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Saturday, August 27, 2005

science iis just gettingg "dirtier and dirtier" la..i mean on fri..mr lian brought a c***** to class to show us and he was like unrolling it and it became longer and longer! lol..and he ask hu wanna touch it then channy was like " i wan!" .haha..and mel is just worse..she knew so much bt it.haha..jo asked this " so what about the apple-flavoured one?" and the whole class crack upp..haha..after school had prefect's meetingg..*yawns. =) talk the usuals but this time it's like so much better cos this time the seniors heard that most prefects were pissed with the prefectorial board and they allowed us to voice out our opinions no matter how bruntly they were..so we did...and bt the ankle socks thingy rite? GOOD NEWS..it's official..we can wear ankle socks guang ming zheng da.lol..can wear but as long as can see a little tingy bit upon the shoe then can liao..hahahha..yea..meeting suppose to end like 2.15 la but it went until like 3.40pm..haha..that was great cos i missed cca for like more than 1 hr.i could miss cos gt steph's permission! haha..great to have her as a prefect too..lol..by the time went to cca was at 4pm and i had to leave at 4.15 so i left...=D)) yupps..went grandparents hse.dead tired and sis gave me the thingy that i asked her to play the machine thingy and she got 2 limited edition of the toy that can glow...so sweet.gave one to me and one for herself..was aunt's birthdae and we had 2 birthday cakes! haha.my aunt was in the kitchen toking to my other aunt so my 2 cousins and sis quickly brought the cake into the room..my younger cousin and me guarded the door when my cousin and sis go light up the cake.they so stupid la.put extra 2 candles! and they lid the surrounding candle and too hot to light the inner candles so they blew all the candles out and light them again! sheessh..yupps..gave the surprise song thingy and gave presents and all.=))).went home and watch tv until i fell asleep.haha

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2:21 PM

Monday, August 22, 2005

i'm high..heehee.during weekend, nth much..went for tuition! =D. saw him.he just looks cuter each time la.argh..i'm going crazy..and thanks to my friends AGAIN..i almost embarrassed myself again..they push me la.lucky stop in time if not arh..confirm bang into him la.then so paiseh..my friend wanted to come see me aft tuition but she couldn't make it in time..i left.it was like "missed" by like one min! grr..i so hate myself sometimes..*520// only some ppl can figure that out.haha..sunday had some ministers came to my house..ya..then we pack out hse till damn nice can..then nth much...today nth too...cut my hair..i look like a total freak la.bleahx.playing lots in school..hahaha..wasn't relle concentrating cos chel and i were toking bt chocolate bananas..haha...and mr zebra sports bra..haha..chel and me came up wifB it one...yupps.and got scolded by ms heng for being late for music cos like 3/4 were late with me.and it's like..hu runs for their next lesson man..like can tchers just relax for a min..ms chen dinn come..we were "throwing a party" !! BIG PARTY..oh btw..steph, i'll help u ask bt that thing asap kk..back home.2ml got chinese and maths test..mocks for maths..good luck 2/7 peeps..=)

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6:54 PM

Thursday, August 18, 2005

chel fell off the chair todae!!! omg..was so funny! i feel so bad laughing at her but u shld hav been there la..the way she fell was priceless to see..haha.she was so happy when she read the whiteboard that said that mr ng wasn't here so we will have like 3 free period la. then she jump upp to tell van and when she said down, she landed upp sitting on the floor! hhaha..her chair was upside down.lol.hey gal.huang chi laughed even louder than me kk.so go kill her.but now i owe u a chocolate! u arh..see la u..laugh so loud.kena scolded by ms chen but hu cares bt her anw. these days so many tcher come to see our class can.ms lim, mrs joseph, mrs low, ms daisy tan! all the yuck ppl only.like as though our class was the only class that is noisy! pfft.goeg.ms wendy was so damn bloody pissed. so we were punished outside class la.stand at the trophy area there like the sitting place..what's the diff i relle wander.thenn we were still toking like it was nobody's business like that..she was so fed upp.she wanted to make us stand in the festival court and i said quite loudly " i don't mind", giving her the heck care attitude. she heard but she was just like looking to see hu said it.but she dinn relle care la.i mean i relle dun mind..nice weather..going to the festival court can get the wind..so breezy.(@.*) then had the 3 free periods..did some revision for mocks la...yea.wanna get into good class=) heehee.whereas steph was slacking big time as though time stopped for her..haha..wells she spent lots of time doing sth on her u-noe.karnt relle sae.against the school rule marh.and she went "shopping" on the 4th floor to see this particular someone.hahaha..typical her la.lunch went with elite, jl and clique then i was toking bt digest thingy and this "person" walk past and i was toking so loudly the digest word..jl saw and dinn even tell me la! 2tupid gal.make me so pai seh la..grr..get back at euu..

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5:54 PM

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

lots of things to blog.no time.always the same excuse.but it's true.lol.on tue we had dance and normally steph, channy,dee chel,cyn,isabel will all like stand behind and start talking and playing a fool so the tcher got sort of pissed and told them to stand in the first row then we practiced some crap dance thingy and it was time to show it row by row and steph's grp kana first one.so we were like all sitted infront of them..was damn funny cos when the tcher played the song..all they did was laugh and look at each other!!! okay so steph's grp was given time to plan out the dance steps properly..and aft that they started.okay..no offence steph but u dance like u are DRUNK! >.< it's like u walk to ur left then to ur right then as u all doing this u karnt stop laughing! and look ard as though u were looking for directions! and the next thing...u start to burst out laughing! i think u must be too happy and high after u had such a great week and HAPPY week. especially on the 14th of august..celebration dae! *hints..yupps.surprising the next time her grp did.the tcher said she was doing it better than the rest so she could sit down! karnt believe la.u are just drunk..``admit it.back to todae..steph backk out frm u-noe-where just cos there is NO com left *hints..u could just asked her rite?!?! i mean u made an excuse u wanna go toilet so escape frm cca then u make gay and me walk there and u back out..u owe us a bottle drink each! and u owe me 10 bucks gal..haha..dun be such a meanie.

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5:35 PM

Saturday, August 13, 2005

argh!!! OMG..wad happened at tuition TOTALLY flip me upside down! @.@ so embarrassing..i karnt blog here cos ya..incase the worst thing happen..i dun wan history to repeat..but i still have to say.. i so must dig out a hole to hide my head in....like an ostrich..F-R-I-E-N-D-S...friends..how sometimes they do things that so will not be imaginable!!!! oh god..just slap me upside down ( learn frm chel ) and make things turn back...like that would happen!

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9:22 PM

Thursday, August 11, 2005

ytd.was pratically sick the whole day..went to lao shi there the whole afternoon..was still quite okayy then la.until at nite..had fever.38.3..yuk..but i mean the fever lasted ownly for less than 1 hr cann...-.-'' so fast la..sheesh..then after that ate medicine and all and today was much better so dragged myself to school..=(.anw.many ppl were surprised to see mua cos i told a few that i may not be coming la.todae was steph's happy dae cos she and u noe hu got back.and she was gonna take the formula frm her during her recess.i told her wad to do '' when she gives u the paper.look her in the eye and sae thanks then smile.when she goes off.grab her hand and pull her back and hug her..aww..that'll be super sweet..haha..anw. today was like a super fun day..and u guess why.cos chel was sitting next to me..well, she sits next to me pratically everytime i am in school la.even in the lab.cann u believe it?!?!..that ah-lian seriously has no thinking on how to suffle us so the conclusion--i'm stuck with chel.bleahxx..today we were laughing like mad..mr lian came in and chel and i were still doing geog current affairs..so he was like ''caroline, rachel..stop what u doing arh.history or lit..'' and i was like ''no..it's geog'' and chel csl..bt it wasn't meant to be a joke!!..and chel's making me a ring! aww...so sweet of her..NOT..lol//jkjk..thanks gal.and paint it well kk..*.*the bad part.she insist i wear it!!!!! she has got to be kidding man..lol..yupps..jokes lots.and that mr lian suck at debating cos he contradict himself la..only make a fool out of himself..he karnt out talk chel and me la..just gotta admit he suck..lol.then was maths and ms wendy was asking for maths file and she needed one more person one.and there wasn't anyone then sukanyaa had to go sae ''caroline!'' and ms wendy agreed.wtf! wad's the bloody farking(P.S another wae i spell it ) prob la..of all the 42 names in the class..she HAD to go pick my name..thanks A LOT! i was so damn pissed cos i'm not a neat person hu keeps my wksht well..she could have said her own farking name rite..wth.aft that while having maths lesson, whenever i tok to vivien, she will turn to look at me! and too bad miss wendy was there if not i would have gave her 1 tight slap in the face..oh man..i noe this doesn't sound as bad as u think bt if we dun hand in by 2ml..we are so busted.u noe ms wendy..and i pratically dinn update my file like for ages.and if we dun have the wksht..we have to do the whole wksht all over again..argh.dun wanna tok bt it la.just toking bt it is making me mad!! spoil my dae only..

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4:10 PM

Monday, August 08, 2005

todae went to bedok stadium at like 6.15am...how i noe dad drove so fast la! yupps.went to school and already quite a number ppl were there already..=) i noe that our classmates will NEVER come at 6.30am la..but i still wanted to come early.then after a while more and more ppl came.yupps.went to our house place.then had duty and all..did our duty and stuff la..boring stuff..they thought that it would be a change for the better to make our school celebration as a sports carnival but my cca seniors and me were saying that dae..that we will rather be in the boring hall watching boring shows..hahaha..typical gurls hu doesn't like to sweat much..>.<..then after that was the races and competition..yupps.our class did quite well.=)*blush*.well..not relle but as long as we did our best..we are the best we can be! it's all bt the fun anw..and all the bonding crap thingy.lol.then came the banding together...we went out dere on the field then it started raining and the bloody tchers dinn wanna let us in the shelter and skip the activity la...wth.shesh! anw..we got the instructions and we started.infront of me is li ting and behind of me is elite.when li ting pass me the rubber bands i dunoe why but i will automatically start laughing la..and u noe wad a failure i am la.i dropped like wad..4 rubber bands frm li ting to me and frm me to elite, i drop one and elite drop one..i'm such a failure at this..our class were fast but we were too careless! lol.then after that was like boring and stuff...2 things happend..lol..karnt blog.for the consideration of mua friend.yarrs.and yea..jl was playing with my hair cos we were bored.and my whole hair was covered in glitter!omigod...but ppl sae was 'nice' so i just let it be la..like i heck like that..no one gonna care bt it anywae...and she also go spray my hair with MORE colour spray! oh god..when bk home..saw my aunt and she was shocked to see my hair like that..she thought i break school rule and go dye my hair..man..ppl ard just gotta learn how to chill..lol

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9:49 PM

Saturday, August 06, 2005

WOW.yesterdae was like the best dae in sec2 la.i mean its the only time i had REAL fun with the friends i want to be with and it was so relaxed la.=)yupps.yesterdae after tuition which ended at 6.30pm, dad came to fetch me to Changi Beach Club.reach ard 7pm.then call steph and she and elite went out to bring me in to the chalet rm.went in and huang chi, lao gong,vanessa and chris(chrystal) were already there...so we tok and everything took lots of photos ya.then watched a bit of show but dinn relle concentrate much on it cos we were so caught up in toking bt other things.after that elite said her cousin wun be going with them ( elite and *toot*) to watch fireworks so chris and me were like congratulating elite la.have private time with her darling.=P.after that we went to the beach there where the food is.SO much food.haha.saw steph's parents there too.yupps.there was orange juice,fruit cocktail,fried rice,curry with chicken and potato and stuff inside,potato,potato salad...or wad was that? hahha.then there were other food that suppose to be barbequed.but we ate the cooked ones first.so we ate then after that vanessa started helping to cook the chicken and huang chi started to put the mashmellows in the stick for putting over the fire.we also barbequed the sausages.damn nice la.eat until damn full.=D..sharron shld have been there la.she will eat damn lot! haha.then we cook the marshmellows until it melted and all..forgot to call deen to bring my shirt so i was sort of panicking..lol.after that still got through.phew~we ate and sat there waiting for the rest to come.while waiting we were sort of bored so we decided to make CALLS.(sorry bt only those hu went there will noe wad i toking bt) was so funny.we shouted '' HAPPY HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL!''haha..then we put down.then after that THAT PERSON.lol.called back and asked hu we were.she couldnt recognise our voice la!then we started singing saying '' HAPPY NEW YEAR!'' then becks go hung up again...hahhahahha...then after that the person call back and we were shit wad to sae to her.shit! our minds were thinking of reasons la.then we came upp with telling the person we called the wrong no.so we called her.then chris said'' hey (a fake name), why never call us back.u angry isit? dun angry la'' then we all sang happy birthdae song la.then the PERSON hu we called was saying '' there are singing birthdae song when it is not my birthdae(to her frien)'' then she shouted " IT'S NOT MY BIRTHDAE!'' was damn the bloody funny.so we ''apologise'' for dailing wrong no.hahha..then we also called clement! and becks went to tok to him! lol.=) hmm.then after that deen,cyn,jolene,paula,melody,gay came.yupps.so there were lots of ppl.chel is not here la.cos she is sneaking in to janey's hse in the middle of the nite..haha..after everyone ate we just sat there and tok.van and hc went to take a walk then cyn went to touch a stray cat so we insisted she went to wash her hand if not got infection and she said ''yaya..wait i get measels!'' haha..then suddenly jolene and cyn asked steph to go upp.we told her that she must be careful la.cos its quite obvious they wanted to throw steph down and she was like''fine.get wet then get wet'' so she went up to the swimming pool there.then they just splash water and she thought that was it.but N-O.they pushed her into the water(baby pool)! she was drench!and she came chasing after cyn to hug her..lol.then she forgot she had her hp in her pocket la.it was ALL wet.she forgot her watch too! haha..then we pushed jolene in the small pool and the water like totally splash out.hahha.so funny.and the best part is we got it all taped! haaha.. becks,chris all got wet.dee,elite and me escaped frm the wetness cos we used the excuse that we have the devices in our hands.at first steph was pushing me in the water but i said i dun wan to get wet and i had devices then she let me go! phew~.they went to bathe then we(pao,gay,mel,dee and me) walk the brigde that is accross the water one.was quite dark then.saw ppl fishing and the things they caught.then we were walking at the end and we saw a route that led to quite deserted so we decided to call the rest there.then pao suddenly said '' what's that sound?!'' and it scared dee! haha.so funny.then she said '' omigod.what's that in the water'' and i said BALLS.bt there were relle balls wad except when i said it it was just WRONG!hhaa.then we laugh so much.gay screamt cos she saw a cockroach! ahhahaha.mel,dee and i wrote our names on the beach and took fotos.we went back.took our stuff and went back to the chalet rm.we met the rest there.oh and i caught frogs swimming in the pool.SO CUTE!!!!!!!! haha..went back and tok to the rest.steph's fone is spoilt.cos of the water.but her parents wun scold.her dad even laughed when she told them her hp spoilt cos of the water.and is only May she buy la.haha.so nice the parents.-.-'' most of them when bowling while the others just stayed in the rm and i was one of them.yupps we were toking and elite was toking to clement for more than an 1hr.isabel hu dinn arrive long was also toking to her darling.hahahaha.and i was toking to glenn on the fone..then after that steph and dee came back to the rm.and later gay,and cyn.jo and pao had to go.then gay and cyn put the blanket over them and they said they were MS WENDY.i couldn't stop laughing cann...was funny.took a foto.yupps.and we chatted then took more fotos and then was already 11.30pm liao.so i had to go back.dad and mum came...yupps.the rest is either sleeping over or stay until like 1am like that...haha..so tired when i reached home..yawns~@.@

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9:56 AM

Thursday, August 04, 2005

lots and i mean lots have been going on la.and i just dunno wad to blog.everytime i com to blog.my mind just turn blank...i feel so left out in my studies..is that the correct word? i feel like i lagging la.just scared i wun do well for ends..it always happens..todae suck la.geog lesson have maths test and oh god.dun want to tok bt it.yupps.then had chinese and we continued watching mulan la.watch so many times liao..can memorise the lines liao! haha..then skip abit of recess until the show ended la..yupps.had reccess then the bell rang but we were still taking our own sweet time.it was like so windy and elite was saying if only we could be sleeping in mr lim's class and when we got back, MR LIM DINN COME! hha..so we had free period la.yupps.then after that was eng and had test..oh kucf la.(chel ure noe wad i mean) haha..2ml still got test..wads with the tchers and test la.then had maths and ms wendy ws late..then i was like spraying peach colongne la..then ms wendy came to chel and me and was like '' hu sprayed that perfume''' and i was like ''dunnoe..somewhere from the other side of the class'' and it turn our that i saved her dae! haha.cos she had block nose for 2 weeks and only when i sprayed the cologne then she smelled it..haha..the first thing she smelled in 2 weeks! hurray for mua! hah..ok.dun so bay yo bye.or however u spell it.yupps.then we were doing a wksht la.and the class was toking to miss wendy and chel and i were the only one giving 100% attention to the wksht! FIRST TIME LA.=P..then had dnt.bleah~ mr ng said that the tcher cut his hand in the dnt workshop until if u see carefully, u can see the bone..it was THAT deep.yucks.and the first thing everyone did when we went into the workshop was looking on the floor for blood stains cos mr ng said blood was splashed everywhere at a particular spot.so cute la.like we never see the ground b4.haha.yupps.after that had duty and was doing gate duty in the rain.=).so here i am..still desperately asking '' WHO HAS EXTRA GREEN T FOR ME?!?!''

fading away.
4:23 PM

Monday, August 01, 2005

shessh.wad's happening to this world la.suddenly is like everything is turing upside down?!?!haiz.just starting to accept it.just hope 2ml it'll be better la.that's wad i always sae to *cough*.but now i relle understand that it doesn't relle do much anw.=(..todae.first thing i reached school i went to my classroom to see if mua bks were there la.cos i forgot to go keep them and is like i am the only one la.but lucky my books still there if not i dunnoe wad to do cann.yupps.so THOUGHT i was lucky.then follow steph to take her bks frm 1/8 la.then is like jia lin karnt find her bks and she started to panic and was like cursing and swearing and she was sort of crying and i was like'' dun cry dun cry.see ard.i help u to find'' one of mua's biggest fear is seeing ppl cry la.i dunnoe why also.sounds weird.yups.then i said maybe that someone brought it bk to her liao so we just left..then when we got back we gt caught outside of our classroom la.i dunnoe wad's the tcher's name and i'm SO not wanting to noe.just say she's miss a.h(asshole).ya.then she was lecturing us ''blah blah blah'' like a spoilt radio trying to get a signal.shesh.and ms wendy dinn even do anything la.so those that had bks had to leave them outside the classroom.then we went in and had a LONG lecture bt leaving our bks in class.wad is their prob la.last min tell us then expect us to bring the whole fucking chuck of bks back home..wth.then when someone said the instructions were given last min, ms a.h when to sae that mrs joseph said ONE month ago.WOW.like we are suppose to remember but the fact is NOT EVEN ONE PERSON knew bt it before hand! so hu am i suppose to believe?anw.karnt stand 2 particular gals in our class and they are sitting together.is like i just karnt stand them la.so bitchy? i dunnoe.wad's the word of them..not found in the dictionary.then went home and my grandfather made this u turn and the police man frm behind rush up to us to make us stop?!?!..wtf.he say that we are not suppose to turn there la.and is like everyone turn there!and just for his info..he just turn there.so wad if he wans us to stop.still must turn at the correct place wad.and that is no reason to turn there just to stop us.its just an excuse and there is no good or bad excuse.excuses are excuses..wad's his prob.shesh.but nth happen la.yupps.got back home and found out that there is a rumour and they are saying it's frm me.and glenda is the one saying its frm me!!!! wth.i dinn say anything la.and ARGH!..i'll settle this l8t just incase there is another misunderstanding.l8t coming back to blog..

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