the tcher wasnt angry! i tink she in good mood lar.so phew den when we tried to do the steps again, we all couldnt balance ourselves and started laughing..hahas it was really funny like dominos( is that how it is spelled? heck lar) den we were doing 180 degrees spin and rachel's hand hit mine and her nails scratch mie hand n started bleeding..hahas wasnt that pain i dinn really gif it much of a attention lar.tis kind of thing..rachel said she would be crying by then and i was like ''okay, lucky it wasnt mie hu hit u''. den we had briefing bt the SSO concert thingy which i definitly do not look forward to! ''taught'' us that we must be at our best behaviour larlarlar n i do haf doubts bt that! ms heng couldnt pronounce the word''public'' and sharron, anne and mie kept laughing cos she said it SO many times..hahas..in the end skool ended at like 10am so had to wait for my sis...yar..at home now..have to write letter to anne liao or she'll kill mie! toodles..:)

fading away.
4:09 AM

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

at last..my flu and fever is confirm gone! yipiee...hahas..left with a little cough.yesterdae went to Marine Parade n shop. first went to Isetan and bought belts all colours n patterns also got..hahas. suddenly very crazy bt belts..they were nice kk!! then looking around. my mum wanted to buy for mie tis guess handbag which cost like $119. it was quite nice i must sae but i was still thinking whether it's worth it.hahas..so dinn buy yet..i got like 1 guess handbag and another brand e handbag liao so ya dun think i need so many at the momment..then bought tis wrist band watch type.i got white n my sis gt black. it was only $9.90 so play play n bought it bt it was really cool so yupss...den bought braclets. den i was about to go up tis escalator n tis guy kept staring at mie n i was like ''okay'' den i stared back at him n left. lame ya i noe..when i went to e next floor the first thing i saw was john little n i started laughin non-stop i dunn noe y i can't stop but it was bcos i remembered sharron buying bras.hahas..coloured bras!! bright orange and blue and other ''normal'' colours..hahas..yupps..after that was like 7 pm liao and we eating kebab for dinner..dad n mum making so we got to go back in case bro and Mavis (bro's gurlfrien) bt still can't believe that she can survive as a vegetarian lorh..i will not survive 3 daes without meat! i noe it's fattening but heck lar..anywae i gt a track mill at home to run on it so who cares..having a gym at home..-.-''

fading away.
12:03 AM

Sunday, May 15, 2005

yes!!! the exams r finally over man...can slack like hell now..feel so relaxed can. can do wadeva i wan now..hahas. havin bad cough now which sucks cos i mean after exams and i haf a bad cough! and i mean really bad cough man..2 daes ago was my darling sharron's bdae..hey 'girlfrien'..happi bdae kks..still owe ya bdae present..heehee..but will still gif ya larh..dun worri! quite pissed off cos i just cant get the correct chords for my song..i alreadi wrote 2 songs but i just cant get the tune i wan on the guitar..aarghhh..oh ya. suppose to download ts online game.beta hurry up n download if not the twins will kill mie.hahas. dun feel like goin tt 2dae. mayb i shldnt..well..see how first lorh. i missed tt yesterdae.hahas

fading away.
12:15 AM

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

todae's study dae so i'm like slackin big time at home YESTERDAE bt todae, gonna start work at like 9am then until 12.30pm then after that 2.30pm to 6.30pm...heehee...yupss yesterdae lit was easier than i thout bt will still b happi if i managed to pass lar.who doesn't. it's like a miracle to us.hahas. then yesterdae we had english oral can..make us so nervous bt was quite easy. i was the time-keeper and i was quite blur when i started but in the end, i figured it out. my teacher was Ms Janice Lim so i was feeling more relaxed larh..i mean she is quite nice a teacher..lucky we dinn get mr ng lor, if not ar, i will die laughing and cant stop! i dunnoe y though. still remember so clearly that he forgot to zip his *cough* and li-anne was the first to observed then told nicole.t den told mie den i told anne...we were the only one laughin and the class still so blur..that was the good times unlike the stress now in sec 2...

***i wana b perfect but i'm mie***

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11:34 PM

Monday, May 09, 2005

one more dae before lit exam...sort of revised everything liao..yupps..todae's mother's dae!!! well, tis yr instead of buying sth, we made sth instead...we made a card and decorate it until it was like so overcrowded...and we made this disc thingy n used the liquid that can decorate the glass to use on it...yuppsss....my mum bought a new fone.well,my dad paid for it.hahas. we r havin steak l8t..with fries and everything. dad's cooking, as usual.ya>.<'' dad n mum went shopping the whole entire dae can n we are practically miserable at home, studying 4 exams except bro hu is packin his rm..in one big mess man..hahas..oh! can't believe they actually bought this track-mill thing..is that wad it's call? the machine where we can ran on it to excercise ya..and they bought other excercising equipment..we r like havin a pysical excercise rm...hahas..can't wait for it to b delivered..been eating lots these daes...haha but of course not as much as SHARRON CHAN does!!! she eats lots can..:)

fading away.
10:13 AM

Sunday, May 08, 2005

at last!! i managed to complete my blog but i still need to add in the tagboard..that is lke e most important thing in the blog can n yet i still dun haf it..hahas.studying lit now.so stupid can! make us mermorise the notes in the book.wad e hell lorh.how does it benefit us man?it's not lke we r gonna remember it forever so wad's the use..2ml is mother's dae..hopefully i dun haf to go tuition lorh but last week neva go cause of labour dae..can't wait for exam over that weekend cos it's a long weekend..vesak Dae!!! Vipiee...can't believe Sharron, anne and Glenda r alwaes goin to CA to study..wdh hell can! go all the wae there to study..lke nth beta to do..worst of all, u guys go there and practically dinn study..beta work hard ppl...luv all..*peace*

--i wanna b flawness like u see--

fading away.
12:50 AM

Saturday, May 07, 2005

seriously..i think that the exams haf drive my head nuts..i created this stupid bloggy for fun and onli fun...lame rite...yapps...anywae..having exams now!! lit is on mondae can...gonna die and after that haf oral...lucky i'm havin Ms Janice Lim and not Mr Ng or i'll die laughing lorh..still can't really forget wad happen last yr althought it's like so long ago..yarps..this lamer gtg tuition now...

fading away.
6:41 AM


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