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Thursday, March 16, 2006

heyy peeps.i've moved to http://whatabum-random.blogspot.com
go figure.(:

fading away.
2:10 PM

my TWO cents worth of thought:
why do people spent so much of their life arguing and getting mad with people that they forgot to live?people who plan their work, dont work their plan! plans are plans but they cant work for you.the more you laugh, the more you see funny things.when someone told you most chinese have a problem with the "R",you may find youself saying " i rive in this brock of frats".dont zero in on faults, you'll become faulty.oh yeah.and if you are robbed, stop and THANK GOD for you have what others need so desperately that they have to rob!"to waste time is to gain time.to teach less is to teach more".then why do teachers teach SO MUCH?some people like to cry over spilt millk.FORGET IT! wipe it up and MAKE YOURSELF A NEW CUP for pity sake.
i just thought those really made me think.lately,ive been thinking too much.and i mean too much.seriously.

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8:53 AM

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

anne : heyy anne!! happy birthday once again!!!(: i've wished you today like 3 times! haha.but karnt help it.just feel like saying it everywhere.haha.anw.enjoy.
tue nite:
alrights.last night ate at angus house at taka.the food there is FAB.it's really super fab!! it came up with quite little as compared to the one i rem which was 300++.. darl was at taka! but he already left by the time he knew i was there.wanted me to meet him.sadly, had to cancel cos it was like my mum's birthday.so kinda a family thing.darl said " happy birthday aunty" in a sms.which was kinda funny.cos i wasnt even told to say that to my mum.but that was sweet. seriously. (: so just walked around aimlessly.seriously, u karnt get anything in taka if u dun have a card.so it's like always tagging my mum along.that way, i get actually get stuff! haha.got home kinda early.10 plus already reach home.dinn sleep until 12 plus.I LOVE THE DREAM I HAD!! was like super nice.dinn want to wake up la.but my mum kinda woke me up.argh.so wanted to continue that dream..super sweet dream.haha!
today did nothing but slack.all my homework are still unfinish.i swear im gonna do it by..by...oh wells.i swear i will finish it la.at tuition.OMG.im such an idiot la.i miss this so so so so BIG chance of..yah.only one person knows what.haha.but there are still other means of doing it.just less sincere i guess.nic u're super smart.this i have to say!! you should know why.

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6:41 PM

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

something that really made sense to me:
Relationships don't thrive because the guilty is punished, but the innocent are merciful.
Because the one who is hurt, has the courage and the grace to say, I forgive you, I love you, Lets move on.
Something that we can learn from Jesus. Sorrow may last thru the night, but Joy comes in the morning!
credits: anne and her FRIEND! (:
it totally make sense to me if you know the true meaning of it and understand it.this seriously got me thinking.

fading away.
2:55 PM

Monday, March 13, 2006

alrights.set.im stepping down on monday.SCHOOL REOPEN! baby you're scaring me with the comment thing.cos yeah it kinda sounds ugly.should i should i? so many people are telling me to.yet a few just objects to it.and i wonder how did u last like 2 years in your school?!?!
sch started kinda okay.everyone is having a bad hair day.im one. anyway.we started a new topic today.and im totally half asleep cos i learnt that like last month? guess what.we had 10 min "recess" in the end we went back like 20 mins later.(((: finally.it was over.saw maxine.and she was like totally on with the stepping down thing.after awhile she was back to the same " i dunno." anw.anne and i went to count money for legion of mary.$2**.** and 10% was notes.10% were one dollar coins.20% was 50 cent coins.30% were 20 cents coins.30% were 10 cent and 5 cent coins. i took charge of coins.anne did notes,recording and packaging.and we did it by 30 mins.FAST! and one part, anne was like " oh caroline look!!" then i look then she was like " oh wait.dun." SMART! thanks arh anne!!! haha..anw after taht we went toilet.hang around canteen.ard 11.30 we decided to go bedok int. estimated 20 mins.but it took 10 mins!! so 11.40 we were there like super early.and darl was gonna be late..so anne and i just walk around and entertain ourselves.and i taught anne to choose fruits.in particular-oranges! haha.after that i followed anne to walk to KFC.walk.walk.walk and walk more.then it was " shit.i think we're going the wrong way" so after that.i saw a map! haha.so we looked.then i found where we were.and then we look for mrt.wth.that's like the other side of the map!! so we walk.and SMART anne( i never thought i would have said that) decided to cut through.and we walk.we look around.and then anne was like " that building looks familiar" and i was like shouting" yaya.it's KFC!!!" then we saw pizza hut.we walk.decided to go MRT first.walk and walk.guess what spoilt my whole appetite? two gay couple.(INDIANS!-not racist though) holding hands.cross fingers! then after that they were like holding it with their last finger.YUCK!! fucking gross!!!! okay.just look away.after taht we walk and walk.finguring how to describe the place to darl.then we figured.wth.KFC wasnt there.it was like way nearer the mrt.phew.lucky us.haha.waited there.then i saw darl came!!! was hyper then. ((: alrights.had a super good time. and we saw this dude like playing with his game boy.(20 +++ )? yah.so disgusting.and baby was holding a calculator! omg.the calculator can download games!! accd to darl. and it's heavy.but super cool.serious.then we eat and chat.laughed and pratically everyone around.and then i was kinda pissed with something that was happening..anne wanted to call, but she dinn noe what to say..i was kinda glad i could hear someone else's opinion.and baby i love your theories! haha.so original.haha.anne was hyper then too.cos we were relle laughing at a lot of people.and even those who just happen to walk pass.and that baby's opinion was SO SO like *coughs*'s opinion!!! wth...was in total shock.i mean like it wasnt even rephrased.and that kinda keep me away from thinking about that particular matter that got me swearing like nobody's business..oh wells..1.32pm we left KFC.walk walk walk. then damn it.i dun wanna blog about it la.so sent darl off! (: cos i so dun wanna go back.anne was kinda running late.so no choice.so yeah.listerned to darl's advice.but she dinn give me chance and just walked off.baby i tried.i really did.i dont want to go back to pri school where people keep asking " u're my friend right.friend right.no arh!fine.then u're not my friend too." SO PRI SCH FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

fading away.
5:26 PM

Saturday, March 11, 2006

ytd was hell too tired to blog.anw. physics was okay.super tired.falling asleep anytime soon..got caught once.oh wells.i wasnt really tired.just that her lesson kinda BORING.yeah. after taht had recess and guess what.so much for sa's " im staying away from canteen food for ONE month! I SWEAR!" la.the moment she said that the next thing was " oh.i wanna get a sandwich" lol.so much for one month.it made her suffer food poisoning that's why.haha.and the whole time we were telling each other how dirty the food and drinks were.it totally freaked her out.pls.before that she was eating chicken rice 10 times a week!! hahaha!!! anw.after recess, had eng.and had to change place.so a few people change.i wonder why sa had to switch.i mean she's okay with linette.LOPEZ IS OUT TO GET THIS CLIQUE IN CLASS! bloody shit.so of course.i was separated from bird and chin was separated from let's just say her table and position-infront of the cher's table.but this wasn't long.bird told sherrie to switch cos lopez back was facing us.so they crawled and switched.wow.seriously i was surprised lopez realised it.she said " bird wormed her way there" lol.really i feel stupid to actually change with chin at first.so in the end bird had to go there too.which is infront of the cher's table.hell no.im not staying there by hook or by crook.but silly bird made lopez a deal! she has to clip her hair up everyday.every morning.and sit properly in class.comeon.i dun even sit properly.how does bird sit properly?well.that was the deal just to sit there.fine.so maybe it's my fault la!lol.anw.im so not staying there for shit.bio, got busted by mdm sim.pls the whole time bird,nic,sylvie and me all falling asleep.and she dinn catch no matter how much they placed their freaking head on the table.and when i did it, she stared.but that part i wasnt sleeping.i was just resting my head on the table.then she was like " and i want attention from caroline.who sleep in class" then i told her i was just putting my head on the table.then she paused for a while then she was like " okay.putting ur head on the table.then how u gonna see what im writing on the board" bloody hell like she was writing anything on the board la...oh wells, i shall just let her be.and pls her husband is an indian.DARKER THEN JESSIE! p.s im not racist.haha..anw chi, chel and bird was acting super silly!! they just busted themselves out of the classroom purposely.cos they wanted to go out.so they purposely made noise and talk together.tiff and i just pretend we dinn noe them.so sat with tiff..during chi.guess what.i was paying attention! well, most of the time la.but still.it's an achievement.after school, had to go to this talk.but was like super late.and i dinn even eat yet.pls,everyone knew i was looking for bird with her shoebag.and sa arh.she relle brought her books back.i left some there.in class.dun care la.but in the end, we went to the talk..was quite okay.cos we could voice out anything we wanted.anything.and principal is like so gonna photocopy one of our student companion.and she wants like how stress our time table is.so we're gonna find the busiest student and write down.haha.about the changing of seats which im so surprised sa voiced that out.and pls.she even talked to lopez about how come bird and me can bargain our way to sit together.and guess what lopez said? " they would last long.they really wouldn't last long"argh!nic is super lucky.she still gets to sit with van!!!

fading away.
9:27 AM

Thursday, March 09, 2006

today had like morning runs.although i sorta pon it with max. max is like getting busted with mrs chong too.like mother like daughter.haha!! ((((: then just chat and all.after that had PE.just sat there and talk..then cher kept asking ruzanna and me to stand and help those who will fall.and always we went back to sit.she's BIAS towards amelia!!!haha.anw.after that had amths.and i did emths hw during that time.so in the end we went for recess at like 10.sa and mitch dinn follow.so ended up we went with nic and van.seriously.it took ages just to decide what to eat! haha.nic was all over the lost parentage!! MY GOD!! nic u're some daughter of mine can!!!!!!!!! lucky i just keep giving her the stare.so her only extend was i really wonder is is my dad.LUCKY u dinn say out ur freaking choices of im like just so gonna strangle you pls.really.haiz.at the rate u're going arh.she'll know who you're referring to! u smart ass!!! after amaths was emaths.such torture.got scolded from rapiah for talking to bird like how many freaking times.and bird's just saying im teaching her maths.rapiah SO doesnt buy that story.after that was ss.super boring.just got back CAJ! and i have to do 10 by like 24th march!!! she hog our books until like that then expect us to do so many at one go.bloody shit.after ss was eng and PC.went to library.sa came up with her FAB idea of two pony tails.and bird just tied her ah lian tail! so sa, linette and me had like 2 freaking pony tail! walking around.really silly.went library.had to go all the way infront again.sa and me were separated with bird cos she tried to bargain her way.in the end.it's like a new "gang" was formed.tiff, nic,kimberly,sa and me.the chatter gang.i mean lopez bring all the chatters to the front and it's like worse.so we had names like chat-sa,chat-roline,chat-cole,chat-fany, chat-berly.haha.during PC we were like talking about this girl DAWN who's parents just got separated and she was taking her o's.then lopez ask us what do we think will happen next.and i was saying " dawn's mum will marry another guy.dawn will become so depressed she turn into a nun." haha.i dinn say it but sa wanted to say so she did.i've got a better one though.haha.PC was finally done.wanted to go out to eat.but decided not to.then just chatted with max until 2.30 then i went up.continue my physicstest.seriously.i karnt count for shit.my graph gradient is totally diff.like gravity is 10m/s2 right.i got like 11.2! and people can get like ranges of 9-10 but quite lil people.BUT STILL! some sleepy and tired out girl got it too!! i think im just either reaction too fast or too slow.oh wells.

fading away.
4:35 PM

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

such a crappy day.firstly, during chi, cher was so angry with us then she just walk out on us.then chel said bye.bird asked her to say louder.then chel was like " BYE!" then bird and me laughed the two loudest in class.pls loh.people were laughing too.then cher came back to class.SO MUCH FOR LEAVING EH! yeah and she was like asking who said bye and who were those who laughed.then i told chel dun own up.cher nag and nag then chel couldnt take it.she just stood up.and bird stood up too.she was like asking to me stand,i was like" haha.no way." please.i can so not see joseph la. so in the end it was RTC for them.we're quits.i took the blame for bird for the books under table and she took this for me.so it's equal.GY! my gosh.im so not gonna blog about this.NO WAY NO HOW! i dun wanna start another trend of rumous.but our class is so gonna talk.SO SO GONNA TALK! please.nick was like telling me how loud the class laugh when cher said"..." can. then, we gotta go for checks.and it's like random.so i ended up with sa.only a few went.i just swop shirts with bird and that made people talk. ?!?!?! especially my DEAREST NIC!! super rubbish!! after the checks, ended like 11.30 then sa wasn't feeling well so went GO and put oil for her.stayed there until 12 noon.then sa went toilet to vomit, then went out and she went back in to vomit again. then we went back classroom mdm sim not there.so decided to go back GO.on the way, sa went to vomit again.then saw margret lee there then sa dun dare.so went to toilet and she vomited again.it's all water.acid in her stomach.so went back classroom.was already 12.20 then they not there so went to bio lab.mdm sim dinn even care that we were late pls. so we just walk in.and know wad? sa went back to GO and then went home.the whole bio lesson just talk and talk with nic.dinn do a shit.mdm sim like also dun care.oh wells.

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7:05 PM


`14 going on 15
`3/7 '06


`get done and over with sec3
`step down
`grow taller!(:
`getting rid of my trademarks.
`a simple life
`dont drift apart from ROUTE187
`change my sub chers!
`officially start studying.
`stop worrying too much!
`stop getting into trouble



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