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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

alrights.so i went to malaysia.TO VISIT RELATIVES! not like...HOLIDAY!thank you very much.XD!so yeah.it was the 365th day since i last saw them..i reached like in 7 hrs.jam! singapore efficiency..SUCKS! no seriously.it sucks. their problem not mine.pur-lease, why the hell is it mine?lol.they just going to have to accept all the complaints by public.not my problem.haha! (:
yea.so i saw them.did some catching up.had dinner.then my uncle led us to the highway before we got separated cos he had to go a diff route.then.we sort of got...lost.LOL! we took a wrong route.and missed two exits.HAHA! hey.it sounds bad..maybe even terrible but 80% of malaysia's roads all lead to the same place..so we still got back to our hotel.just urm.double the time.haha.so reached ard 11pm..that was first day.second day wasn't so bad.did some shopping.then go visit them again and had dinner and aunt's hse.her cooking rocks! starting to miss it already.i love the abolone soup.although i hate abolone.dun ask me why.it's like chewy and taste like plastic..lol.after that did some chatting and stuff.until later then we left.really hate separation.dunno why.i'll do anything to avoid separation.speaking of which.i hate it when people cry.i'll give in like in anyway they want la..and to guys, the stupid-ist thing u can ever say to girls is " please don't cry" when they are crying.cos it just makes them cry EVEN more.so it kinda makes things worse right.especially if u're the one who caused to crying.and just a lil tip.if your girl is pms-ing.one way to conquere it. go to her and ask her " are u having pms?/ are u pmsing?" if she smiles, go give her a hug.if she screams and stomp off, better luck next time kk. :) yupps.kk.so i left for singapore on mon morning.have more relatives to visit.and im so going back to that hotel.it has internet and msn for goodness sake.and it has scv! sadly, no mtv..but it's still good enuf...
so went to visit more ppl. lil kids can really BE HELL.not matter how cute they are.they had this really LOUD and CRAZY side of them.but looking at them, reminds me of how i used to be.so im not complaining much.haha..went home.counted mula from ang baos.the best time! hahaha..so decided to just bank in $700.the rest.IM SO SPENDING IT!!! no one is going to change that.except.one problem.i need to find the time.i owe some people time.im trying my best.i swear.

fading away.
10:06 AM

Friday, January 27, 2006

bye peeps.off in malaysia by sat morning! :) back on monday! happy chinese new year! LOL! XD!

fading away.
9:08 PM

it's friday.AT LAST! today was tiring sia.had like 3 sciences! all double period.double physics,recess ( ONE PERIOD!), double eng (lopez NOT HERE!), double chem,double bio,double mt!phyics, IM PAYING SOME ATTENTION! recess.eng.it's a miracle lopez not here.so we head for library.suppose to do sth but had silent reading instead.ha! like real im going ot read.neither will bird or sa.haha.mich and tiff will.so we were like talking about piercing nose ,mouth,belly button.BIRD'S BELLY BUTTONS ARE....okok.i shall not say.i promised! haha..but omg.haha!!*deep breathing*..HAHA! it's really urm...beyond words.hha.so we were like talking of piercing here and there (pls dun think dirty). and how we'll get grounded if our parents find out.then we were talking about some stuff..so i was looking at a msg.that urm..this girl gave.like oh my mama.she's going to be rejected.haiz..poor girl.then we were like talking about this other girl seniors.lots of secrets.so cannot say here.we were talking about some stuff.and bird din want to tell us exactly hu.she said she'll tell me when we get back but then she thinks i'll tell sa.so i dinn get the full info.she's from 4/9.go check it out! then we were like getting violent with bird.then she caught sa's wallet and put it in her bra.and stuff it there.and we were like laughing non-stop.sa was totally grossed out.and told bird to take my wallet.i snatch it.and bird wasnt so mean.oh wells.sa's wallet was stuck there for QUITE SOME TIME! haha.then the cher came.check on us.so only sa took a book.bird and me was empty.so i pretended to be reading with sa.like u know i want to read the same book but only got one.and we were like laughing then.so then it became 3 people reading.and she was like walking up and down.so at last! i persuaded bird to take 2 magazines.she scared cher see.haha! she is really scared of funny things.really.so we got 2 magazines and pretended we were reading.haha! then very soon it was over.fast leh that 2 periods..saw eli and gave her hymm book.then chi.wa lao.was playing a fool la.bird's compo sucks! haha.u shld see her story line.haha...then tiff was talking too much with chel so cher ask us to swop place.so now im in the middle.I CANNOT SIT WITH CHEL! i'll die la.i sit down already then we just start laughing.really loh.haha.i think lao shi regreted it.haha.oh wells.make a choice and dun regret it man! lol..went to ccps.PLAYED HOPSCOTCH AND HIDE AND SEEK.so fun! haha.SO CHILDISH! haha..trying to remember the days la.haha.then had food.so much better as compared to our sch! god knows what happened!

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4:12 PM

Thursday, January 26, 2006

omg.2ml still have school.some shit school i've gotten myself into man!!i wonder why this year it's like that.so suai la..haiz..
today-bored.but one good news.we're playing tennis for the next one month..wait.why it that good news? but anw.it's better than..volleyball.seriously..a maths arh.dying.recess was okay.rush back to help bird do up some hw.HA! it's like A3, A4,A5!! haha.but our class is fast la.our A2 is like other classes A4?! haha..maxine still owes me my wksht! must remember.yupps.btw.amelia's back in class..so mich is like with nick.and at the end.im sitting with bird and tiffany.in the middle..it was like eng and we had to do this informal letter.choosing cebu or tokyo.so lopez ask bird why she choose cebu.then bird say " i think the name is interesting" haha! and u should have seen the look on lopez face! priceless.then she said must hand in by the end of the day.and it's all our whole bunch dun want to do la.we rather do PC.so it's like im trying to let lopez hand in by tomorrow FIRST THING IN THE MORING.she dun want.sa and bird couldn't ask cos lopez will never listern to them.so asked Dawn.she dun want.so i tried my luck again.this time i said i will KINDLY VOLUNTEER to collect it.and i was like "lopez.can we had it all in together tomorrow so it's like easier to mark? like in one class together." cos tennis girls not here. and i was trying my best NOT TO LAUGH.it's hard really.if u have like sa and bird laughing their heads off next to you.try acting innocent then! lol..and she was like "caroline caroline.dun worry.it wouldnt be messy.and i need it by today.blah blah blah" that time i started laughing and was like banging my head on the table..bird and sa,oh my.laughing like anything! i tried.oh wells.we ended up doing it.and we FINISHED! haha.mich really hates siting infront.like second row.cos it's like lopez always pick on her then.haha.im like 2 rows down..bird had to go off at 1.30.for lunch.and she needed the release form.senior suppose to give her.she dared not ask to go to toilet.dun ask me why.but she dare to just go out of the class.sa and i were like saying she'll get caught walking out like that and the next thing " elizabeth!.why are u out of the class?" HAHA! bingo! lol.so she tried her oh so innocent look and explained why.cher,gave in! gosh.cos just then.her senior came...after lunch had like eng test.lucky i open my eyes big enuf to see it's a REPORT.not some formal crap thing.hahha..cos some people did a fomal letter.suckers la..at the rate im going.by the time im done with the com.it's night time.time for TRL.then night tv show.lol.

fading away.
4:28 PM

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

today-boredom.accept for a few parts.let's see.there's mother tongue first period-sucky! went for chi.NO TEACHER AGAIN!! yes!! but not really good cos i have to do my eng hw.it's graded.everything is graded! jesh!! so im like doing report.and everyone is like playing..this male dude 'cher came in.bird was drooling and she woke up cos it was like so wet.then the second time, the teacher woke her up.then after that she still went back to sleep.and her face was like total flat on the table.then her senior woke her up.and she drool on her chi textbook.drooler la she!! disgusting.lol..then had recess.damn funny.janey,chel,mian pao,tiff and me were like playing.and tiffany was the center of the joke! haha!!! it's like damn funny.she had her retainers on.so she couldn't eat.even sandwich also cannot!! only m and m.s haha!! then her back pain also.so we were like calling her old lady.and she keeps falling off the stairs and janey tried to hold her and brought her arm so high! and then they took her leg.and she almost fell backwards.chel and me were laughing like mad la!! lol...kk.then was physics.DYING!!boredom.but later.bird asked me for mirror.and the next thing i know.she screamed.and was like freaking out.guess wad she saw. this msg given to her inside her pencil box.it was " it's hard to say i love you.i love you" and it's mirror image thingy.that's why she used my mirror.and there was this heart shape thingy that was coded with bird's code.and the person must have left it there during recess..and bird thinks i know it.omg.it's so saddening kk.im like trying to clear my name and all she says is "pls.caroline! tell me.i know u're hiding sth from me.pls tell me leh.i scared!" that was all she was saying the whole time.i seriously duno.really.and to that person hu gave that msg to bird right.haha! nice way of scaring her..haha..then was wad.GY! had to grp.so ended up with mich,tiff, bird and me.GY la!! total not paying attention!! waste of time.so i was like decorating my book..lol..it's getting nicer.im so gonna cover the front page.UGLY! no offence to drama girls. :).bird was trying my PINK watch.so not her.and i took hers.DAMN BIG! haha.her mum! LOL! funny la..after that was bio.bird and mich went downstairs to "see" if mdm sim was there.and they saw her.they came up and told us.but we all pretend we dinn noe.lol..so she"acted" angry and walk in.she so cannot act angry.really.bird was still like " act angry only arh!" lol!! so we went downstairs.the whole time i was doing my summary.then sa wanted my watch for countdown and i row it on the floor and pass it to her that way.haha..bird wanted to pass me her watch.but she dare not throw.haha! lucky her.im bound to drop it.one way or another.haha!!halfway thru, mich and sa had to go off.so bird was with me.and we were the only two slacking away behind the lab.while everyone was so freaking enthu with the cells thingy.i wonder WHY?!so bird was like saying how scared she was cos she dinn do eng graded homeworkS! ahha.lol.then stayed for ONE LONG LONG period.until it was over.we all countdown with my watch.then we took a SCROLL back to class.history la.we were like late.so delayed abit.she finds everyway to detain us.really! then after school.saw anne and shar.so we went home together.then we were walking out of school.and shar was like wearing mag's schools.and it was damn loose.and while walking, it came off.and anne and i were like snatching it.i took it and threw it back the school gate!! HAHA! so shar dragged us to go back and take.then she was like running in.pai seh was she.then anne and i seated at the corner.SO SMART! shar really went out of the school!! haha..at first we wanted to stay there to see her cross the road.but after that we decided not to.haha.then saw her outside.laughing like anything.lol.then we snatched her wallet.and i got it.wanted to throw it but dinn.then we saw elizabeth tan and gave it to her.and she was like "cool!" (urm.wadeva!haha) then anne took it.then after that shar took it from her.she said " i want my wallet back" and elizabeth said " alrights" OMG! she's so KIND! too kind!! we told her to keep like until 2ml! hahahah.then went home.in the car, shar and i were like waving to people outside.damn funny and the excitment is back.lol.. after taht went for chi tuition...and back.STILL haven done ss.LOL!

fading away.
7:22 PM

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

fine fine fine.so it's back to school.ONCE AGAIN!
but everyone is like still in the CAMP CORRI mood.some yes some no.haha..school's fine i guess.BUT I LAGGING LIKE HELL!!! lol..really lagging.and so many people dinn go homework.so we're like always getting excuses. like if the teacher says "u're are suppose to do it this way.and u girls should do it this way blah blah blah" then we'll be like " OH MY! i did it WRONGLY.so i karnt pass it up TODAY!! (act sad)..[mrs..]i have to redo.then i hand up to you like.tomorrow?" that is IF tomorrow ever comes.hahah.and mich's mum is like wow.u people shld see like wad she said! haha..damn funny..bird and jolena got to miss like chem chem chem eng eng e maths.SO UNFAIR.tennis people too.im not even concentrating.and not even trying to! im like way in my own lala land.lol.doing all my stuff.sa was like eating chocs?! lol.tiff and i were like laughing.im still trying to recall how i end up sitting next to her.she'll drive u crazy la.if i dun drive u crazy FIRST. :D and i made an achievement! I ATE LAKSA WITHOUT DIRTYING ANY TINY PART OF MY SHIRT! yay me!!! lol.that's it for now.(:

fading away.
2:57 PM

Saturday, January 21, 2006

yay! at last im back. home sweet home! camp was fab!!!

first day-
wed* 18/1/06
reached school at like 6.40am.saw people.lol.as usual, went with clare to ladies to do our hair.haha.can spent ages there one larh.seniors always complain everytime they go toilet.dunno why always see us inside.haha.after school also.lol...okay.then asemble in festival court. was playing around with val.and people said we look like sisters! haha.wild imagination.if val is really my sis.i gtg ask my mum wad went wrong.LOL! XD. started raining so we moved to inside.then went to board the bus.11 hrs on bus la.while waiting, val and me got like super super super high!! cos we saw this urm..person.hahha!! and then kimbo too.all thought was damn cute.then turn around. PFFT! *coughs* back to freaking reality.but val and i still got super high.haha..after waiting like LONG, got to the bus and drove to immigration there.got thru.after that changed bus.was like dying already.just 10 mins inside.but then.we lasted till lunch! which was like great.haha.had lunch..had toilet breaks and all.met piggy and her yam ice-cream.tsktsk.bored the bus.was already starting to eat chewing gum.lol...saw elite, called for her.but she just brushed thru me and tiffany.like urm...hello! so dao!!but wadeva la...at last, we made it thru to PAHANG.we reached.BUT we had to climb 3 hills.3 hills! so much for "we reached!" !! and i think they really met hill resort la.cos of the hills.gosh.so figured like they scared the bus will fall backwards?! haha. 3/8 got all the way on top la.by bus...so we got there and then got our apartment.OMG.39 people stuck in like 4 room flat size!!! wth! and it's actually a owner's one.so must take care of the stuff there. other classes got CHALET rooms! like 15 in a room.and it's like the rppm is like enuf space.oh wells, at least we dun have to run to other rooms to see each other...so settled down and had to go down for dinner...then tiffany was with me.kimberly was with bird.and we got a place inside the eating room.then bird and i too lazy to walk and queue for food.so tiff and kimbo go help us queue first.haha.bird and i were like laughing...after that we decided to go find them.PACKED LIKE SADIES! so bird and i just stood at one side.and tiff and kimbo came back with our drinks.and then we were lazy to go back to put so they help us put.wanted to seat around there to wait for food.and bird was saying dun be ugly.immediately after that, kimbo was shouting " let's sit!" and she sitted on a chair next to us.bird and i were just laughing at her right in the face la.saddist...after that bird and i decided to go queue.then anne was at the opposite queue.she was complaining how she was at that very same spot for the last 5 mins cos everyone kept cut-queueing.and my reply was " am i suppose to do anything for you?" HA! and i was about to cut her some slack but bird insisted anne was impatient.HA! funny la..my entertainment...then we got food faster than anne.lol.sucker la! LOL! so bird and me got our food.got to eating room and people were at our place and couldn't walk at all.so she and me decided to go out and eat...tiffany and kimbo helped us to get our drinks out from the room again.HAHA! that's how lazy we were!! haha.we were just laughing at how we are being "served" by our friends.hahha...then after that, we were just talking among ourselves and bird was like being so damn amazed with my watch.cos the light got alot of colours.and she got all super high.u dun want to see her high..and she started her "cute right" trademark phrase thingy.hahha....after taht had night activities.then we were suppose to do class logo and do some cheer stuff...some were not very enthu (no names mentioned). then one of them was like saying that if everyone already hate our class, we shouldn't be like so bhb for our cheers.COME ON LA! cheers are meant to be like sarcastic and bhb.but i agree with them also...it just pissed some people off.REAL BAD! she cried.omg.first time in all the years, i have seen her cry.and she was like still laughing and saying she was okay.she's those strong type of people.just really pissed.and her crying is so contagious.so the first night it went all wrong.but still got 3 more days to make it better.=v.p kept coming into our apartment.toot la!lights out.12am.slept,1.30am.
woke up at like 5.50am.damn cold!! stoned there for awile then freshen myself up...as usual.last min stuff.hahah...we were all late.oh wells.mr poh got angry.after that had breakfast.had fried rice with saugage etc.then was ready for our day activities.bus ride to venue.1.45 mins.first we had the "ear cave exploration" DAMN COOL SIA!we took boat ride to the place.then had like 30-45mins trekking to the cave.the cave inside was pitch dark! like damn dark.no touch light sure fall one.there were like leeches and bats everywhere! thousands.but im not that afraid of bats.just the leeches.like disgusting creatures! in the cave was damn nice but a bit tough.was myself all dirty.especially hands.fysi people, if u think u touched mud.it's shit.yeah.bat shit.just that it's added with water.so it's like mud.lol..hope u people knew it was that...the cave was damn slippery.very easy slip off the rocks. and can all damn down.the top sometimes like super low.and was so freaking terrible cos the leeches were on top there.we had to sit on the rocks and slowly move down.got scratches here and there.but i guess it's all about the experience.i mean how offend do u get to hear people saying that they went into a ear cave.seriously.after taht we had lunch.then the canopy walk.5 volunteers to go first.so bird,tessa,mich,tiffy and i went.the walk was quite nice.but the "fright" is not there la.lol.but was still nice.the view from way way on top.but they shld make it much much higher.but cannot cos the trees cannot grow any taller.haha!i think it was like 55 m up.so it's like quite little.i forgot the height.haha...after taht had rapid shooting.was damn nice.got totally soaked.and water was like keep splashing.haha..was fun.stop by for a break in this little land.with lots of sand.and we kept playing around in th water.then ron and another guy came out of their boat.he was like coming to shore and drying his shirt like squashing water out of it.then after that, our class ran towards him and pushed him all the way into the water again! hahah...was damn nice! lol. people say he looks like bird.but like NO! atfirst u think and look right.u wil think so but after a while u look carefully u can see it's damn diff!lol...after that we continued the fun all the way.then got back.decided not to change to dry clothes.so went to the bus soaking wet.oh wells. :) slept thruout journey.damn tired i guess...got back, bathe and assemble.had dinner..with bird tessa mich, tiff.reflection on the glass wall was damn convincing.bird look at she thought " why is tiff and caroline sittng outside?" then she turn back again and check and then she realised it was just the reflection.but it's like really damn convincing.i fell for it at first also.hahah..night activities was okay i guess.quite retarded.the games.but we had our fun.lights out 11.30pm.slept,1am.
woke up 5.30 again.damn tired.went to freshen up and all...then got ready.went to assemble..had noodles for breakfast and we put our drinks on ron's table and he was like asking who's..paiseh la.he looks like jay chou.really.and he talks in chi.lol....after taht caught sight of elite.so was talking to her...asking about the activities she had and all...then assmeble and went to our venue.1 hr 15 mins bus ride...ard there la.then we did water confidence and white water rafting first.so tessa,mich,jolena,tiff,bird and me got into one grp..water confiendence was nice.water damn cold and it's the best part.haha..the first one easy la.just go to the rapid and lie facing upwards and let the rapid water push you until we get life float.part 2 was nice! we went thru a boat to like ard middle of the rapid then there was a few stones there.and we had to jump down to the water.face on the water.damn cool.i drank lots of the river water.but it's not salty water so it's okay.hahah...then we pratice capsize-ing our boat.so the heavy people sit one side and the lighter person sit on the other side.then tiffany sit next to me on the heavier side.me, lighter side.then when they turn the boat over very fast, heavier person suppose to pull the life jacket of the lighter person,so all went down.and tiffany did it.i was okay at first until when the thing capsize, mich landed on me in the water.and i drank even more water.LOL! she came out and was like " oh i was okay.but i felt i landed on someone" and i was like screaming at her.lol.then she realised it was me.haha...that was damn fun.so after all that,we had the 5 km water rafting.was fab! i loved the rapids when we when down one level to lower and all the water splashing on us.that was damn nice!! after that we stop and took a bus to the mother rapid.sad bus.was all filled with mud and sand.3/2's bus.sorry guys! lol.mother rapid was DAMN COOL MAN! damn nice..rapid damn fast and all.but i heard that day water current was low.oh man...but oh wells.it was still fun.then we had lunch.then we practice camp fire night that piece..after waiting for like 2 hrs.we had flying fox.yeah!! it's over the river somemore.so we jump from like it im not wrong about 3-5 storys high that level.shld be higher la..but nvm.so it was like over the river.the feeling damn nice.wanted to shout this person's name.but dinn.lol.then to go back to the starting point, we had to go over the river thru a rope.was nice, the water...then i got out.after that had to go even higher.cos it's like the ground level diff.and it was all muddy.bird was like telling me.how she and tiff already fell.but u know wad?! I DIDN'T FALL! ha! take that!! lol..it's amazing how they fall and i dinn.really.lol.then after taht bird and i were talking.and i saw a bright orange beatle climbling up her fbt shorts.so i was like DAMN kind la.i told her.then she took the beatle up and she wanted to throw onto the floor then i was like sreaming "yucks!" and the moment she saw me scared of beatles,omg.i saw her wicked smile and the next thing i knew,she threw the freaking beatle onto me! and i was screaming and hopping around trying to get the stupid beatle off and she was laughing her head off..HAHA! and then i was like hitting her after i THOUGHT the beatle drop.then she say okay okay i help u take it off.and i saw it was still there and i was screaming again.she took it and wanted to throw back until it drop from her hand..lol..both of us were like the only one laughing.lol...then after that mimi was like coming up and she was DAMN FREAKING CUTE can..cos the top part was damn muddy and she started crawling her way up!! bird and i were laughing our heads off!!!! she was damn cute can.and she got all dirty.hahha..then bird and i were like coming up with this evil plan.to trick everyone to crawl their way up.so bird and i did. it was so convincing that they actually did crawl up! omg.then after we did to like many people..i told bird to stand at the dry areas so they dun come up thru there.only the muddy area for them.hahha...and then after hui ling, linette was abit tensed and she came up to us and said like "eh.dont so mean leh.stop it la.u two can like do it once or twice but not 5." and i asked her wad's with the 5? and bird laughed...we asked linette to chill.lol..i mean really la.just a harmless prank.they can wash up later wad.lol..and she gave up...then i saw like joceyln and audrey coming up.and i was "okay.this 2 nice people" and bird and i couldn't stop laughing.hahah..it mean something actuallyexcept not a lot of ppl got wad we meant.lol.then audrey damn funny! she din wear specs.so she couldn't see.then she was like thinking how to come up.bird asked her to crawl and she looked at us.like"no way!" haha!!! smart gal.then she saw this plant and she was holding it.and i was like shouting" dont pull!! dont pull!!!" and THEN she pulled.too late.haha.and the whole plant came off..with the roots!!and the whole class couldn't stop laughing!! funny la she.trying to get grip with a plant.hahha..and i was like laughing damn loud.bird also...hahahh!!she was like saying how funny i was.my reaction.lol...after everyone ended and all..oh yah.when sherri went up and drop down for flying fox, she screamed " xiao zhu rocks!" haha..she and her infatuation parther arh.lol..oh yah..dont u think ron looks older like ard 20 yrs old? his only 17 this year!! omg..lol..everyone says he looks like bird.at first yah..but u look carefully it's very diff...okok..after that we went back to hotel.slept.tiff and val was super high!!!! cos they keep falling off their chair.bus driver was super fast during the turns around the hill..lol.got to hotel,pack the place,eat food.bathe and all.jolene was like rushing us to go line up before the siren sound.and i was like saying how the meeting time wil be delayed but no one wanted to listern..so oh wells.too bad for them.so in the end, we got to the carpack early.was like talking to bird...sitting there....and we were playing with light sticks...and bird gave me one.i was like playing with it and i cracked! shit.so in the end i had to crack everything and bird cracked hers with me.i touched kimbo's one and i cracked hers too!! so i was like not touching light sticks that were not lighted up anymore..so bird and i,we were the only idoits to light out our light sticks.i was bird's idoit parther that night.haha..we were walking around everywhere with our light sticks on.the only 2 ppl.lol..then our flag got confiscated cos it was left there unattended.becos of that we were suppose to clear up the stuff and all..at dinner we were suppose to seat with our class mates. but it's 2 butts on one seat.so bird and i sit at the swimming side.and we had "candle light" dinner thingy..ahha...not really..shld be "touch light dinner" HAHAH!..then saw piggy..and bird was like telling her how i was her idioit partner cos both of us were super idiots and then piggy got like all "wacky " ard bird.saying how im her darling and all.i was having fun man! entertainment for me.lol.then piggy was like shining light on my food for me to eat.so evil.hahha..and i snatchedit and did it to bird.haha! she was so slow in realising.lol.were laughing damn louding there.hahah..after that went to loook for tessa and mich.cos they called us to go with them.and we went there to find them eating.so we were lke thinking why the hell did they call us there.stonning for awhile then we decided to go walk ard.then got 2 more light sticks each.she helped me keep it.and put it in her pocket.omg.i really wonder how she dinn crack it la.so easily crack-able.especially in the pocket.hahha..she's good! after that we just slacked bt did help a bit in packing.after that still went to slack.cracked ours.damn nice...after that had to assemble and go to carpack area for campfire.sitted with bird.camp fire was ok-ay la.we won 2 awards...bird loved the " we so rock ur world" cheer action.so she was so enthu.haha..after that went back to pack up and all..went out of apartment.was back with bird again..kwan yi(or however u spell her name) got dehydration! jesh! i really wonder why bird dinn get.haha.she hardly drinks any water. so both of us were like talking for 20 mins.and bird was being super lame.playing with shadows..hahhaha..and i was like laughing non-stop...then had to go down.and 3/6 teacher call 2 volunteers up and bird suddenly so enthu and was like "caroline! caroline! follow me.let's go up!!" and i was like "okay.." then i rem.it karnt be good.haha...so we had to take some equipment.HEAVY SIA! and bird was like laughing saying how she got me into this.lol..then we went down the 2nd hill and ron and his friend came up to ask if we needed help.so of course, we gave it to them.haha.got to the bus there.sat down at carpack area on 1st hill.actually there are 4 hills.ok.wadeva.then someppl got the food.bird and i got the second tin.haha.then we went up the bus.5-10 mins ride to train station.it was like 12 plus already.going 1am.then bird and me sat at the back.i really dun mind taking that bus all the way back.cos it was damn comfy.reached.and we went to sit somewhere behind.talk for while and ate more food.were moving up and down.and omg.we had to carry that freaking box again...and were like saying how un-manly of our teachers.lol..waited until like 2 plus with bird.had to bring the box up the train or at least near the door.on the way clare ask me why so suai and i was like saying " yah la.some kind of teachers we have la!" and of course i said it wen mr tan was behind me.i said loud loud.for him to hear.lol..then we got onto the cabin.no space! ppl dun want to move.and we got other classes on our cabin.so bird and i and some others had to go another cabin.yupps.we got seats and sat down.cos damn tired.made ourselves comfy.took out our jackets from my bag to hug.bird got me my sleeping bag too.so we fell asleep.the teachers wanted to move us back to our atual cabins.NO BRAINS WANT LA! they like only want to find work to do.just do total head count la.jesh! okok.so bird and i fell asleep.halfway in the night damn cold!!! and there was this big commotion going on cos rachel's bag got stolen by this guy..not our ppl.and they were getting some info on how he looks like.and bird sort of woke up.and saw me STILL sleeping.hahha..pai seh la.damn tired and i dinn give a shit.woke up at like 7 plus.surprised some ppl already woke up.bird was still sleeping.after a while everyone woke up.and we had breakfast.bird and i were like saying how we still din get our food.and like wow.candy just appeared behind with our food.hahah!!! took our share and both of us were like enjoying and sharing it.haha!!..then sonia was sitting with us after that.mdm sim change place to sit with her! haha! so poor thing.so we 3 squeesed in.then when mdm sim got off her chair, we made sonia take up 2 seats and pretend she was sleeping.haha.she dinn want to.then after that she sat on one chair when mdm sim came back.and after taht mdm shoo her away to let mr tan sit.and bird and i were like saying " mdm sim.why u shoo her away from HER seat?!" and when mdm sim saw sonia bird and i were squeesing, she stil aiyo and bird was like saying"u still dare say aiyo!" haha.and we were all laughing there.toot la she,mdm sim.jesh!..saw sonia's passport.omg.her height in pri 5 was so SHORT! like when i was in pri 3 can!.LOL!..and we were laughing and rubbing it in..lol.train lady got our passport.and we were on our way to singapore! yes! at last.so we got off.and so suai la sherri.she shld really had follow us.cos everywhere bird and i went, we saw ron.tsk tsk.really.had human jam...went in to immigration counter.and waited for bird and others.cannot wait for ppl even after we cross.so bird and i were walking backwards until we saw vp then decided to forget it.haha!! then had to go thru check in and all.sherri bubble gum got confiscated.my chewing gum dinn.haha..sat at that train station with bird.talking to her and laughing away.then had a LONG walk to bus.united with mich and tessa and all of us sat behind.we slept again.hahha..until reach sch.bird and i went toilet...came out and wa lao! all went off leaving our bags there in the middle of no way.hahha...so we took it in.and ppl were asking bird to go to this party.and she was all crowded with those ppl and she kept looking at me, trying to get out of it.HAHA! her sad looks really funny can!! LOL! too bad she cannot stand ppl crying.me too! always give in when ppl wants to cry.hahha..then talk to anne and i had to go off.so said bye to bird and went off.END OF CAMP! SAD MAN! we were just having the fun of it and it had got to end.oh wells.back to homework and all..speaking of which i still have not done.for those hu had read thru this whole entry and made it to the end, congrats.haha..but i gtg now..yupps!

fading away.
2:38 PM

Monday, January 16, 2006

oh man.why does bad things always come after good things?? this morning. the sec 3 got like attire spot check.very retarded! think about it! and i was wearing a blue coloured bra.wa lao! so suai can! but anw.i got away with it.LOL! hey people wear luminous green,pink and orange also la! haha..blue is not as bad la.jesh! okay.and THEN the bad news came.we have to switch from classroom 3.7 to 4.8! OMG!!! HOW FUCKING UNFAIR IS THAT?!?!?! last time 3.7ers all got it for one year.we only got it for 2 weeks! it's seriously such a nice classroom la.DAMN spacious.DAMN clean.got basin, toilet(not that we use it-but it's SPACE!),DAMN windy,it's quiet.and the best part,THERE ARE LIKE LOCKERS!!!ARGH! and come on okay.it's like cos the gal has medical probs.oh ok.fine.so her classroom is on 4th level right.WHY NOT TAKE THE FREAKING CLASSES ON THE FIRST LEVEL?! super near the G.O. got prob easy to find teachers it's a lot more convinient!SO OF ALL THE CLASSES, they have to go take our classroom ON THE 3RD LEVEL! urm.sorry if i STILL dun get it but WAD'S ONE LEVEL HELP FOR YOU?! and it's like it's SO SO SO near YOUR classroom la.NO DIFF! life's so unfair.
it's going to rain again.haiz.im loosing connection by 2 days.almost done packing stuff for camp.
and then...later.::
you know that freaking line u said to me really hurt me alot.is that how you see me? was this HOW U ALWAYS SEE ME?! if it's a "yes" then i really wonder how we made it thru today.u changed.at first i dinn want to believe and DINN even believe.and then..u gave me the chance to see the change in you.you're keeping things from me.things we used to talk about.doesn't come thru you anymore.im only hearing it from people around you or those u tell.and not you yourself anymore.i want back the old you..even, other ppl.u dun have to know who..will i ever get you back the way u were....
everyone is changing.even you.the one whom i turn to always.u think people around you changed.do u even know you changed too? i guess not.haiz..i dunno wad to say la.from the day i knew you.u were like "whoa"...i didn't know you gave up so easily..im sorry im hiding things from you.i really do wonder if doing that will do you good. cos in the end, i dun want to hurt you or anything. i know u're trying to make me feel better but..haiz.jsut that the day u know the whole entire truth, is the day i hope u're forgive me and not turn your back on me..im caught in between.you know how that sucks? i dun think you know..i just dun want you to get hurt like u did.maybe wad i did was wrong.im hiding it for you cause i know it's not the right time to tell you.i think.....
why is everyone putting on such a brave front? everyone seem strong.TOO STRONG.yet too fragile.one day we'll just break down.who to catch us when we fall? God.

fading away.
5:19 PM

Sunday, January 15, 2006

haiz.im back to square one. = haiz..it's my fault la.that's it! im through! lucky some things were still left unsaid.but keeping it from you really makes me wonder if i did the right thing.

fading away.
8:07 PM

3 days.3 days?3 days?!! 3 FREAKIN DAYS! im going away! on the camp i SO look forward to! (sacarstic-if u really think i was in the "cant wait" mood) argh.STILL havent packed! YAY me. XD

alrights.today was fine i guess. btw, IM NOT A SHOPAHOLIC YOU TOOT!! okay.so..i spent $414 bucks on clothes today. and i repeat.IM NOT A SHOPAHOLIC!! lol..i know it's so ionic la.but im not means im not. =P. i shall go for verbal abuse.it's my thing.it's original.cos there isnt such a thing as verbal abuse.is there? anyway.i dun thin anyone calls it like that.so it's original. :)
okay.this is getting so crap.oh wells.life is so crappy anw.i wun make much of a difference.

to you:(i think you know who you are)
omg.how ridiculous can you can?! U CAN GET JEALOUS OF...HER?! come on la.give yourself some confidence can?! i mean.how do u know wad HE thinks?! i dun think he's those type who goes by looks. but character. why do you even give up?
*p.s dont use wad im saying to you against me.

fading away.
6:29 PM

Saturday, January 14, 2006

deen and me are suffering mild depression! we're still not cs-ing.so no worries!LOL!
ahh...4 days.until i break connection with some people.if i call, i have to pay overses bill.not that i really pay for my bills.lol..it doesn't really matter actually. oh wells. i'll see. im really rotting away in my own house...4 days.i SO can wait.cant wait for it to end.some people think im lucky cos i get to go for overseas camp.really.please brain wash me and remind me how lucky i am again.i haven even packed! talk about last minute work...oh yeah.people are remembering their childhood days.haha.SHORTIES ALIVE LOVED PLAYING HOPSCOTCH! hahah...the sunflower one...was pretty interesting.really.hop hop hop.i wander why sometimes we're all still so short when we loved playing the hopscotch in primary school.JUMPING DOESN'T HELP! i rest my freaking case! one day we must go back to visit mrs lee.MUST!lol..i dying from boredom with a dose of DEPRESSION!

i need you.
it's an answer i found in myself.

fading away.
10:23 PM

oh man.my fingers are aching from all the playing of guitar yesterday.i karnt even touch a string now.it's hurts like anything la..im such a saddist sometimes.

it's not working.there's this little gap in between you and me that i just cant close.sometimes we see each other and it's like,we just walk pass each other.until i turn back and look at you walk away and i did the same...do we still know each other?you act as though im not even there at all..was i suppose to do the same? my ans is no. i try so hard to close this gap if you notice but you're not making it work.sometimes my friends and i just sit at one side of the table and im looking through the crowd for you..im not some kind of dog that tags along behind your back and always catching you when you fall.cause i dont live that kind of life if you know me well enough..u want things to work, u got to work with me..if ure not even doing it..it's really no point me trying that hard.really.

u werent' there when i needed you most.

fading away.
9:15 AM

Friday, January 13, 2006

fuck! wth!! i blogged DAMN BLOODT LONG and it deleted by itself!!! wa painge..okok.i shall not be so vulgar.

let's start over:
my day-pretty much the same.physics :doing stuff i wish i understood.thinking bout suff i really wonder why i think about it.haiz.maybe i'm starting to get an answer to some things i want to settle. god heard our prays! it didn't rain today.many of us got outdoor activities which can really kill boredom.so yeah.god heard our prays. and i heard, they are enjoying it every single min of sunshine. i have to thanks god for that.
chem: got wksht with answers.mrs boo just laughed.oh man.i love her surname.so cute.haha.
bio: she's wearing the same freaking thing!bird made a big laugh out of it.hah.tiffany was like saying how it wasnt really the same top cos the one she saw has like bubbles.green bubbles.and i was like " urm..tiffany..i think the top she is wearing.does have green bubbles!" haha.and we were talking about how u can grow taller by adding a metal on ur knee.and theirs a screw outside.so yuck! how to wear skirt like that! and it's like.hmm..i want to be tall todae.how much shld i unscrew?? haha. ur legs can end up uneven if u do it urself.doctor please. people hu do that taller thingy shld really learn to live with themselves! seriously.
mt: are u pmsing,faking it or really pissed with us? please tell me.
had lunch.had cca.it's like a one way trip to hell.i really wander sometimes how i can make it back home in one piece.
after that:
i feel like giving him one tight slap! wake up la.wa lao.it's the real world.the world's a stage.and please.if u think i suffer from insanity, i dun.i enjoy every minute of it.and if u have sth to say to us.or me.just say it infront of me/us.and everyone.dun pretend to be some freaking kind soul.we've learnt from previous occasions.ur method not in use anymore.change la.

5 more days to camp
anne is worried about leeches.ha..typical.i havent even packed!! i shall do it.SOON.it's on the list.AND making a list is on the list.so dun say i dun have a list.=D

fading away.
11:11 PM

Thursday, January 12, 2006

it's going to rain for the next 29 days.WOW! jesh

omg.she is such a sonofabitch!with her bitchy attitude, it's going to get her no where.why do i even seem to care?! haiz..but i really karnt stand it la.she changed so much okay!!omg.it's like 180 degrees change! i feel like giving her one tight slap to wake her up.i want the old her back!i guess we dont get everything we want.i mean i know everyone change.for the worse or for the better.it's not really my choice.i rest my case.i just thought i could do sth about it.so sue me.i thought wrong. but like wtf?! i karnt stand her bitchy attitude anymore!! like wad's her bloody fucking prob okay...( sorry,im not good at being holy) i leave it to GOD to let her find her own way then. i really karnt do anything about it.

today was better than usual i guess.haha.prefect investiture today...and omg.the cheers were SO LOUD!! my god.haha.so nervous.and it's not about anything.i was just like saying " you better not fall, you better not fall" and u know wad? I DIDNT FALL! HA! XD. when lorraine called my name.thanks guys for the cheers.DRINK MORE HONEY DRINK! and omg.chel and gang so cute! when i was recieving the bagde, they shouted " WE LOVE YOU CAROLINE!" omg.that was so sweet!! haha...huggs man!love you guys too! haha.after taht change back and went back to class.no time for recess.dying of hunger but i survived! yay me! LOL! =) so we wore our new uniform.AT LAST could get out of the blazer.i can die of heat stroke! *touch wood* but ppl got cold later on and used that as a jacket!funny la.so toot looking..lol..we had PC.oh come on.played u know wad? games! LOL.yeah.the thing about coloured bras.really suck!seriously.i means it's wad we wear inside for goodness sake!! wtf la!! and our *censor* acts so much like a bitch herself! everyones thinks that way.and im no exception to that! yeah.it's not how they say it is la.why dun they ever ask for our opinions?! oh yah.cos they just dont.jesh.so much for freedom of speech and choice la. camp is a few days later.haiz..dun really want to go.lazy la.lol.but at least we're staying in a resort.haha.i guess if i carry the " i hate this camp" attitude along, i probably wun enjoy much of it.i karnt stand the rain! 29 days of misery! WOW! but please, we're like going into caves.it's kinda nice if u think about it.but if u look at the other point of view, u're ask like " wth are we doing here? it's not like im going to sleep on my bed in peace one fine nite and the next morning im in a cave, trying to learn how to survive drinking rain water and eating grass." lol...kk.gonna stop now...

fading away.
9:45 PM

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

okay.it's only the second week of school.and im lagging like HELL! i SO WANT to change subs teacher la.with the teachers i have.it's so doubt why i'll fail.seriously.it's like the teachers come in and im like "shit."..tiffany's sis and my sis said the same thing about the teachers i got.so it has to be true...had chinese which was the only bloody thing i look forward to not because i like chinese..WORSE,NOT BECAUSE I LIKE THE TEACHER!! i really feel like slapping *censor*.she's allegic to NOISE! im serious!! it's like wth...until i dun give a damn anymore.the last 3 rows of tables where tiff,piggy and me sitting, all dun care anymore.SHE shld be glad we can find a single bit of thing to entertain ourselves okay.when she called my name, i serious dinn recorgnise my name okay.cos even my previous chinese teacher always call my by my eng name.and i always talk to her in eng also.so when SHE called me.i'm like thinking "wait..that name really sounds kind of familliar.isnt that like..my name?! shit" then tiffany asked me if it was my name and i was like "yahyah..just sort of rem." so sue me! i forgot my chinese name in that hell of boredom. had piggy and tiffany there to entertain so it's okay..oh man.camp is going to here soon.I DONT WANT CAMP!! seriously la.those who actually look forward to it.i pei fu hor..

fading away.
9:43 AM

Saturday, January 07, 2006

ytd was one of the most tired days ever la..tired myself out only.i had my fun too.lol.sch had like 7 periods of triple science.was dying la.physics lesson nth to do so went to friendster.then chem was okay la.bio arh.i feel like slapping the teacher.seriously.and she went out of the classrm dunnoe go where then it's like a lot of us just put out heads down on the table and sleep.so i asked tiffany to call me up when she comes back.and when the 'cher came back, i was the second last to wake up and she was like looking and me and tessa hu was still sleeping.tessa was worse...later than me.so bird,her and van kena have to draw root hairs on the white board*no link for punishment la.i lucky! ha* then bird drew a big one and from the root, she drew a face and from the face, a girl.so it looks like a girl hang herself.got zero for that.haha.after that had rush cca orientation la.first time perform el bimbo.disaster la.mr choo made all the last min changes la.then the second time we perform,got 4 grps.so the 2nd grp, we decided to cut short el bimbo and play guang huai fang shi.and let ada,carryn and angela sing.so taht was for 3 grps.damn rush.el bimbo was played as they come in ...for pity sake la.we were given 5 mins to perform.so short la.after tat ard 5 already.pack up the place then rush for parents nite duty.had nth to do so went around to ask around hu needs help.before that steph was hungry so go canteen and stuff myself with some food first la.then i saw anne.and i wanted to tell her sth funny.and i pulled her away.and i was like asking steph to wait for me.so i shouted across the canteen to call her.a bit deaf la her.so i shouted damn loud.and stupid me dinn noe there was actually a grp of seniors there and i dun want to see them. and dinn noe some ppl were there also.and anne was telling me how they were looking and i din noe so i turned back and was like shit.shldnt turn back then it's so obvious..but got away from them asap.went to hall to help out arranging of chairs.and sweeping the floor.new chairs so must take out plastic also.how retarded okay.then arrange finish and pasted the papers behind the chairs.most went to eat.not hungry so dinn go.then helped sweep all the plastic and dirt from the floor and hall stage.found necklance with jesus christ on it.and lorraine told me to throw away until i showed her that it was like jesus christ then she decided not to throw.lol.i mean how to throw it la.then went around to see any one else need help.brought books to the hall for selling.and it' like "teen and law" wth?! i read.just a hippy book la.seriously. waited there and help to arrange the book nicely.talked to my ;daughter' and miss kang..funny.maxine.ur'e a black hole.when food is infront of u.it just disappears.haha!!after that told maxine to go get me a drink la. then went around to see ushers and all.followed val to go get drink and we were pigging out on it.haha.then gave to register ppl.val forgot jeanette! haha! poor girl.after that wa lao.had to help chrystal.went to MPH,music rm, av threatre.to settle some short count forms.had to go up and down and then go to staff room to copy stuff and sneak back into the room with a teachers pass.i think i broke the plastic thingy.haha.oh wells.then after that waited for the parents to finish their talk.so we just sat there and talked.haha..eugena was a bit too high and got me high also.haha.and we were laughing for 30 mins or so..then greeted the parents while adlin ATTEMPTED to pose.haha..saddist.after that had short briefing and talk then went home.reach home ard 10.30pm.died tired.must still got energy to use com..ya..and then..okay la.i just blew my top la...haiz..yeah wadeva.

fading away.
1:00 PM

Thursday, January 05, 2006

a happy person is not a person who has success after success.
a sad person is not a person who has failures over failures.
in fact, a life of a happy and sad person is about the same.they go through almost the same thing. just that a sad person only looks out at how her life sucks but a happy person always look out at wad's infront of her.and the good that comes out in everything.

is that true?
like NO! lol!!
glenda: i know u'll read this entry and tell nicole she better send me the fotos.if not i'm gonna kill her.and cos of her..and TIFFANY! pratically my side of the class knows why i want the foto SO MUCH!!

fading away.
7:33 PM

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

HAHA! u sure have a lot of fate with him! haha..okay.i mean go same popular.on 3/1/05.confirm is last min stationary/book shopping like him! damn last min one him.haha.oh wells, i dun have to see him! i can live.really.haha. but i think was so funny.the way u and shar tried to confirm if it was him!! hahha...OMG.lucky my fone was out.im so gonna scream.haha.call me with the other fone la.and please say a praye that u wun meet him.his sharp in recorgnising ppl.damn sharp.it was close okay..damn close. lucky he doesn't recorgnise our sch u! haha.

fading away.
6:03 PM

school.is like a one way ticket to hell.it's so true.lol.i really think i have killed the person hu invented school in my past life! yeah.first day of school.got cca performance...got my new duty.sucks.doing sec 4.wa lao.always kena this bunch one la...i will ren for one term.then can change.ONE TERM! it better be fast.yeah.so we rushed all the way to the hall for performance.sec 3 settled down for briefing for camp corri.crappy camp! then guitar change time performance to 9.15.so we went to take guitar.when angela and me look down from the second level of the hall, we saw tiffany seating with our class.then angela and i couldn't stop laughing.it was so funny! we were all preparing to take guitar and tiffany go seat for briefing! haha..and i think we laughed too loudly..very noisy..haha..asked tiffany to get out, she dun dare.so later we met at cca foyer.performance was BADLY DONE! tiffany was pissed cos a lot of ppl rushed thru.i was looking at mr choo but he dinn even ask to slow down.like wth...and tiffany just stared at him. and he told us it was a GOOD performance...i mean good is one of the 3 useless word in the english language.it doesn't mean anything at all.jesshh...after taht was already 10.45! ha.missed so many periods. then we gave our self a break! haha.until 11.15 then we went back..say piggy at canteen..after that got chem.YES! got mrs boo.she's damn nice. AND very bhb.haha..chem pratical was funny.was dirty cos of val..so sick la...then had eng and maths.and i got hw.stupid..AND after that my cousin said he threw his sec 3 maths bk. wth la..now then say..lucky elite scanned the thing for me..oh yah.after sch.somehow,elite,anne,shar all came my class look for me.shar was funny.came to ask got cca anot! HA! funny la she...and shaf came to wish me merry christmas?!?! anne came...and she was screaming or sth...no..met her downstairs.she told me i owe her money and she was the one hu owe me more.funny la she..blur until like that.then she ask me where is shar.and i told her she was standing next to her just now.and she went looking around for her...elite and i walked out of sch and so here i am.lol..

fading away.
4:21 PM

Monday, January 02, 2006


yeah.pretty much that one word. argh..knowing too much is NOT not wad u're suppse to do!! why does every single day makes EVERYTHING worse?argh....ELITE ARH...i wanna to scream liao la..it's so unfair.and u now then tell me.THERE'S LIKE NO PRIVACY anymore.everything is out. argh!! well, pratically most of it.and to think i asked you to make sure no ones see.and the worse person SAW! argh! how unfair is that?!?! omg omg omg. and blogspot has actuallynot "betrayed" be once.BUT TWICE!! argh...blogs is seriously a place i cannot write anything private liao la...does playing dumb really helps?! well, i dun think it does.seriously.playing dumb get me NO where.i want to be st8 forward.but im afraid to know the outcome! u seriously think i like playing dumb?! and it's like..omg..the laptop is SO STUPID!! of all the things to do.it has to do taht!! i swear it i EVER see that laptop.im just gonna smash it la.that is IF i see it.and most probably wun so that laptop will be quite safe.

god.we were talking about wad?!?! BGRs.YES! BGR. argh.and now i know how all this happen.the both of you. i feel it's my fault? if that day i dinn talk to you then we wun be telling each other that particular number.and that nobody will find out.AND nobody will actually suspect about wad was happening. and then u wun get upset cos nth would be questioned. i know i dun have to blame myself for wad happened. but i feel lit's kinda my fault.cos i brought it up and then it was let out.so it brought u to where we were. why does everything got to do with me?! some how it just LINKS!..wad's done is done.im sorry-*

fading away.
10:06 AM

Sunday, January 01, 2006

i want the old times! 2006 sucks the very min one stroke past midnight!!..wad a way to start the new year. the positive attitude gone..im just so pissed with myself. and... I HATE CUPID! I HATE CUPID SO MUCH!!! it's causing everything to go wrong.and ppl appear at the wrong time.just when i thought im fine with that matter. then vawla.it comes knocking at my door..life is so unfair!!! all the good things just poof!! -gone.the bad things just keeps knocking on my door.haiz.i dunnoe wad to say la.when i needed u guys u wun there.when i need you, you were with her.that's it..im so done with this life...
*wad u've gone thru before; i dun want you to go thru all that again!

fading away.
4:19 PM


`14 going on 15
`3/7 '06


`get done and over with sec3
`step down
`grow taller!(:
`getting rid of my trademarks.
`a simple life
`dont drift apart from ROUTE187
`change my sub chers!
`officially start studying.
`stop worrying too much!
`stop getting into trouble



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